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Works Committee                                                                                                             9 August 2016



Works Committee Meeting


Notice is hereby given that a Works Committee Meeting of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, First Floor, 90 Avoca Street Randwick on Tuesday, 9 August 2016 at 6:00 p.m.



Committee Members:          The Mayor D’Souza, Andrews, Belleli, Bowen, Garcia, Matson, Moore (Deputy Chairperson), Nash, Neilson, Roberts, Seng, Shurey, Smith, Stavrinos & Stevenson (Chairperson)


Quorum:                             Eight (8) members


NOTE:    At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 28 September 2004, the Council resolved that the Works Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.

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Works Committee Meeting - 12 July 2016

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Works Report

W16/16    Baird Avenue, Matraville - Public Carpark................................................... 1    

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Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Works Committee                                                                                                             9 August 2016




Works Report No. W16/16


Subject:                    Baird Avenue, Matraville - Public Carpark

Folder No:                F2012/00032

Author:                     Joe Ingegneri, Manager Technical Services      




Council at its meeting held on 27 October 2015 considered a Mayoral Minute regarding the Baird avenue carpark and resolved as follows:


“(Mayor, Cr D'Souza) that Council bring back a report on the feasibility of redeveloping the Baird Lane car park in Matraville.”


This report assesses the feasibility of creating additional parking in and around the Baird Avenue carpark.




The Baird Avenue carpark is located in Matraville to the west of the shopping centre (Bunnerong Road).  The carpark configuration is shown below in figure 1.


Baird Ave Carpark

Figure 1 – Existing Baird Avenue Carpark - Aerial View

The existing carpark has a current capacity of 55 car parking spaces including 2 spaces for the mobility impaired. The layout takes advantage of the access from Baird Avenue and Baird Lane, permitting more spaces compared to an access off one street only.  The parking restrictions were rationalised in 2013 to better reflect the parking requirements arising from the commercial mix within the Matraville town centre and the various parking options available to the community. The carpark is well utilised because of its convenience and proximity to the town centre.  Access to Bunnerong Road is via a private arcade.


Potential Options for additional parking spaces

Potential options have been considered to create additional parking spaces at the Baird Avenue car park site.  These include:


Option 1 - Acquire the adjacent property to extend the car park at grade.

Option 2 - Build a multi-storey carpark on the existing footprint.

Option 3 - A combination of option 1 and 2.


These options are discussed below and summarised in Table 1.


Option 1

The properties to the north and south of the carpark are 3-storey multi-unit dwellings comprising of 6 units.  It is estimated that the acquisition and demolition cost for each of these properties is approximately $7 million.


Each property has the potential to extend the existing at grade carpark to allow an additional 28 parking spaces.  The development cost for each additional parking space would be approximately $250,000.


Option 2

This option entails building a multi-storey carpark over the existing carpark.  Two proposals were considered under this option.  The first proposal is a 2 level multi-storey carpark.  The second proposal is a 3 level multi-storey carpark.


Option 2a – 2 Level Carpark

In order to access the additional level, ramps will need to be constructed and a new stairwell will be required for pedestrians.  The ramps and stairwell will take up existing parking spaces at ground level.  It has been estimated that an additional 17 parking spaces can be created for a total of 72 spaces in a 2-storey carpark.  The cost to construct this proposal is approximately $1.6 million.  Therefore, the development cost per additional car parking space created is $94,120.


Option 2b – 3 Level Carpark

A 3rd level can provide an additional 26 parking spaces for a total capacity of 98 spaces. The estimated additional cost for the additional level is approximately $1.4 million.  The development cost for the overall additional 43 spaces would be a total of $3.0 million at a development cost of $69,767 per additional parking space.


The multi-storey carpark can be the source of noise, obtrusive lighting and other potential impacts for adjacent residents. These issues will need to be carefully considered when developing this proposal.


There will be greater ongoing maintenance associated with such a facility compared to the existing carpark.


Option 3    

This option entails the acquisition of the adjacent land and construction of a multi-storey carpark.  This option has the potential to create the greatest number of parking spaces due to the greater land area available.  Further analysis was not undertaken due to the high capital costs (in excess of $10 million) and because option 2 would create the necessary parking spaces for the town centre at a lower cost.


Summary of Options



Additional Parking Spaces

Capital Costs

Cost per space



$7 M


2a (2 Storey)




2b (3 Storey)




Table 1 – Summary of Options


Parking Demand

There are numerous parking options for the Matraville town centre.  These include:


·     Parking along Bunnerong Road and surrounding streets

·     The Baird Avenue carpark

·     The car park adjacent to the Matraville RSL

·     The carpark within the new development on the corner of Bunnerong Road and Daunt Avenue


An assessment of the parking demand and availability has found that there is a good mix of parking restrictions that allow for an adequate level of turnover to support the shopping centre.  Further, the parking spaces are distributed on both sides of the town centre and only a short walk to any commercial premises.


More formal parking assessments of our town centres are proposed by Integrated Transport to support our local businesses and allow longer term planning for growth.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 6:       A Liveable City.

Direction 6a:     Our public assets are planned, managed and funded to meet the                           community expectations and defined levels of service.


Financial impact statement


This report does not propose any funding commitment.




Several options have been considered and assessed to increase the number of parking spaces on or around the site of the existing Baird Avenue carpark. An initial assessment of the options has been undertaken to determine whether further investigation is required for a formal feasibility study. Due to the development on either side of the existing carpark, it will require significant capital expenditure to extend the footprint of the carpark.  At a development cost of $250,000 per additional parking space, it is concluded that this option is less viable than Option 2.


A lower cost option is the construction of a multi-storey carpark on the existing site. Significant capital expenditure will be required and the additional number of spaces is proportionally less than existing due to the area that is taken up by ramps, stairwell and circulation.  The assessment indicates an estimated development cost of $94,120 per additional parking space for a 2 level structure and $69,767 per additional parking space for a 3 level structure.


An initial assessment of the parking availability, locations and turnover due to parking restrictions has revealed that the parking demand in the Matraville Town Centre is low due to the number of available parking spaces. On this basis, it is concluded that the development of the Baird Avenue carpark is not warranted at this stage.




That the report be received and noted.