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Community Services Committee                                                                         2 December 2014














Community Services Committee


Notice is hereby given that a Community Services Committee of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, First Floor, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick on Tuesday, 2 December 2014 at 6:00pm.



Committee Members:          The Mayor T Seng, Andrews, Belleli, Bowen, D’Souza, Garcia, Matson (Deputy Chairperson), Moore, Nash, Neilson, Roberts, Shurey (Chairperson), Smith, Stavrinos & Stevenson


Quorum:                           Eight (8) members


NOTE:    At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 28 September 2004, the Council resolved that the Community Services Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.

Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences 

Confirmation of the Minutes  

Community Services Committee - 11 November 2014

Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

Address of Committee by Members of the Public

Privacy warning;

In respect to Privacy & Personal Information Protection Act, members of the public are advised that the proceedings of this meeting will be recorded for the purposes of clause 69 of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice.

Urgent Business

Community Services Reports

C12/14      Advisory Committee Minutes................................................................. 1

C13/14      International Women's Day (IWD) Events................................................ 7

Library Reports


Notice of Rescission Motions




Ray Brownlee

General Manager


Community Services Committee                                                                         2 December 2014



Community Services Report No. C12/14



Subject:                  Advisory Committee Minutes

Folder No:                   F2006/00216

Author:                   Teresa Mok, Manager Community Planning & Development      




At the 10 March 2009 Community Services Committee Meeting, it was resolved that the minutes of the Advisory Committee are to be presented to the Community Services Committee. This report brings together, for Council’s acceptance, the minutes of a previous meeting adopted by the respective Advisory Committee.




As scheduled, the Advisory Committee (listed below) has met and the minutes of the meeting, which reflect discussions and outcomes, are attached.


The minutes will also be available on Council’s website after each meeting. This report includes minutes from:


·           Older Persons Advisory Committee – September 2014 (endorsed November 2014)


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome:  An informed and Engaged Community.

Direction:  Effective communication methods and technology are used to share information and provide services.


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




The minutes of this Advisory Committee Meeting are now in order and are submitted to Council for acknowledgement and acceptance.




That the Council acknowledges and accepts the minutes of the Older Persons Advisory Committee – September 2014 (endorsed November 2014).





Older Persons Advisory Committee - September 2014





Older Persons Advisory Committee - September 2014

Attachment 1




Randwick City Council

Older Persons Advisory Committee

Meeting held on Wednesday 3 September 2014, Randwick Room




Frida Kitas                              Randwick City Council

Cr.Noel D’Souza                     Randwick City Council

Cr. Kathy Neilson                   Randwick City Council

Lee Barwick                            Coast Centre for Seniors

Billee King                              Community Representative

Leonie Pearce                         Eastern Sydney Medicare Local

Sue Mayerhofer                      WAVES/Community Representative

Ben Whitehorn                               Randwick Waverley Community Transport

Ron Wood                                      National Seniors – Randwick Botany Branch

Mike Cornell                           National Seniors – Randwick Botany Branch



Linda Mearing                         Coast Centre for Seniors

George Gergely                      Community Representative

Sue Alllen                                       Probus Club of Maroubra Bay Inc

Megan Bowyer                        Junction Neighbourhood Centre



3.    Minutes

The minutes of the meetings held on 3 July were confirmed.


4.    Business Arising from Minutes


4.1    SAFE Talk – Suicide Prevention Training

Over 65 people attended the SAFE Talk Suicide Prevention Training at Bowen Library and Community Centre on Saturday 16 August.  The half day presentation was organised in conjunction with Carers NSW and was facilitated by staff from Life Line.  SAFE Talk was offered in response to the demand for increased training for community members around the issue of suicide, including how to respond to family members and friends who may have suicidal thoughts and how to link them to further help.  Similar presentations will also be offered to RCC staff.


Action:  For information.


4.2  Depression Seminar

Over 70 people attended the half day Depression Seminar on Saturday 19 July at The Randwick Town Hall.  The seminar was organised in partnership with Carers NSW and included a community educator who shared their lived experience with depression.  The seminar was designed for carers and supporters of people with depression who live in the Randwick and Botany local government areas.  An evaluation was conducted by Carers NSW, which indicated that 95% of participants found the strategies presented at the seminar extremely useful in helping family members and friends to deal with depression. 

Action:  For information.


4.3  Little Bay Neighbour Day

Over 1600 residents attended the Little Bay Neighbour Day held on Sunday 3 August at the Prince Henry Centre at Little Bay.  The Neighbour Day was a highly successful community event that was organised in celebration of Local Government Week.  It involved a range of activities including Aboriginal specialist cultural workshops, puppy pre-school, a range of children’s activities, and live entertainment.  RCC and local community organisations promoted services and support programs for residents.  Committee members congratulated RCC and Frida Kitas for hosting an outstanding event that appealed to a broad range of people and hope that Council will consider holding the event again in 2015.


Action:  For information.


4.4  Community Mental Health Forum

Over 170 people attended the Community Mental Health Forum on Wednesday 23 July at Randwick Town Hall.  The Forum aimed to increase awareness and understanding about mental health issues in the broader community and introduce new services and support programs for consumers and carers living in Randwick City and surrounding areas. Keynote speakers included Rob Ramjan AM, CEO Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW and special guest speakers, acclaimed actress Susie Porter and former professional rugby league footballer Andrew “Bobcat” Ryan.  Feedback from residents and services regarding the Forum was overwhelmingly positive. Committee members congratulated Frida Kitas and RCC for organising the 5th annual Forum which met the identified mental health needs of residents.


Action:  For information.


4.5  Access issue, Baird Avenue Car park

Cr.Neilson provided an update in regards to the accessible parking spaces at the Baird Avenue Car Park at the Peninsula Shopping Centre, Matraville.  The spaces are compliant with the relevant standard in terms of the width, however RCC have since installed a bollard in the central space with the diagonal line markings, to prevent it from being used as a car space.  It is intended to be used as an area to assist people with mobility impairments to enter and leave their vehicles.  Frida thanked Cr.Neilson for following this matter up with City Services.


Action:  For information


5. General Business


5.1    Let’s Talk about Anxiety Seminar

RCC in partnership with Carers NSW will host a free half day seminar on Anxiety on Saturday 20 September at the Randwick Town Hall from 11am to 3pm.  The half day seminar will explore issues in anxiety and is designed for people with anxiety and carers of people with anxiety.  A Community Educator will also share their lived experience with anxiety.  Flyers and posters tabled.


Action: For information.


5.2    Playwriting and Performance Workshop

The Playwriting and Performance Workshop held on Saturday 20 August at Randwick Town Hall was an overwhelming success.  Participants were overjoyed at having the opportunity to learn from industry experts Hilary Bell and Bill Conn, and suggested that RCC consider holding a Master class over two Saturday’s for those who had an interest in further developing their skills in the areas of performance and script writing. Participant feedback indicated that the workshop more than met the expectations and creative needs of residents aged 16 years and over.


Action:  Frida to investigate the possibility of scheduling a Playwriting and Performance Master class in 2015.


5.3    Eco-Living Fair

Frida reported that this years Eco-Living Fair will incorporate a Seniors and Sustainability project.  Billee King will facilitate a Retro Master Class from the Past, which will include knitting and crocheting workshops for visitors all of ages.  Former HESS Worker, Debbie Seale will conduct workshops on how to manage your home energy needs and bills and Randwick Art Society will showcase artwork and handmade crafts in the Main Hall.  The Eco-Living Fair will be held on Sunday 14 September from 10am to 3pm at Randwick Community Centre.  Flyers and posters tabled.


Action:  For information.


5.4  Twilight Tour

RCC in partnership with the Prince Henry Trained Nurses Association will host a Twilight Tour at the Nursing and Medical Museum, Little Bay on Wednesday 15 October from 6.30pm.  The theme of the Tour will be the Nurses of Prince Henry – As Time Goes By.  Various special guest speakers, including Billee King will speak about their careers in nursing after they finished their training at Prince Henry.  The talk will be followed by an interactive tour exploring the colourful history of the Prince Henry Hospital.  Flyers and posters tabled.


Action:  For information.


5.5    How to Use an Outdoor Gym Brochure

Copies of the How to Use an Outdoor Gym Brochure that was produced by SESLHD Health Promotion Service were tabled.  Frida thanked OPAC members for taking part in focus groups conducted by Health Promotion and for their input into the content of the brochure.


Action: For information.


5.6    World AIDS Day Planning Meetings

To celebrate World AIDS Day, RCC will host a movie screening of the documentary “I Am a Girl,’ at the Ritz Cinema Randwick.  The documentary raises awareness to the realities of being a girl in the 21st Century.  RCC staff will also raise funds and awareness for local and overseas World AIDS Day charities at the Coogee Family Fun Day in December.


Action:  Frida Kitas to provide an update on World AIDS Events and activities at the November meeting.

5.7  Access issues | Randwick & Clovelly

Ron Wood requested that Council consider installing a seat at Short Street, Randwick near the Community Bus Stop for the comfort and convenience of the elderly and frail aged. The seat should preferably be under cover.  Ron also requested for Council to consider installing a seat on Clovelly Road, near the Clovelly Community Bank for the same reasons. Cr Neilson will investigate the possibility of having seating installed at these locations and will provide an update at the November meeting.


Action:  Cr.Neilson to provide an update at the November meeting.


6.    Guest Presenter:  Nil


7     Information Share Members provided an update on their respective services and support programs. Newsletters tabled.


Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 5 November 2014.



Community Services Committee                                                                         2 December 2014



Community Services Report No. C13/14



Subject:                  International Women's Day (IWD) Events

Folder No:                   F2004/06282

Author:                   Avril Jeans, Project Officer      




International Women’s Day (IWD) arose from campaigns in the early 1900s for the right to vote for women. First celebrated in 1911, IWD honors the work of the Suffragettes, celebrates women's successes, and reminds us all of inequities still to be redressed.    


IWD is celebrated around the world every year on 8 March. ‘‘Equality for women is progress for all” is the theme for 2015.  Hundreds of events occur not just on this day but throughout the month of March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present, and future. Organisations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women's groups, corporations and the media celebrate the day in ways relevant to their local context.


This report informs the Council of activities being planned for IWD 2014.





The following events will be hosted by Councillors Kathy Neilson and Lindsay Shurey.   


1.  International Women’s Day Art Competition and Exhibition

Randwick City Council will once again be holding its annual International Women’s Day Art Competition and exhibition at Randwick Community Centre.  This will be the eleventh anniversary of the Women’s Art Prize and with each passing year, the standard and quality of artwork continues to improve.


All female artists and aspiring artists 12 years and over, who live work or study in Randwick City are encouraged to enter. There are two age categories, 12 to 18 years and 19 years and over, with three prizes in each category.  The entries will be curated and judged by an external judge from a professional arts background. Councillors Neilson and Shurey will assist in the judging and select the winner of the Councillor’s Choice prize.


The presentation award ceremony is scheduled for Saturday 7 March 2015, at 10 am at the Randwick Community Centre and the exhibition will remain open to the public for one week.  Then for the first time, a selection of artworks will be relocated and displayed in the Bowen Library’s exhibition space.  The ‘Best of the Women’s Art Competition’ will be on display in the library for the duration of March 2015. This will help promote the event and uplift the profile of our local artists and competition winners. 


2.  Special Speaker at Randwick Town Hall

On Monday 9 March, Council will organise a formal IWD speaker event at the Town Hall.  The talk will be based on the official theme, ‘‘Equality for women is progress for all”.  Subject to the Council endorsing this event, the choice of guest speaker will be decided in consultation with the host Councillors. Women from our community, local organisations, and Randwick Council staff will be invited to this IWD event. This event will conclude with light refreshment being served.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 2:         A vibrant and diverse community.     
Direction 2a3:      Support the different groups in the community to improve access

to services and recreational activities.


Financial impact statement


The cost of holding the IWD Art Competition and the speaker event at the Town Hall marking IWD is estimated to cost $7,800, to be funded under the Community Development Department’s 2014-15 budget.




These events celebrating International Women’s Day during the month of March 2015 demonstrate Randwick City Council’s appreciation of the invaluable contributions made by women in our community.




That Council endorse the activities proposed for International Women’s Day 2014.