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Environment Committee                                                                                    3 December 2013














Environment Committee Meeting


Notice is hereby given that an Environment Committee Meeting of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, First Floor, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick, 30 Frances Street, Randwick, on Tuesday, 3 December 2013 at 6:00pm.



Committee Members:           The Mayor (S Nash), Andrews, Belleli, Bowen, D’Souza, Garcia, Matson (Deputy Chairperson), Moore, Neilson, Roberts, Seng & Shurey (Chairperson), Smith, Stavrinos & Stevenson


Quorum:                           Eight (8) members


NOTE:    At the extraordinary meeting held on 22 May 2007, the Council resolved that the Environment Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.

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Environment Committee Meeting - 12 November 2013

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Environment Reports

E27/13      Randwick's Coastal and Marine Adventure Program 2014............................. 1    

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Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Environment Committee                                                                                    3 December 2013



Environment Report No. E27/13



Subject:                  Randwick's Coastal and Marine Adventure Program 2014

Folder No:                   F2013/00069

Author:                   Helen Morrison, Sustainability Project Officer     




The Coastal and Marine Adventure program, formally Randwick’s Summer Activities Program, has been running in January each year since 2006. The program aims to educate and improve understanding of marine and coastal conservation by providing residents and beachgoers opportunities to experience Randwick’s unique marine and coastal environment with specialist guides and instructors. The success and popularity of the summer program has resulted in additional marine and coastal education and activity programs being organised in autumn and spring of the past three years.


This report provides an update to Council on the 2014 Coastal and Marine Adventure program.




Randwick’s annual marine and coastal program has become a popular feature of summer for residents and beachgoers alike as it provides families and children the opportunity to discover their coast through activities that include snorkelling, sea-kayaking, coastal walks, learn to surf, learning about rips and tides, sustainable fishing clinics and boat trips from La Perouse to Cooks Landing. 


The 2014 program will continue the focus of daily activities at a number of popular coastal locations including; Clovelly/Coogee; Maroubra; Malabar; La Perouse and Botany Bay. Each activity is tailored to the particular coastal environment with local conservation messages delivered by the marine and coastal experts and contractors engaged. There is a small cost per person where equipment is required; otherwise activities are generally free of charge. Bookings are required due to the popularity of the program.


The 2014 summer program runs from Friday 10 January to Tuesday 21 January.


Activities related to each of the coastal locations include:




Type of activities being held


Jan 10

Fred Hollow’s reserve walk


Jan 13


La Perouse

Jan 14

Aboriginal heritage tour and fishing clinic

Malabar/ Maroubra

Jan 15

sea kayaking, beach safety presentation, rockpool walk

La Perouse

Jan 16

snorkelling and fishing clinic

Botany Bay

Jan 17

adventure boat trips, guided walks, fishing clinic and rockpool walk

Botany Bay

Jan 20

adventure boat trips


Jan 21

Coogee coastal walk and whales and dolphins presentation.


The NPWS will allow residents participating in the summer program to visit the La Perouse Museum during the Coastal and Marine Adventure program from January 10 to 21 free of charge.


For this offer, residents will need to present a confirmation of a booking with Council’s marine and coastal program. Council will cover the costs as part of the summer program subject to this confirmation being recorded by NPWS. 


Promotion and advertising of Randwick’s program will be supported by the Sydney Coastal Councils Group. 


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 2:       A Vibrant and Diverse Community.

Direction 2(b):   Enrich our range of community services that meet our community’s needs.


Financial impact statement


The budget allocated to our Marine and Coastal Adventure Program is $20,000 from the Community Education budget of the environmental levy program.




Randwick’s Marine and Coastal Adventure program is one of the most extensive among the metropolitan coastal Councils and has gained in popularity from year to year. It provides the opportunity to increase and extend our residents understanding and appreciation of our unique coastal and marine environments.





That Council endorse Randwick’s 2014 Coastal and Marine Adventure Program.