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Community Services Committee                                                                             13 March 2012














Community Services Committee


Notice is hereby given that a Community Services Committee of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick, on Tuesday, 13 March 2012 at 6pm.



Committee Members:           The Mayor (S Nash), Andrews, Belleli, Bowen, Hughes, Matson (Deputy Chairperson), Matthews, Notley-Smith, Procopiadis, Seng, Smith, Stevenson, Tracey, White and Woodsmith (Chairperson)


Quorum:                           Eight (8) members


NOTE:    At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 28 September 2004, the Council resolved that the Community Services Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.


Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences 

Confirmation of the Minutes  

Community Services Committee - 14 February 2012

Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

Address of Committee by Members of the Public

Urgent Business

Community Services Reports

C5/12       La Perouse Community Planning Day.........................................................

C6/12       Outcomes of Council's Community Cultural  Grants Program and Community Partnerships Grants Program.....................................................................................

C7/12       Council's Advisory Committee Minutes.......................................................

Library Reports


Notice of Rescission Motions







Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Community Services Committee                                                                             13 March 2012



Community Services Report No. C5/12



Subject:                  La Perouse Community Planning Day

Folder No:                   F2004/06272

Author:                   Gary Ella, Acting Coordinator Community Programs & Partnerships     




On 22 March 2012 Randwick City Council will be hosting an Aboriginal Community Planning Day at the Prince Henry Centre. The planning day is a joint project between Randwick City Council, Aboriginal Affairs NSW and the La Perouse Aboriginal Community Alliance Group (Alliance). The whole Aboriginal community residing the Randwick LGA will be invited to attend the event.


The purpose of this report is to brief the Committee about this new initiative and the purpose of the La Perouse Aboriginal community Planning Day. A separate report, summarising the range of council funded or supported activities in La Perouse, will be presented to the Community Services Committee in April.




The Alliance was established by Aboriginal Affairs NSW in the second half of 2011 after several meetings with the La Perouse Aboriginal community. The Alliance has been formally recognized by the NSW State Government as the major representative community engagement body for the La Perouse Aboriginal community.


The Vision of the Alliance is to ‘Build a Strong, United and Sustainable Community’. Its primary purpose is to provide an effective, strategic, representative and accountable mechanism for the Aboriginal community to express its views and needs, and its aspirations.


The Alliance’s membership is open to representatives from all existing and future Aboriginal organisations and groups. The current membership includes representatives from: La Perouse LALC; Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation; La Perouse Youth Haven; La Perouse Botany Bay Aboriginal Corporation; Eastern Zone Gulaga Multi-Purpose Aboriginal Children’s Centre; La Perouse Men’s Group; La Perouse Aboriginal Health Advisory Group; 2 Women Dreaming; HIPPY Program; local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group; local sporting organisation; Elders, Youth and Family groups. Council’s Community Project Officer: Aboriginal Services has been invited to participate as a non-voting member of the Alliance.


The Alliance currently meets on a monthly basis, with Aboriginal Affairs NSW staff providing secretariat support to the group. A range of government and non-government agencies have attended and consulted with the Alliance on a range of issues.


Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee


The Committee discussed and supported the La Perouse Aboriginal Community Planning Day initiative their meeting on 3 February 2012. Outcomes of the Planning Day will provide invaluable information about emerging needs of the La Perouse community. The Alliance has agreed that Council’s Senior Social Planner should attend the Aboriginal Community Planning Day so that recommendations may can be incorporated into future Randwick City Council plans. 

Aboriginal Affairs NSW


Council has been asked by the Alliance to provide the facilities at the Prince Henry Centre free of charge. The cost of venue hire will be covered by the Community Development budget The Centre is in close proximity to the local Aboriginal community and the most appropriate venue to hold the event. Aboriginal Affairs NSW has agreed to cover the cost of a facilitator and catering for the La Perouse Community Planning Day.


Aboriginal Social Indicators


The 2011 Report of the Federal Government’s ‘Closing the Gap’ program indicates that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are still the most disadvantaged group within Australian society. Although statistics used in the Report included those from remote and rural communities, a snapshot of statistics within the Randwick City LGA indicate that the local La Perouse Aboriginal community is also socially and economically disadvantaged. The following figures for the LGA have been compiled by Council’s Senior Planning Officer from the 2006 census figures, and support this statement.


·      The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population is 1,474

·      The average individual income is $921 per week compared with $1,185 for the general population

·      The unemployment rate is 12.5% compared to 4.5% for the general population

·      33% percent of Aboriginal people live in public housing compared to 7% for the general population

·      The Aboriginal population is 20% younger than the general population

·      3.8% (103) will obtain post school qualifications compared to 8.1% (11,888) for the general population


The outcomes of the La Perouse Community Planning Day will enable local service providers to better understand the nature and extent of services required to improve the health and well being of the Aboriginal community.


Scheduled Program of Activities


The Alliance membership proposed the Aboriginal Community Planning Day as a means to use the ‘Strengthening Aboriginal Community Wellbeing Toolkit’ to identify the community’s major concerns, gaps and duplication of service delivery.  The Toolkit has been designed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to help Aboriginal communities identify, harness and focus on its strengths (instead of weaknesses) to improve community health and well-being.


The La Perouse Community Planning Day will also include discussion about priority setting and strategies to improve service coordination for the betterment of the community.


22 March 2012, the proposed date for the Planning Day, is also ‘National Closing the Gap Day’. Closing the Gap Day is an opportunity for all Australians to recommit to strategies designed to close the life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. To mark the day there will be either a breakfast or morning tea, with Council and government representatives invited to attend. 






Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 2:       A vibrant and diverse community.

Direction 2b:      Enrich our range of community services that meet our community needs/strong partnerships between Council, community groups and government agencies.


Outcome 3:       An informed and engaged community.

Direction 3b:      Council actively promotes the community services offered by   other agencies.


Financial impact statement


There is no additional financial impact on this project.  Aboriginal Affairs NSW has agreed to provide a facilitator, refreshments and catering.




The proposed La Perouse Aboriginal Community Planning Day will provide valuable information about the priority needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Randwick City. This information can then be used by local service providers and government agencies to improve service coordination and address gaps in support services.  It will also serve to demonstrate continued visibility of Council’s commitment towards supporting and serving the members of the La Perouse community and key service agencies.  A separate report, describing the range of council funded or supported activities in La Perouse, will be presented to the Community Services Committee in April.  




That the Committee note and endorse the proposed activities and events planned for the La Perouse Aboriginal Community Planning Day on 22 March 2012.







Community Services Committee                                                                             13 March 2012



Community Services Report No. C6/12



Subject:                  Outcomes of Council's Community Cultural  Grants Program and Community Partnerships Grants Program

Folder No:                   F2009/00182

Author:                   Warren Ambrose, Senior Social Planner; Susanna Susic, Grants and Administration Officer        




The Council provides funds to support local community and cultural service through our Cultural Community Grants and Community Partnerships Grant Programs.  This report summarises the projects, and details the financial assistance the Council has provided to the community since the commencement of the grants programs.




The Local Government Act Section 356 allows councils in NSW to grant financial assistance to persons or a significant group of persons within its LGA for the purpose of exercising its functions under a specific program that uniformly applies to all.


Randwick City Council provides a range of community and social welfare programs to its residents, in keeping with the Department of Local Government’s integrated planning requirements. In addition to its advocacy, community development and information provision functions, the Council also provides financial assistance to community organisations, enabling them to expand their capacity to deliver much needed services to residents in need.


The Council provides financial assistance through two grants programs:


1.  Community Partnerships Funding Program which has an annual budget of about $143,000. The aim of this program is to provide funding for social services providers to address gaps in much needed support programs.

2.  Cultural Community Grants Program which allocates about $105,000 annually (2 funding rounds per year).  The aim of this program is to assist the local community and not for profit organisations implement a range of cultural activities and events that encourage participation or promote social inclusion.


The combined annual expenditure of these two grants program is $248,000.


Community Partnerships Grants Program

Council reviewed its Community Development Grants Program in 2008 and replaced it with the Community Partnerships Funding Program.  The replacement program provided improved accountability, and selection criteria based on identified needs outlined in the Council’s social plan, ‘An Inclusive Randwick City’


The Community Partnerships Funding Program offers not-for-profit social service providers the opportunity to apply for funding of programs and projects to address the needs of disadvantaged residents within Randwick City. The maximum annual grant available per project is $20,000 with organisations allowed to apply for three years recurrent funding to a maximum of $60,000. Organisations in receipt of recurrent funding are not eligible to apply for a new grant until their funded project is completed (or in the year 3rd year of funding).


Since its commencement four years ago (from 2008), the Community Partnerships Grants Program has attracted 99 applications seeking a total of $1,986,027.  To date, the Council has funded 41 applications to a total value of $560,000.  Well over 7,000 people benefited from the allocated grants via a range of funded social programs.  Some of the highlights (divided into target groups) of the Community Partnership Grants Program include:


Young people

Allocation of $226,100 (over3 years) to projects targeting young people, resulting in the following successful outcomes:

·           1,000 participants aged 7-13 year olds, attended Kool Kids Club school holiday programs for Aboriginal, and those ‘at risk’

·           700 young people received assistance with either transport, medical help, food in the evenings on the street

·           85 young people who were at risk of leaving school and not pursuing further education participated in 13 taster courses at TAFE to help them ‘see’ a better career path and future beyond high school.

·           1,300 young people attended the Youth Space project at the Shack Youth Services where they were able get support from qualified youth workers and go to a safe, comfortable and supervised space to socialise with their friends


Women & Children

·           support and education programs for 365 young women who are pregnant or who have a child, or are homeless and requiring intensive support

·           $37,600 to six programs for Women including domestic violence, parenting and support, and transport for mothers in southern suburbs to hospital to give birth.  Some 111 women were also assisted with parenting programs.


CALD specific

·           $19,200 for two programs supporting people in undertaking activities from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.


Aged and Disabled

·           $62,500 towards the provision of community transport for aged persons. This amount generated some 1,200 additional passenger trips

·           $29,500 for four programs for people with disabilities including transport for 250 to attend social activities that they would otherwise not be able to.


Aboriginal & Indigenous households

·      $50,000 for two organisations assisting indigenous families and individuals in need.


Very low income and ‘at risk’ households

A total of $61,000 funded six social inclusion projects, including Kooloora and Soldiers Settlement Community Centre and St Vincent’s de Paul.  These included:

·      608 food vouchers for families in need in the southern suburbs

·      casework and advocacy service to 930 vulnerable residents predominately living in the South Ward of Randwick

·      $18,200 for two children’s programs where 84 children (preschoolers), from predominantly disadvantaged families, participated.

The Cultural Community Grants Program

The Cultural Community Grants Program was endorsed by Council on 28th April 2009 and commenced in June 2009.  The Cultural Community Grants Program provides financial support to creative arts and cultural projects that promote community participation and vibrancy within the City of Randwick. The Program supports the actions and strategies identified in the Council’s cultural plan, A Cultural Randwick City.


Designed to improve transparency, equity, and accountability practices in grants management, it requires all successful applicants to report back to Council on how and when grant money had been spent as part of the grant acquittal process.


This program has two funding rounds per financial year (September and March) with an annual budget of $105,000. To date, five funding rounds have been completed since the program’s inception in 2009.


The Council has received and evaluated a total of 115 applications seeking $562,224 (in-kind support and cash).  The Council funded 75 applications totalling $277,547 (in-kind and cash) across the five funding rounds. 


In total, the Cultural Community Grants Program has funded or subsidised 75 events attended by an estimated 30,000 people.  This comparatively high attendance rate would have contributed to the results of the “Who Cares about the Environment” survey reported to the Ordinary Council meeting in February 2012.  Under the well-being and quality of life questions, 48% of survey respondents stated that they had attended at least one event or festival in Randwick City in the last 12 months.


Some of the major highlights of the Cultural Community Grants Program since June 2009 include:


·      $25,000 for 8 youth projects (including arts and sporting activities)

·      $118,000 for 20 arts projects, cultural events and family fun days (including visual and performing arts)

·      $20,000 for 6 cultural projects for people with disabilities

·      $19,100 for 7 programs celebrating and supporting people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities

·      $ 32,550 for 14 sporting/recreational activities

·      $24,500 for 7 young children and family events

·      $29,100 of in-kind funding for 10 events on our beaches (also includes costs of barricades, garbage bins etc.)

·      $7,360 of in-kind funding for 9 Carols by Candlelight events (also includes hire of venue, barricades, garbage bins etc.)

·      $45,400 of in-kind funding for 13 projects to use Council halls and meeting rooms

·       $7,400 of in-kind funding for 7 programs to use our open space (excluding beaches)









Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 2:       A vibrant and diverse community.

Direction 2b:      Support the provision of services and facilities to meet the needs of our target groups and encourage and seek opportunities to expand appropriate community services.

Outcome 5:       Excellence in recreation and lifestyle opportunities.

Direction 5b:      A range of cultural, sporting and leisure activities.


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




In the past three years Council has provided funds through either the Community Partnerships or Cultural Grants Programs, totalling approximately $787,400. These funds were used to support 142 projects or programs where approximately 37,000 local residents received assistance or participated in planned cultural/community activities.


Therefore the Cultural Community Grants and Community Partnerships Grants Programs play an important role in providing financial support in meeting the needs of our vulnerable residents; as well as supporting creative and cultural events for our communities in general.  These outcomes demonstrate the Council’s commitment towards the creation of a vibrant and engaged community within Randwick City.




That Council receive and note the information contained in this report.







Community Services Committee                                                                             13 March 2012



Community Services Report No. C7/12



Subject:                  Council's Advisory Committee Minutes

Folder No:                   F2006/00216

Author:                   Gary Ella, Acting Coordinator Community Programs & Partnerships     




At the 10 March 2009 Community Services Committee Meeting, it was resolved that the minutes of the Advisory Committees are to be presented to the Community Services Committee.


This report brings together for Council’s acceptance, the minutes of previous meetings adopted by the respective Advisory Committees in February 2012




As scheduled, the Advisory Committees (listed below) has met and the minutes of the meeting, which reflect discussions and outcomes, are attached.


The minutes will also be available on Council’s website after each meeting. This report includes minutes from:


·      Access Advisory Committee - November 2011 (endorsed February 2012)

·      Multicultural Advisory Committee – July 2011 (endorsed February 2012 due to cancellation of September and December meetings)

·      Aboriginal Advisory Committee – September 2011 (endorsed in February 2012 due to cancellation of November meeting)


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome:  An informed and Engaged Community.

Direction:  Effective communication methods and technology are used to share

information and provide services.


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




The minutes of these Advisory Committee Meetings are now in order to be submitted to the Council for acknowledgement and acceptance.




That the Council acknowledges and accepts the minutes of the attached Advisory Committees.








Access Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - November 2011



Multicultural Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - July 2011



Aboriginal Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - Septmber 2011





Access Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - November 2011

Attachment 1




Randwick City Council Access Advisory Committee

Meeting held on Thursday 10 November 2011, at the

Randwick Room, Randwick Council.



Cr. Margaret Woodsmith      Randwick City Council

Frida Kitas                        Randwick City Council

Chris Donnellan                  Randwick City Council

Vince Bates                      Headeast

Anne Patterson                  Community Representative



Melinda Ross                     Sunnyfield

Cr.Tony Bowen                  Randwick City Council

Terry Fletcher                   Community Representative

Jessica Blair                      Community Representative

Andrew Blair                      Community Representative

Dianne Thian                     Community Representative

Phillip Sundstrom        Community Representative



1.      Minutes


The Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 13 October were confirmed.


2.      Business Arising from Previous Minutes


2.1    Disability Sport & Physical Activity Information Expo

Frida reported that the Disability Sport and Physical Activity Expo was a great success with over 300 people attending the event.  Service providers also indicated that the Expo should be held on an annual basis in the lead up to International Day. Sport and Recreation, Office of Communities are also in the process of compiling a disability sport directory for Eastern Sydney as an outcome of the Expo.


Action:  For noting.


3. New Business


3.1      World AIDS Day Events

Frida reported that Council has secured a Red Ribbon World AIDS Day Grant to hold an information session to celebrate 20 years of the Red Ribbon.  Breaking down Barriers: Red Ribbon Reflections will be held at Randwick Branch Library on Tuesday 29 November from 11am to 12.30pm.  Guest speakers from Positive Life NSW and Ankali will share their stories about living with HIV/AIDS and the people who care for them.  There will also be a DVD screening on how to become a volunteer with the Ankali Project.  Lunch will be provided and bookings are essential.

Breaking down Barriers is also supported by the HIV/AIDS and Related Programs Unit, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District.  Flyers and posters were tabled at meeting.


Action:  For information.


3.2      Twilight Concert Series

Frida provided an update on Bach in the Dark, the final Twilight Concert series featuring cellist Rachel Scott and harpist Genevieve Lang.  Bach in the Dark will be held at the Prince Henry Centre, 2 Coast Hospital Road, on Friday 19 November from 7pm to 8pm.  Bookings can be made at or 1300 306 776.  Posters and flyers were tabled at the meeting.


Action:  For information.


3.3      Free Play reading

The Committee was informed that Council will be hosting a free play reading of Joanna Murray-Smith’s The Gift from 1pm at Bowen Library Theatrette.  No bookings are required and afternoon tea will be provided.  The professionally moved play reading will be presented in partnership with The Actors’ Forum.  Flyers and posters were tabled at the meeting.


Action:  For information.


3.4    Coogee Family Fun Day

The Committee was informed that Council will be disseminating a range of information on available disability services and support in Eastern Sydney at Coogee Family Fun Day. Goldstein Reserve on Saturday 3 December 2011.  For further details visit       


Action: For information.


3.5    Access Issues

Anne reported that the Vodaphone building on the corner of Maroubra Road and Ferguson Street, Maroubra has recently been renovated but has three steps at the entrance of the building.  Vince also requested to know what the process is for residents to have the timing on traffic light changes extended to assist people with mobility impairments to cross the road with greater ease.


Action: Chris to investigate access issues at Vodaphone Maroubra and provide an update at the February meeting.  Frida to liaise with City Services in regards to request re changes to timing of traffic lights.


4. Information Share.


  Anne reported that The Junction Neighbourhood Centre will be running guided tours of Sculpture by the Sea for people with disabilities.  Transport options available.  Contact 9349 8200.


  Vince reported that the fishing program at Centennial Park for people with disabilities is continuing to have great success with clients.  Centennial Parklands and the Sports Fishing Association now provide adaptive equipment for people with physical impairments. 


  Frida tabled flyers at the meeting for the Lexington Busking Competition to be held on Saturday 19 November from 12pm to 2pm at Lexington Place.


5       Correspondence


6       Date of Next Meeting:  TBC.

Multicultural Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - July 2011

Attachment 2



Minutes of Meeting

Randwick City Council Multicultural Advisory Committee

Meeting held on 20 July 2011 at 5.15pm



Cr Bradley Hughes              Randwick City Council

Colin Rosenfeld                  Randwick City Council

Katherine Zhu                    Randwick City Council

Peter Schick                     Community Representative

George Varughese              Community Representative

Janet Timberg                   Community Representative

Jiabin Gao                               Community Representative



Rosa Loria                               Community Representative

Hendra Mulyanto                Community Representative

Vicki Boiles                              Community Representative


1.      Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 18 May were confirmed. Moved by Peter Schick and seconded by George Varughese. 


2.      Business Arising from Previous Minutes


2.1     Citizenship ceremony

The Committee was informed that the next citizenship ceremony will be held on Thursday 11 August. Committee members interested in attending the ceremony should contact Colin Rosenfeld who will organise an official invitation.


  Action: For noting



2.2   Overseas Sister Cities

The Committee was informed that a letter with an accompanying survey had been sent to the five schools that had initially expressed interest in the project. The survey responses will provide a progress report on the project from the schools’ perspective.

Randwick Boys High School had returned the survey indicating an interest in the school in Castellorizo in Greece. Brigidine College had withdrawn from the project.

Contact has also been made with Hangzhou in China to ascertain their position and identify what further needs to be done to progress this project.


Cr Hughes mentioned that the Chair of the La Perouse Museum was interested in helping with contacting Albi in France. It was noted that there had been no response to the two letters sent last year to the Mayor of Albi.


  Action: A progress report to be given to the next meeting.



2.3  Harmony Day Festival 2012

At the last meeting the proposal to hold the 2012 Harmony Day event

in conjunction with Spot Food and Film Festival was discussed. The benefits of combining the two events were noted: the festival has a very high profile, attracts a large audience and there are significant infrastructure cost savings. The festival  has clear multicultural aspects with food stalls and entertainment. The Committee reaffirmed the merits of the proposal but felt that a separate and smaller more focused Harmony Day activity should still be held, in addition to the Spot Festival to ensure the message of Harmony Day is adequately promoted. It was suggested that a multicultural arts and craft day could be held at one of council’s venues on a weekend, after the Spot Festival. The committee members offered to assist with this activity.


Action: The committee to consider details of the Harmony Day activity and finalise at next meeting.

A report will be sent to council to recommend that Harmony Day is included in the promotion of the Spot Festival.



2.4  New Community Representative 

Jiabin Gao was introduced and welcomed to the committee. Jiabin will fill the  vacancy for the international student representative position. Jiabin is undertaking his PHD in Chemistry at UNSW.


Action: For noting



2.5  Migrant Story Project 2011

Katherine Zhu gave a progress report on this project. A copy of the draft project  brief was tabled. Randwick Library Service will be developing the migrant story project from July to December 2011 in conjunction with Randwick TAFE’s Media Unit. Students will undertake to interview local residents who were migrants and record their stories on a DVD. Committee members are welcome to provide  contact details of residents who would be interested in the project, and will be provided with more details once the brief has been finalised with the TAFE.


Action: A progress report will be given at the next meeting



3.  New Business


3.1  NSW Community Relations Commission funding

At the last meeting, a report was given on the Commission’s Regional Consultation held in March 2011.  George Varughese pointed out that the Commission offers funding to councils for street festivals. Funding is provided by the CRC on the basis of $10,000 pa for 3 years if Council agrees to hold the event for five consecutive years and totally funds it for the additional 2 years.  It was noted that five consecutive years is a significant commitment and $10,000 pa would only partially fund a street festival.


Action: For discussion at the next meeting after further investigation


3.2  Multicultural Health Week

Katherine Zhu informed the meeting that the Library will be holding an event on 9 September at Bowen Library to coincide with Multicultural Health Week. It will involve a guest speaker discussing nutrition, launch of a multicultural cook book and a demonstration of healthy multicultural foods. 


Action: For information



3.3  Sydney Multicultural Community Services - Family Day

The Centre’s Settlement Worker with the support of council is planning an outdoor event in a local park in October. The activity will provide new settlers with information about emergency services, especially the police and include information stalls. A multicultural cook book is also being produced by centre’s clients.


Action: For noting


3.4  Learn about your Council

Colin Rosenfeld informed the Committee that Council will be holding an information session at the Town Hall for Russian speaking residents on 17 August. This activity aims to explain the role and services of council, and will be held in conjunction with Eastern Sydney Multicultural Access Project (ESMAP). It is anticipated that sessions will be held for other multicultural groups with interpreters. It is planned to include new settlers in this program from Sydney Multicultural Community Services in the future. 


 Action: For information


4.   Correspondence

  Community Mental Health Forum at 6.30pm on 3/8, Randwick Town Hall

  Performance by Nirmal Jena at Prince Henry Centre on  29 July at 7pm

  Randwick City Library Service, multicultural services brochure.

  Posters in 5 languages promoting  council’s multicultural website pages

  Council’s Local Government Week activities, 1-7 August  


Date of Next Meeting:

As Council will be nominating Councillor representatives for all Advisory Committees in September, it is anticipated that the next meeting will be held in October.  

Aboriginal Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - Septmber 2011

Attachment 3





Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee

Meeting 10.00am, 9 September 2011

Yarra Bay House, La Perouse


Present:              Cr Margaret Woodsmith – Randwick City Council

                       Karen Cooley – Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation         

Gary Ella – Randwick City Council (Chair & Minutes)

Barbara Keeley - Guriwal Respite & Transport

Liz Sinnott – La Perouse Public School

Gail Cooke – Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation

Chris Ingrey – La Perouse LALC (part of meeting)





Apologies:          Yvonne Simms – La Perouse Botany Bay Aboriginal Corporation

                       Cr Paul Tracey – Randwick City Council

Carrine Liddell – Lapa Youth Haven

Tracey Cooley – Break Through

Michael Ingrey – Lapa Youth Haven


Welcome to Country & Minute Silence: Conducted by Barbara Keeley


1.      Confirmation of Minutes


The minutes of the meeting held on 30 June 2011 were endorsed


Proposed: Liz Sinnott              Seconded: Karen Cooley


2.      Business arising from previous Minutes


          2.1    Reconciliation Australia:


Reconciliation Australia was unable to attend this meeting but have given a commitment to attend a meeting in the near future. Barbara suggested that we contact Reconciliation Australia through the chairperson of the NSW Council of Reconciliation.   


Action: Gary to invite Reconciliation Australia to attend a future meeting, possibly through NSW Council of Reconciliation.


          2.2    Queen Emma’s Grave Marking:


       Yvonne sent her apology for this meeting but it was understood that she had spoken with members of the Simms, Timbery and Beller families in regards to this issue and will report back at our next meeting.


Action: Yvonne to provide a progress report regarding work proposed on the Queen Emma grave site at the next meeting.


          2.3    Naming Points and La Perouse Suburb Sign:      


The La Perouse LALC requested a map from Council indicating the 5 geographical points in the La Perouse area that have been proposed to be named after Aboriginal families. Chris advised that the La Perouse LALC had discussed the suburb sign and had agreed the traditional Aboriginal name for the area ‘Guriwal’ should be included on the sign.


Action: Gary to advise Council of the La Perouse LALC’s agreement of the use of the name ‘Guriwal’ on the suburb sign and to provide the Land Council with a photographic map of the areas suggested for Aboriginal family names.



2.4      Installation of Flag Poles at Yarra Recreational Reserve:


Issues concerning the of installation of flag poles at Yarra Recreational Reserve were raised within Council following the 2011 NAIDOC celebrations at Bicentennial Park. Issues relating to protocols and ongoing maintenance needed further discussion prior to any recommendation going to Council. The Committee will recommend to Council that flag poles be erected at Yarra Recreational Reserve to enable the Australian and Aboriginal flags be flown when it is appropriate.   


Action:   Gary to report back to the Committee on procedural, protocol and maintenance issues at the next meeting.


2.5      Heritage Issues:


   Bowen Library staff have offered to assist La Perouse Public School with the   processes required to catalogue and save their historical material.


          Council‘s Heritage Officer advised that Council had approved a recommendation to   have the mural on Belmore Road re-painted.    


Action:   For noting.


          2.6     Memorial to Stolen Generations from La Perouse:


The proposed visit to the Memorial Park at Bomaderry has to be rescheduled. The visit will occur on either the 22 or 29 September 2011. The Committee recommends that Council considers a similar memorial be established in Randwick City.


Action: Sub-committee including Yvonne, Barbara, Cr Woodsmith and Gary to visit Bomaderry site on either 22 or 29 September.


            2.7 Frenchmans Bay Beach Sand Dunes:


Barbara has examined the Council Reports relating to the regeneration of the Frenchman’s Bay sand dunes. While not agreeing with all of the reports findings accepted the basis for the regeneration. Members of the Committee are still concerned with the anti-social behaviour occurring in the fenced off areas of the dune.


Action:   For noting.


2.8      Upgrade of Guriwal Bush Tucker Track:


            A draft Memorandum of Understanding has been prepared by Council for Guriwal      Aboriginal Corporation’s consideration.


Action: Council and Guriwal management to continue to negotiate final agreement.


2.9 Randwick City Banners:


Committee strongly supported the Randwick City Council proposal to fly Aboriginal designed banners around the City on appropriate occasions.


Action: Gary to follow-up with Council’s Communication Unit.


2.10         SAVE Update:


The Bicycle recycling project has been approved by the SAVE Working Group. Council is working with La Perouse LALC and Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation to get this project up and running as soon as possible. Council was advised to visit Campbelltown’s bike track as an example of a similar successful project and       approach RTA (Michelle Stewart or Nigel Robertson) to run cycling classes for Primary School children. 


Action: Council to continue discussions with community organisations and local businesses to get this project operating.


3.         New Business


3.1      LGAN Conference:


Gary Ella mentioned that he would be attending the Local Government Aboriginal Network conference in Dubbo on 13-15 September. Council agreed to support the attendance of Tracey to attend as the Committee’s representative but unfortunately she needed to withdraw at the last minute.


Action:   For noting.


3.2      LACACC Meeting:


Members of the Committee were encouraged to attend the Local Area Command Aboriginal Consultative Committee meeting on 12 September. There were a number of issues that were discussed including the perceived increase in crime statistics in the Maroubra / Matraville areas, problems associated with Face Book and young people, the proposed Drug Forum and the high turn-over of Police Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers.


Action:   For noting.


3.3      Randwick LEP Review:


The La Perouse LALC advised that it had met discussions with Council management on the Randwick LEP review. The Land Council requested Council to consider changes to zoning on Land Council land including two blocks on Elaroo Avenue, La Perouse. Chris  also stated a misleading information campaign is underway, with letters distributed to local residents, stating that the Land Council is going to sell off assets and leave some  Aboriginal families homeless. Under the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act the Land Council can not sell assets without membership and NSWALC approval.    


Action:   For noting.


3.4      La Perouse Community Alliance:


          The next La Perouse Community Alliance meeting was scheduled to take place on 15 September 2011.


Action:   For noting.


3.5      Lend Lease Volunteers Program:


          Committee members were advised that the Lend Lease Volunteers program would be taking place again on 14 – 15 September at La Perouse. Council would be assisting by making sure that vehicles had access to parts of the La Perouse Reserve and a green waste vehicle would available if required.


      Action:   For noting.


Next Meeting:  18 November 2011