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Tuesday 18 April 2017














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Ordinary Council                                                                                                                   18 April 2017



Ordinary Council Meeting


Notice is hereby given that an Ordinary Council Meeting of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, First Floor, 90 Avoca Street Randwick on Tuesday, 18 April 2017 at 6:00 p.m.



Mayoral Minute


MM9/17    Request for financial and in-kind support for Kooloora Community Centre and Southend Boardriders......................................................................... 1  


General Manager’s Report


GM5/17    Community consultation feedback on light rail stop names........................ 3        







Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Ordinary Council                                                                                                                   18 April 2017




Mayoral Minute No. MM9/17


Subject:              Request for financial and in-kind support for Kooloora Community Centre and Southend Boardriders

Folder No:                F2017/07396

Author:                     The  Mayor, Cr Noel D'Souza      




Council has received requests from two local community organisations, Kooloora Community Centre and Southend Boardriders, for financial assistance to enable them to hold community events described below.




Southend Boardriders’ monthly surfing competition


Southend Boardriders is a non-profit membership based organisation aimed at promoting and developing the surfing skills of local residents of all ages and abilities.  In order to develop local surfing skills and talent, the organisation holds monthly surfing competitions on Maroubra Beach.  These events reflect the strong beach culture of our beautiful coast.  Surfing as a sport or recreational pursuit is a major part of Maroubra Beach’s local identity and heritage and it is my belief that this organisation’s competitions should be supported because they help create the City’s vibrant beach communities.


The organisation has requested in-kind assistance totaling $3,724 to hold seven surfing competitions.  


Kooloora Multicultural Lunch and Volunteers Awards Presentation


The Kooloora Community Centre in Malabar provides a range of services to help create safer, healthier and connected neighbourhoods.  Volunteers help the Centre deliver many of its programs and services, such as weekly playgroups, men’s shed programs, community gardening and the delivery of affordable fresh food program, Vegged-out.  These services are assisted by local volunteers who come from diverse backgrounds and the Centre proposes to hold an event in May to celebrate its local diversity and acknowledge the contributions of its volunteers.


The Multicultural Lunch and Volunteers Awards Presentation is a worthy event that Randwick City Council should support by making a cash donation of $1,450.  


Financial impact statement


The financial impact to Council will be $3,724 by way of in-kind contribution to the Southend Boardriders and $1,450 in the form of a cash donation to the Kooloora Community Centre, a total amount of $5,174.00.



I strongly believe Randwick City Council should provide in-kind support to the Southend Boardriders to hold their monthly competition because such activities help create our lively local beach culture.


Provision of a cash contribution towards a thank you lunch and award presentation event to acknowledge the Kooloora Community Centre’s team of tireless volunteers is an event that also deserves Council’s support.






a)  Council makes an in-kind contribution of $3,724.00 to Southend Boardriders to use Maroubra Beach for their monthly surfing contents between April and October 2017;


b)  Council makes a cash donation of $1,450.00 to the Kooloora Community Centre to help them hold a Multicultural Lunch and Volunteers Awards Presentation;


c)  The costs for the abovementioned amounts shall be identified from the 2016/17 Contingency Funds; and


d)  Both event organisers undertake to appropriately and prominently acknowledge and promote Council’s contribution prior to and during the activities/events








Ordinary Council                                                                                                                   18 April 2017




General Manager's Report No. GM5/17


Subject:              Community consultation feedback on light rail stop names

Folder No:                F2014/00453

Author:                     Joshua Hay, Communications Manager      




A report on potential stop names for the CBD and South East Light rail route was considered by Council at its meeting on 28 March 2017. It was resolved that:


a)     Council considers the RCC proposed names;


b)     the following name options for each stop, as suggested at the Council meeting, be placed in Council’s ‘Have Your Say’ website for community consultation and feedback for 14 days:



Stop names proposed

by TfNSW

Stop names proposed

by RCC

Centennial Park

Centennial Parklands

Randwick Racecourse

Royal Randwick Racecourse

Wansey Cottage

Constitution Hill

Name taken from 1860 and 1930’s Royal Randwick Racecourse site plans.

Randwick Stables

UNSW High Street

UNSW High Street


Randwick Junction

Prince of Wales Hospital


Stop names proposed

by TfNSW

Stop names proposed

by RCC

ES Marks



Todman Square

Derby Place

Royal Randwick Racecourse Derby’s Corner was located at the end of Todman Avenue on the racecourse site as shown in an 1860 site plan.


UNSW Anzac Parade

UNSW Anzac Parade

AIF Camp Site



O’Deas Corner

Named after O’Deas Corner historical building at the south east corner of Anzac Parade and Middle Street, built in 1912.

Nine Ways

Kingsford Junction

Juniors at Kingsford

9 Ways Kingsford


c)     a report on the community feedback be brought back to Council to finalise the list of preferred names; and


d)     Council’s preferred names for the stops be submitted to TfNSW for consideration.


This report summarises Council’s community consultation.




A dedicated Your Say Randwick project page was launched on Friday 31 March 2017:



Using ‘Your Say Randwick’, residents were encouraged to complete a short survey to indicate their preferred stop names from those proposed by TfNSW and Randwick City Council, as well as being given the option to suggest their own names.


The consultation was open from 31 March to 9am 13 April 2017. Over the consultation period we had:

·     A total of 2,332 visits to the yoursayrandwick.com.au/light-rail-stop-names webpage

·     611 maximum visits in one day (on Wednesday 5 April)

·     819 survey submissions

Council used a range of methods to communicate and encourage participation in the consultation, including:

·     Facebook post to Council’s 14,000+ strong Facebook page

·     Advertising in the Southern Courier (4 April 2017)

·     Promotion in Council’s weekly Randwick eNews sent to 20,000 subscribers (5 April 2017)

·     Dedicated email to all 3,000 registered Your Say Randwick subscribers (31 March 2017)

·     Promotion in the March 2017 Highlights newsletter from YourSay Randwick (7 April 2017)

Results from the online survey are outlined as follows:



Centennial Park:



Centennial Park ‘Suggest my own’ feedback

·     Bradman

·     Centennial

·     Centennial Park – Racecourse (5)

·     Centennial Park South

·     Darley Gates

·     Darley Road (2)

·     Fig Tree

·     Fig Tree Memorial

·     Gadigal

·     Horse & Parklands

·     Horse Fields

·     HOT SPOT


·     Local indigenous name for place

·     Parkland

·     punters point

·     Starting Gate

·     The Racecourse

·     TJ Smith Station



The Australian Turf Club conducted its own petition in support of the name ‘Royal Randwick Racecourse’ and has provided Council with documents showing 344 signatures of support.  This included 187 written signatures and 157 online signatures including people’s names, email addresses and postcodes.

Wansey Cottage:



Wansey Cottage ‘Suggest my own’ feedback

·     Royal Randwick Racecourse

·     Alison & Wansey Roads

·     Alison Road (2)

·     Fig Tree

·     Gamblers Downfall

·     HORSES

·     Local indigenous name (3)

·     Lower Randwick

·     Phar Lap Station

·     Prince St

·     Racecourse (2)

·     Racecourse 'East' or '1'

·     Randwick

·     Randwick North (2)

·     Randwick Racecourse (14)

·     Randwick Racecourse - Alison Rd

·     Randwick Racecourse and Stables

·     Royal Randwick Racecourse (9)

·     royal Randwick tops

·     'Super Impose' Hill

·     stable station

·     The Mile Post 

·     Tram Lane (2)

·     Upper racecourse

·     Wansey (5)

·     Wansey Road (22)



UNSW High Street:



UNSW High Street ‘Suggest my own’ feedback

·     Baxers stop

·     Bidjigal

·     High St (15)

·     High Street Lower

·     High Street Prince of Wales Hospital

·     Hospital & UNSW

·     Hospital Way

·     Local indigenous name

·     Lowy

·     Prince of Wales Hospital

·     Randwick High Street


·     UNSW Upper Campus

·     the uni stop

·     Tree of Knowledge (7)

·     UNSW (2)


·     UNSW North


·     UNSW Upper Campus (3)

·     University (4)

·     University East

·     University of NSW - High Street (2)

·     University of NSW East

·     University of NSW Randwick

·     University Upper Gate

·     University/POW Hospital (2)




Randwick ‘Suggest my own’ feedback

·     Local Aboriginal name (2)

·     Belmore Road

·     Garung (child in eora language)

·     High Cross

·     High St, Randwick (2)

·     High Street Upper

·     Hospital (2)

·     Prince of Wales Hospital

·     Kamaygal

·     Pearce (after Simeon Pearce)

·     Hospital (26)

·     Prince of Wales (3)

·     Prince of Wales Interchange

·     Randwick (3)

·     Randwick central

·     Randwick Hub

·     Randwick Junction

·     Randwick Shopping Precinct

·     Randwick Square

·     Randwick Town Centre

·     Randwick Health and

Educational Precinct

·     Randwick Village (2)

·     Randwick Gateway

·     Randwick Green

·     Remission

·     RoJo

·     Royal

·     Simpson Place

·     Starlight Station (4)

·     Sunny Station

·     Sydney Childrens Hospital



ES Marks:



ES Marks ‘Suggest my own’ feedback

·     an Aboriginal name (2)

·     Anzac Parade, Kensington (2)

·     Athletic cove

·     Athletics Field (4)

·     Boronia (2)

·     Carlton Street

·     Darcy road

·     E S Marks Kensington

·     E.S. Marks Field (10)


·     ES Marks Athletics

·     ES Marks Oval

·     Ficus Corner

·     Gadigal

·     Kensington - Dacey Ave

·     Kensington - ES Marks (2)

·     Kensington North (13)

·     Marks field


·     Moore park (4)

·     Name it after the nearest cross street

·     North Kensington (7)

·     Peters of Kensington (2)

·     Racecourse 'West' or '2'

·     Royal Randwick

·     Kensington









Kensington ‘Suggest my own’ feedback

·     Anzac Kensington

·     Kensington ‘hyphenated with the local indigenous name

·     Doncaster

·     Doncaster Place

·     Kensington - Todman Square


·     Kensington - Todman Ave

·     Kensington

·     Kensington Central

·     Kensington Derby Place

·     Kensington Junction (2)

·     Kensington South


·     Kensington Town Centre

·     Kenso

·     South Kensington (2)

·     Todman Ave (10)

·     Todman Rd, Randwick

·     Todman St, Kensington

UNSW Anzac Parade:

UNSW Anzac Parade ‘Suggest my own’ feedback

·     Anzac

·     Anzac Parade

·     Anzac UNSW

·     Day Avenue (UNSW)

·     Lower UNSW

·     NIDA (5)


·     University (4)

·     University - Lower Campus

·     University Green

·     University Lower Gate

·     University of NSW (2)

·     University of NSW Anzac Parade

·     University of NSW West

·     UNSW (5)

·     UNSW/NIDA (5)

·     UNSW Anzac (2)

·     UNSW Lower Campus (3)

·     UNSW Main Walkway

·     UNSW South

·     UNSW Mall

·     University 'West' or '2'



Kingsford ‘Suggest my own’ feedback

·     Anzac Kingsford

·     Anzac Parade

·     Kensington Park

·     'Kingsford' hyphenated with local indigenous name

·     Nearest cross St would be the best name.

·     Central Kingsford



·     Kingsford - O'Deas Corner

·     Kingsford Central (4)

·     Kingsford Junction (2)

·     Kingsford Middle St

·     Kingsford North (2)


·     Kingsford shops

·     Kingsford Smith (3)

·     Kingsford Town Centre

·     Middle St (7)

·     North Kingsford

·     Kingsford Shops

·     Strachan St Kingsford

·     The Juniors (3)

Nine Ways:


Nine Ways ‘Suggest my own’ feedback

·    'Kingsford junction' hyphenated with local indigenous name

·    Churchill

·    Juniors (2)

·    Juniors Junction (2)

·    Kingsford (3)

·    Kingsford Roundabout (7)

·    Kingsford Central

·    Kingsford circle

·    Kingsford Interchange

·    Kingsford South (2)

·    Kingsford Terminus (2)

·    Name to honour indigenous heritage

·    Nine Ways Junction

·    Nine Ways Market

·    Nine ways roundabout kingsford

·    Nine Ways Tram

·    Smithy


·    Southpoint

·    Souths Terminal

·    Spirit of 9 Anzacs

·    The Juniors (7)

·    The Roundabout

·    Wilson Place (2)

Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome: 9       Integrated and Accessible Transport

Direction: 9c:    Advocate and /or plan for integrated local and regional transport improvements, including high capacity transport such as light/standard rail.


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




Council received a strong response from the community in a very short time frame regarding the proposed light rail stop names. 





That Council decide on its preferred light rail stop names to submit to TfNSW.