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Community Services Committee                                                                             14 March 2017



Community Services Committee


Notice is hereby given that a Community Services Committee of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, First Floor, 90 Avoca Street Randwick on Tuesday, 14 March 2017 at 6:00 p.m.



Committee Members:          The Mayor D’ Souza, Andrews, Belleli, Bowen, Garcia, Matson (Deputy Chairperson), Moore, Nash, Neilson, Roberts, Seng, Shurey (Chairperson), Smith, Stavrinos & Stevenson


Quorum:                           Eight (8) members


NOTE:    At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 28 September 2004, the Council resolved that the Community Services Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.

Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences 

Confirmation of the Minutes  

Community Services Committee - 14 February 2017

Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

Address of Committee by Members of the Public

Privacy warning;

In respect to Privacy & Personal Information Protection Act, members of the public are advised that the proceedings of this meeting will be recorded for the purposes of clause 69 of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice.

Urgent Business

Community Services Report

C2/17       Advisory Committee Minutes................................................................. 1

Library Reports


Notice of Rescission Motions




Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Community Services Committee                                                                             14 March 2017




Community Services Report No. C2/17


Subject:             Advisory Committee Minutes

Folder No:                   F2006/00216

Author:                   Gary Ella, Coordinator Community Programs & Partnerships      




At the 10 March 2009 Community Services Committee meeting, it was resolved that the minutes of the Advisory Committees are to be presented to the Community Services Committee. This report brings together, for Council’s acceptance, the minutes of the previous meetings adopted by the respective Advisory Committees.





As scheduled, the Advisory Committees (listed below) have met and the minutes of the meetings, which reflect discussions and outcomes, are attached.


The minutes will also be available on Council’s website after each meeting. This report includes minutes from:


·      The Access Advisory Committee Meeting – 10 November 2016 (endorsed at February 2017 meeting)

·      The Multicultural Advisory Committee – 16 November 2016 (endorsed at February 2017 meeting)


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome:  An informed and Engaged Community.

Direction:  Effective communication methods and technology are used to share information and provide services.


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




The minutes of these Advisory Committee meetings are now in order and are submitted to Council for acknowledgement and acceptance.




That the Council acknowledges and accepts the minutes of the Access Advisory Committee – November 2016 and the Multicultural Advisory Committee – November 2016.










Multicultural Advisory Committee Minutes for Meeting held on 16 November 2016



Access Advisory Committee Minutes for Meeting held on 10 November 2016



Multicultural Advisory Committee Minutes for Meeting held on 16 November 2016

Attachment 1




Randwick City Council Multicultural Advisory Committee Meeting

16 November 2016

Level 1 Bowen Library, Maroubra



Cr Lindsay Shurey (Chair)     Randwick City Council

Cr Kathy Neilson                  Randwick City Council

Marissa Maura Meyn             Community Representative

Rosa Loria                          Community Representative

Janet Timberg                     Community Representative

Eduardo Serje                     Community Representative

Daniel Innocenti                   Community Representative

Katherine Zhu                     Randwick City Council (CALD Services Librarian)

Tania Krasinski                    Randwick City Council (Community Project Officer)



Vida Tebyani                       Community Representative

Christopher Hall                   Community Representative

George Varughese               Community Representative



Previous Minutes


Previous minutes were confirmed with amendments.



4.      Matters arising from Previous Minutes

Project Proposal – Multicultural Award


Daniel Innocenti advised that he had discussed the merit of a proposed Multicultural Award concept with the Mayor at the Volunteer’s morning tea event and had expected the issue to be considered at the following Council meeting. The Committee requested details on how the recommendations raised by Advisory Committees are usually discussed by Council for consideration.


Councillor Neilson explained that during the transition period, new ideas may not be considered until the amalgamated Council comes into effect. Councillor Nielson also assured the Committee that Councillors read minutes from Advisory Committee meetings and members are invited to read minutes of Committee and Council meetings published on the Council website. Councillors endorse and make recommendations at these meetings.



The Committee notes that some of its members do not feel heard by Council and it was agreed that an official explanation of how ideas and recommendations by the Advisory Committees are processed be provided at the next meeting.


Councillors Shurey and Neilson noted the Committee’s views that Council needs to communicate on issues so that their advice and ideas are taken into account or considered and that a process be created where the Committee has visibility and a voice within Council.


Resolution: that Council consider the proposal for the Multicultural Award and that the Committee request a feasibility study to be prepared.



Readit Air – proposed library purchase


Kathryn Zhu reported that Library Services will not be going ahead with the purchase of the ‘Readit Air’ due to the following:

1.     The library had trialled the system and it was not used;

2.     There are apps available that can scan and translate printed material;

3.     It was found that the machine is complicated for older people to use; and

4.     The system requires a dedicated PC.


Feedback from the State Library stated that the system has only been used by other libraries seeking demonstration. Currently library services include iPad loans and offer computer support.


The committee thanked Katherine for researching into the matter and reporting back.


Welcome Poster promotion


Eduardo Serje tabled a draft of the Welcome Poster for the Committee’s consideration. Councillor Nielson noted that she liked the concept and the languages included in to design were discussed. Rosa Loria recommended that the MAC be recognised as the initiators of the promotion. Daniel Innocenti recommended that an Aboriginal language be included.


Councillors Shurey and Nielson will follow up on this project with the view to have it ready for Australia Day.


5.    Council events and projects for 2016


·           Kingsford Noodle Markets. Saturday 3 December from midday, Meeks Street Kingsford
MAC members were encouraged to attend.


·           Mayor’s Christmas Party. Friday 16 December, Prince Henry Centre, Little Bay
Invitations will be going out to MAC members for the Mayor’s Christmas Party.


·           Employment Skills for Migrants Expo
Randwick Council partnered with Sydney TAFE, Adult Migrant English Program providers, Sydney Multicultural Services and Junction Neighbourhood Centre to host an employment skills for migrants expo on Tuesday 15 November at Randwick TAFE. Over 200 newly arrived migrants who live locally attended seminars and spoke to employment-related support services. There were ‘pop-up’ chats with corporate and social enterprise representatives and TAFE counsellors. Evaluations demonstrated that over 90% of recipients found value in the event and felt confident in their journey to find employment.


6.    2016 Multicultural Issues for advisory / advocacy opportunities


Eduardo Serje reported that the French School is hosting an International Swimming Competition. It is an annual event with over 300 entrants from south east Asian countries. He requested support for this event from the Committee. Councillor Shurey recommended that they include local Aboriginal community involvement and to contact the Aboriginal Land Council.


General Business


Daniel Innocenti thanked the Library Services for a recent event - Author Talk: Short Stories ‘A China Affair’ story and film.


Rosa Loria reported that she would be seeking Council support for the Sydney Multicultural Community Services’ annual Senior Carnivale at the Prince Henry Centre which has traditionally been supported by Council.


Marissa Meyn reported that she continues to attend the Citizenship Ceremonies and encourages the MAC members to attend.





Meeting closed at 7:55pm

Access Advisory Committee Minutes for Meeting held on 10 November 2016

Attachment 2




Randwick City Council

Access Advisory Committee

Meeting held on Thursday 10 November 2016, Randwick Room




Frida Kitas                        Randwick City Council

Cr. Kathy Neilson               Randwick City Council

Chris Donnellan                  Randwick City Council

Vince Bates                       Headeast

Kim Tipoki                        Holdsworth Community

Tess Protey                      Community Representative

Sharon Lee                       Aftercare Eastern Suburbs

Juliette Walker                   Community Representative

George Gergely                 Community Representative

Sue Mayerhofer                 Community Representative

Donna Shrubsole        Buckingham House

Bianca Galea (Student)       Junction Neighbourhood Centre

Marie Tsigaropoulos            Junction Neighbourhood Centre   




Cr.Murray Matson              Randwick City Council

Melinda Ross                     Sunnyfield

Judy Nicholas                    Community Representative

Patricia Garvie                   Aftercare Eastern Suburbs

Ron Wood                         Community Representative

Nadia Samperi                   Ability Links – East Sydney


3.      Introductions: Frida welcomed everyone to the meeting


4.      Minutes

The minutes of the meetings held on Thursday 8 September were confirmed.


5.      Business Arising from Minutes


5.1      Memory Information Days

Frida gave an update on the Memory Information Day held on Saturday 29 October at Margaret Martin Library.


Action:  For information.


5.2    Chifley Reserve Playground

The Chifley Reserve Playground grand opening was an outstanding success, over 1500 people attended the local community event on Saturday 17 September at Chifley Reserve.  Chifley Reserve is the largest playground in Randwick City and includes fun play features and equipment that challenges people of all abilities from toddlers to adults.  The playground also incorporates adjacent accessible parking and toilet facilities.  Council staff received positive feedback at the opening about the various components of the playground which meet a range of physical, emotional and intellectual abilities.


Action:  For information.


5.3      Suicide TALK Information Session

RCC in partnership with Carers NSW held ‘Suicide TALK’ an information session exploring issues in suicide prevention on Wednesday 19 October at Margaret Martin Library from 7-9pm.  Over 45 people attended the session which was facilitated by Gerald Haslinger, Psychologist & Mental Health Educator.  The aim of the session was to reduce the stigma and taboo surrounding suicide and examine a range of things people can do to help prevent suicide.  The session generated a great deal of conversation about suicide as a serious mental health problem in the wider community.  Participants requested that Council consider holding an additional information session in 2017 to meet the needs of residents.


Action: For information.


5.4      Safe TALK

RCC in partnership with Carers NSW and Lifeline held ‘Safe TALK,’ Suicide Prevention Awareness Training on Saturday 5 November at the Randwick Town Hall from 11am to 3pm.  Participants learned how to recognise when someone may have suicidal thoughts and how to respond in ways that will link them to further help, and how to apply the basic TALK steps – Tell, Ask, Listen and Keepsafe.  The training was designed for family members, Carers and supporters of people with a mental illness who live in the Randwick and Botany Local Government areas. 


Action:  For information


5.5      World AIDS Day Film Screening

To acknowledge World AIDS Day, RCC will host a special screening of the documentary ‘TRANS the Movie’ at the Ritz Cinema Randwick on World AIDS Day, Thursday 1 December.  ‘TRANS the Movie’ is a documentary feature about the Transgender Community, the most misunderstood minority in America.  The film was selected to be screened on World AIDS Day to increase awareness about the Transgender community in Randwick City and surrounding areas.  Proceeds raised from the screening will be donated to local and overseas AIDS charities.  The event is proudly supported by the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District HIV/AIDS & Related Programs Unit.  Flyers tabled.


Action:  For information.


5.6      NSW Accessible Toilet Project

RCC will be working with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and Ability Links to update information on RCC toilets into the National Public Toilet Map, to enable residents and visitors to easily find where they are located within the area and ascertain whether the features of the toilets meet their requirements.


Action:  Frida to provide updates at future meetings.


5.7      Access issues from previous meetings

Frida informed the Committee that the cleaning issues at Totem Hall have been reported to the cleaning contractors and the lighting issue has been referred to City Services to address in the near future.  Juliette thanked Council and advised that Totem Hall has been much cleaner for users.  Sue Mayerhofer noted that new kerb ramps have been installed at Burton Lane Randwick, making access much easier for residents.


Action:  For information.


5.8      Depression and Anxiety Information Session

Over 80 people attended the ‘Understanding Depression and Anxiety’ Information session on Saturday 8 October at Randwick Town Hall from 12 – 3.30pm.  The session was presented by Clinical Psychologist, Jane Randall, a facilitator with re.mind Mental Health Training, a service of the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW.  The session explored issues in anxiety and depression and participants learned about support and treatment for anxiety conditions and mood disorders in our community, including Bipolar Disorder, depression: signs, symptoms, treatment and prevention.  Frida will investigate the possibility of running additional sessions in 2017 to meet additional community demand.


Action:  For Information.


6. General Business


6.1    NDIS Readiness Forum

RCC in partnership with Inner Sydney Regional Council will host a forum to prepare people for the July 2017 roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Eastern Sydney.  The Forum will be held on Wednesday 23 November 2016 from 7 – 9pm at Randwick Town Hall and will include guest speakers from My Choice Matters, Ability Links NSW, Sylvanvale and Inner Sydney Regional Council.  Participants will learn how to get ready and make the most of the NDISThe Forum is designed for people with a disability, their family members and Carers and local disability service providers.  Council will organise additional sessions in 2017 to provide information about the NDIS to people living in the Southern Suburbs of Randwick City.  Flyers and posters tabled.


Action: For information


6.2    The Spirits of Prince Henry Twilight Tour

RCC in partnership with the Prince Henry Hospital Trained Nurses Association will host the Spirits of Prince Henry Twilight Tour on Saturday 12 November at the Nursing and Medical Museum Little Bay from 6.30 – 9.30pm. The Tour will explore the paranormal history of the Prince Henry from a nursing perspective.  Participants will learn ghost hunting techniques with Eastern States Paranormal and take part in a paranormal investigation.  Entry is a $15 donation to the museum.  Flyers and poster tabled.


Action:  For information.


6.3    The Touch of Silk – Free play reading

RCC has organised a play reading of The Touch of Silk by Betty Roland on Saturday 19 November from 12.30pm at Lionel Bowen Library Theatrette.  The Touch of Silk is a sensitive portrayal of the troubled relationship between an Australian World War One veteran and his French wife set against the background of drought-stricken rural Australia.  The play reading will be directed by Lex Marinos, no bookings are required and afternoon tea will be served.  The readings area designed to reduce social isolation and increase community participation for older residents and people with mobility impairments who live in Randwick City and surrounding areas.  Flyers tabled.


Action:  For information.


6.4    Mindful Communications Seminar

RCC in partnership with Carers NSW will hold a Mindfulness Communication Seminar on how to ‘Survive the Festive Season’ on Saturday 17 December at Lionel Bowen Library from 10am to 1pm.  The seminar aims to provide Carers and community members with the tools to effectively communicate while under stress and pressure and help participants understand, tolerate and deal with their emotions in healthy ways.


Action:  For information.


6.5    Confirmation of 2017 meeting dates

Members agreed to reconvene in February 2017.  Meetings will continue to be held on a bi-monthly basis on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 10 – 11.30am at the Randwick Room.  Frida thanked the Committee for their participation and contributions throughout 2016 and looked forward to working with them again in the new year.


Action: Frida


6.6    IDPWD Dance & Dinner Event

Holdsworth Community in partnership with Randwick Council will host ‘A Night of Sparkle’ Evening Dinner & Dancing to celebrate International Day of People with a Disability on Saturday 3 December from 5.30 -9.30pm at the Prince Henry Centre Little Bay.  Kim Tipoki provided details at the meeting and tabled flyers.


Action:  For Information


6.7 The Mayor’s Christmas Party

Frida provided an update.


Action:  For information


6.8    New access issues

Vince Bates advised the Committee that there is a lack of kerb ramps on the north-west corner of Marine Parade and The Corso Maroubra, making access to the area difficult for clients.  Chris Donnellan will investigate the matter and provide an update in 2017.


Action:  Chris Donnellan to provide an update at the February meeting.


7.  Guest speaker: Nil


8. Information Share:

·      Richmond PRA and Buckingham House have changed their name to Flourish Australia.  Donna tabled ‘NDIS & You,’ a brochure to support clients through the new disability insurance scheme journey.

·      Kim spoke about new programs offered by Holdsworth.  Flyers tabled.

·      Frida tabled flyers on the Mobile Community Pantry, a new local program providing groceries at a low cost to eligible residents at St Marks Anglican Church, Malabar.  The program operates every second Friday from 10.30 – 11.30am.


9. Correspondence:  Nil


Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 9 February 2017.