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Works Committee                                                                                               11 October 2011














Works Committee Meeting


Notice is hereby given that a Works Committee Meeting of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick, on Tuesday, 11 October 2011 at 6:00pm.



Committee Members:           The Mayor (S Nash), Andrews, Belleli, Bowen, Hughes (Deputy Chairperson), Matson, Matthews (Chairperson), Notley-Smith, Procopiadis, Seng, Smith, Stevenson, Tracey, White and Woodsmith


Quorum:                           Eight (8) members


NOTE:    At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 28 September 2004, the Council resolved that the Works Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.


Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences 

Confirmation of the Minutes  

Works Committee Meeting - 13 September 2011

Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

Address of Committee by Members of the Public

Urgent Business

Works Reports

W33/11     Pioneer Park Flood Lighting

W34/11     Des Renford Aquatic Centre Multi Purpose Fitness Centre Project - Public Exhibition (Buildings for our Community)    

Notice of Rescission Motions






Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Works Committee                                                                                               11 October 2011



Works Report No. W33/11



Subject:                  Pioneer Park Flood Lighting

Folder No:                   F2004/06135

Author:                   George Bounassif, Co-ordinator Projects     




Council at its Ordinary Council meeting held on 24 May 2011, resolved (White/Andrews):


“That Council prepare a report on extending the lighting on the upper field at Pioneer Park.”


As part of the lighting assessment for the upper field, Council officers have also investigated the condition of the existing lighting located on the lower fields at Pioneer Park.


This report discusses the requirements and costs associated with extending the existing lighting to the upper fields and upgrading the lighting on the lower fields at Pioneer Park.




Council Officers have investigated extending the lighting on the upper field to address this issue. A design has been completed by consultants (Attachment 1) with the intention of lighting the western side of the field in accordance with AS 2560.2.3. This proposal ensures a consistent light spill over the entire field, making it suitable for training and utilise the amenities located near the car park off Anzac Parade. The design utilises two of the existing poles and the installation of two new 25m poles located on the western side of the field. The new poles compliment the existing pole heights located on the upper field.


The lower fields at Pioneer Park are currently being used by South Eastern Junior Rugby League. The current lighting status has been investigated and does not comply with AS 2560.2.3-2007 for Club Competition and Match Practice training (Attachment 2). A design proposal has been completed by Consultants (Attachment 1) with the intention of lighting the fields to comply with relevant Australian Standard. The proposal consists of replacing the existing five light poles with eight 25m high poles. The proposed lighting layout will ensure the fields are lit correctly and reduce the light spill into residential properties.


The proposed lighting extension will require a Development Application or Section 96 application to DA90/07. 


It is anticipated that work will be completed by the commencement of the 2012 winter sport season, subject to approvals.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 6:        A Liveable City.

Direction 6a:       Our public assets are planned, managed and funded to meet the community expectations and defined levels of service.

Financial impact statement


The cost of extending the lighting only on the upper field at Pioneer Park is $104,482.00.


The cost of upgrading the lighting only on the lower fields at Pioneer Park is $245,934.00.


The cost to undertake lighting upgrade one the lower fields and extending the upper field lighting in conjunction with one another is at a reduced combined cost of $342,200.00.


If approved, it is proposed to internally borrow funds from the infrastructure reserve to be paid back from the Capital Works Budget 2012-13.




The current lighting layout of the Pioneer Park upper field provides lighting to the eastern half of the field leaving a dark unusable area near the amenity and car parking facilities. It is proposed to utilise two of the existing poles and install two new 25m poles on the western side of the field to provide an even spread of light across the entire playing field.


Furthermore, an investigation into the existing lights located on the lower fields has found that they do not comply with the relevant Australian Standards for night training.  It is proposed to replace the five existing light poles with eight twenty five metre poles.


Any light spill into adjoining residential properties will be well below the Australian Standard maximum requirements. The proposal will require a Section 96 submission to DA/90/2007.


Work can be completed by the 2012 winter sport season subject to approvals.







a)     funds be internally borrowed from the infrastructure reserve fund to extend the lighting on the Pioneer Park upper field and the upgrade of the lighting on the Pioneer Park lower field.


b)     the borrowings be repaid from funds allocated in the 2012-13 Capital Works Budget.






Pioneer Park Proposed Lighting Design

Included under separate cover


Pioneer Park Lower Fields Existing Lighting Condition Report

Included under separate cover




Works Committee                                                                                               11 October 2011



Works Report No. W34/11



Subject:                  Des Renford Aquatic Centre Multi Purpose Fitness Centre Project - Public Exhibition (Buildings for our Community)

Folder No:                   PROJ/10574/2011

Author:                   Sarah  Harmston, Buildings for our Community Project Officer     




The Des Renford Aquatic Centre Indoor Multi-Purpose Fitness Facility Proposal was placed on public exhibition for a period of five (5) weeks from 15 August to 16 September 2011. Advertisements were placed in the local newspaper and local residents, sporting groups, precinct committees and chambers of commerce were advised of the exhibition. Exhibition information was placed on Council’s websites and at the Des Renford Aquatic Centre, Customer Service Centre and libraries.


The Council Report of 9 August 2011 details the project background, approval of the proposal, costing, funding and staging. This report provides details of the comments received during the public exhibition of the Proposal.




Consultation/Public Exhibition

The Proposal was on public exhibition for a period of 32 days (from 15 August until 16 September 2011).  Community consultation was developed in accordance with the Consultation Plan developed for the Proposal and the following was undertaken:


·           Media release, resulting a p3 article in the Southern Courier on August 16;

·           Randwick News in the Southern Courier on August 16;

·           Advertisement on the Randwick City Council website;

·           On line discussion forum on the ‘Your Say Randwick’ website;

·           Leaflet distribution to approximately 5000 surrounding residents;

·           Site displays at Des Renford Aquatic Centre, Customer Service Centre and  Randwick, Bowen and Malabar libraries;

·           Letters to parties previously involved with the Heffron Park Plan of Management;

·           Emails to sporting group patrons of the Des Renford Aquatic Centre;

·           Advise and presentations to Maroubra Central and Matraville Precinct Committees;

·           Emails to all precinct committees and chambers of commerce;

·           Onsite drop in sessions with Council representatives and consultant architect on 30 August and Council representatives on 13 September.


The five week public exhibition program attracted 368 respondents, 63.6% of whom were supportive of the Proposal. The bulk of responses came through on site feedback forms available at Des Renford Aquatic Centre.



A total of 368 submissions were received for the project, being through:


·           Respondent feedback forms - 338 submissions

·           Comments through the website forum - 23 submissions

·           Letters to the General Manager - 2 submissions

·           Emails to the General Manager - 5 submissions


The majority of feedback forms were received through the on-site display at Des Renford Aquatic Centre. Responses were provided only to those who wrote or emailed the General Manager regarding the project. Of these the Matraville Precinct Committee provided a written submission. Just under a third of the overall respondents (104 people) were interested in being updated on the Project as it progresses.


Of the responses received:


1.     234 people (63.6%) were positive towards the proposal;

2.     69 people (18.8%) were positive with some comments;

3.     33 people (8.9%) commented only regarding the pool facilities;

4.     32 people (8.7%) were negative towards the proposal.


A detailed summary of the submissions received during the public exhibition of the Proposal is provided in Attachment 1.



The main issues raised in association with the Proposal are listed below:




The pools should be upgraded, including providing shade, seating and BBQ facilities outside.

·      $2m spent in last 18 months upgrading filtration and re-surfacing the two indoor pools.

·      Gym potentially intended to be Stage 1 of works, potentially providing financial means to upgrade pools at a later date.

·      Shelter already planned for small outdoor pool.

·      Additional landscape elements for the outdoor pools may be considered if can be accommodated in the budget.


Amenities need to be better / bigger

·      Additional showers and a refurbishment will form part of the Development Application for this project.


Needs to have a designated drop off area

·      The entry part of the car park will be realigned to accommodate a drop off area in close proximity to the entrance of the Centre.


Cost of gym entry

·      The entry fees for the pool will remain unchanged (subject to CPI).

·      Membership for the gym will be comparable to commercial gyms.

·      Casual rates will be available

·      Concessions will be available.


Too many gyms in the area

·      DRAC offers the unique combination of pool and gym, with many people interested in using both.

·      Gym and pool offer a “one stop shop” for families and individual users.

·      Other gyms in the area are highly utilized.



·      Numbers increased already in the recent upgrade.

·      A traffic and parking assessment will be done by a consultant as part of the Development Application process.

·      The whole of Heffron Park is being upgraded, with additional parking as part of the upgrade.  This should ease the load on Des Renford Aquatic Centre.

·      Peak times for pool and gym is generally staggered, meaning the users will not all be there at once.

·      School carnival times occur only in February and the beginning of March, with smaller carnivals in December - parking will never be sufficient at these times.

·      A shuttle bus system from one of the other Heffron Park car parking areas may be considered for school carnival participants.

It’s a waste of money

·      There has been considerable support in the feedback so far for the facility.

·      A detailed financial assessment has been undertaken and endorsed by Council.

·      The building is in line with the role of Council in providing recreational and community facilities.

·      The building forms part of the Heffron Park Plan of Management – whole park approach.

Bulk, scale, height

·      The building is set back around 3m from the street to allow street planting.

·      Curved form minimises the bulk from the street and creates a generous landscaping zone.

·      Proposed ground floor level is lower than the ground level of the existing 2 storey admin building being demolished.

·      Height is comparable with existing building being demolished.

·      Flat roof minimises height.

·      Building location on the site is optimum as it maximises the open space available for the outdoor pools and maintains the existing carpark arrangement.


Privacy and sightlines to Robey St residences

·      Solid wall to Robey St

·      External shading will be designed to help prevent sightlines in a downward direction.

·      Views will be out, rather than down, especially as most users will be away from the windows.

·      Some of the ground floor rooms, e.g. Office and aerobics will have frosted glazing elements in the façade.

·      Curved building form allows for landscape screening.



·      Three noisy spaces will be aerobics room, spin room and crèche. Rest of gym generally low noise.

·      The noise from the crèche is similar in nature to that coming from the pools.

·      Aerobics and spin room will be built with acoustic treatment to minimise noise for the comfort of the people in the crèche and café, as well as those across the road.

·      An acoustic report will be part of the Development Application with design recommendations provided by an Acoustic Engineer.

·      The starting time for the complex is likely to remain unchanged from current conditions. 

·      Classes starting after 8pm are unpopular so spin and aerobics is not anticipated late in the evenings.


Sustainable design


·      Solar panels to be considered.

·      External screening designed to shade the glass walls during the summer months.

·      Atrium design maximizes natural light and ventilation to interiors.

·      Low embodied construction materials will be included in the design.

·      Rainwater harvesting and recycling will be integrated in the design.

·      Energy assessment will be part of design development.



The consultation process will impact on the design direction of the project.  The architect has been briefed to consider the following during the next stage of design development:


·           Increase the setback of the building to 3m to create a more generous landscaping area to the Robey Street façade.

·           Elements of the building such as the external screen system, the extent of translucent glazing and the landscaping in light of neighbours’ privacy concerns.

·           Requests for change tables, family change rooms and additional showers will be considered in the detailed design of the bathroom refurbishment and will form part of the Development Application.

·           Minimisation of noise spill from those gym spaces that generate noise, such as Spin and Aerobics, to surrounding areas both within and around the Des Renford Aquatic Centre.

·           Viability of solar panel integration to be investigated.


It should be noted that consideration also was given to the option of integrating glazing to the western side of the building as was raised at a briefing of Councillors held on 21 June 2011.  Because of the internal layout and function of the aerobics room and cardio area at this end of the building, glazing the western wall will not be an option.


Department of Local Government Review

It should be noted that Council has also prepared and submitted a Capital Expenditure Review outlining the revised project budget and outcome of the public exhibition to the Department of Local Government as per the guidelines issued pursuant to Section 23A of the Local Government Act 1993.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 3:        An informed and engaged community.

Direction 3a:       Effective communication methods and technology are used to share information and provide services.

Outcome 4:        Excellence in Urban Design and Development.

Direction 4a:       Improved design and sustainability across all development.

Outcome 5:        Excellence in recreation and lifestyle opportunities.

Direction 5b:       A range of sporting and leisure activities.


Financial impact statement


The cost of the project will be approximately $8.3 million. The cost of preparing the public exhibition for this project is approximately $10,000 and includes the design, printing and distribution of leaflets and signage, and the installation of the site displays.




The initial reaction to the upgrade proposal has been largely positive, especially among the users of the existing facility.  


A number of considerations have been made to address the comments raised in the public exhibition, with particular regard to the possible compromise to the privacy of Robey St residents. Once approved by Council, the project will proceed to the next stage with a Development Application submission.


Of the 365 submission received 82.4% were positive or positive with some comments towards the proposed Des Renford Aquatic Centre Multi-Purpose Fitness Centre.






That Council proceeds with design development and the preparation of a Development Application for the Des Renford Aquatic Centre Indoor Multi-Purpose Fitness Facility Proposal.






Des Renford Aquatic Centre - Public Exhibition Feedback Log - A3 Print Size

Included under separate cover