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Community Services Committee                                                                             9 August 2011














Community Services Committee


Notice is hereby given that a Community Services Committee of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick, on Tuesday, 9 August 2011 at 6:00pm.



Committee Members:           The Mayor (M Matson), Andrews, Belleli, Bowen, Hughes, Matthews, Nash, Notley-Smith, Procopiadis, Seng, Smith, Stevenson, Tracey (Deputy Chairperson), White and Woodsmith (Chairperson)


Quorum:                           Eight (8) members


NOTE:    At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 28 September 2004, the Council resolved that the Community Services Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.


Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences 

Confirmation of the Minutes  

Community Services Committee - 12 July 2011

Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

Address of Committee by Members of the Public

Urgent Business

Community Services Reports

C11/11      Council's Advisory Committee Minutes

C12/11      Seniors Christmas Concerts 2011 - change of venue

Library Report

L3/11        Donation of discarded library books     

Notice of Rescission Motions







Sima Truuvert

ACTING General Manager

Community Services Committee                                                                             9 August 2011



Community Services Report No. C11/11



Subject:                  Council's Advisory Committee Minutes

Folder No:                   F2006/00216

Author:                   Teresa Mok, Manager Community Planning & Development     




At the 10 March 2009 Community Services Committee it was resolved that the minutes of the Advisory Committees be presented to the Community Services Committee.


This report brings together for Council’s acceptance, the minutes of previous meetings adopted by the respective Advisory Committees during June and July 2011.




As scheduled, the Advisory Committees (listed below) have met and the minutes of the meeting, reflecting its discussions and outcomes, are attached.


These minutes will also be available on Council’s website after each meeting, and includes minutes from:


·           Aboriginal Advisory Committee – April 2011 (endorsed July 2011)

·           Aboriginal Advisory Committee – May 2011 (endorsed July 2011)

·           Access Advisory Committee – May 2011 (endorsed June 2011)

·           Multicultural Advisory Committee – May 2011 (endorsed July 2011)

·           Older Persons Advisory Committee – May 2011 (endorsed July 2011)


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 3:       An Informed and Engaged Community.

Direction 3a:      Effective communication methods and technology are used to share                        information and provide services.


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




It is recommended that Council acknowledges and accepts the minutes of the attached Advisory Committees.




That Council acknowledges and accepts the minutes of the following Advisory Committee meetings:


·           Aboriginal Advisory Committee – April 2011 (endorsed July 2011)         

·           Access Advisory Committee – May 2011 (endorsed June 2011)

·           Multicultural Advisory Committee – May 2011 (endorsed July 2011)

·           Older Persons Advisory Committee – May 2011 (endorsed July 2011)






Aboriginal Advisory Committee - April 2011



Access Advisory Committee - May 2011



Multicultural Advisory Committee - May 2011



Older Persons Advisory Committee - May 2011





Aboriginal Advisory Committee - April 2011

Attachment 1





Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee

 Meeting - 10.00am, 29 April 2011 

Yarra Bay House, La Perouse


Present:                    Cr Margaret Woodsmith – Randwick City Council

Cr Paul Tracey – Randwick City Council

Liz Sinnott – La Perouse Public School

Gail Cooke – Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation

Karen Cooley – Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation    

Gary Ella – Randwick City Council (Chair & Minutes)

Michael Ingrey– Lapa Youth Haven

Roslyn Field – La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council

Barbara Keeley - Guriwal Respite & Transport





Apologies:                Carrine Liddell – Lapa Youth Haven

Tracey Cooley – Break Through

Yvonne Simms – La Perouse Botany Bay Aboriginal Corporation


Acknowledgement of Country:     Conducted by Barbara Keeley


1.      Confirmation of Minutes


The minutes of the meeting held on 18 February 2010.


Proposed: Liz Sinnott              Seconded: Gail Cooke


        The Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee expressed their  appreciation for the hard work and generous assistance given by Shane Lowe over the last few years and sent their best wishes to him. 


2.      Business arising from previous minutes 19 November 2010


          2.1    Reconciliation Australia Presentation


Gary informed members that Ms Kerrie Nelson was no longer the Local Government contact person at Reconciliation Australia and that a new officer would be looking after Local Government issues including Reconciliation Action Plans. An invitation will be extended to the new officer for the next meeting with a view of facilitating the start of community consultations. 


Action: Gary Ella to extend an invitation to Reconciliation Australia for the next scheduled RCCAAC meeting.


          2.2    Queen Emma’s grave marking:


            Yvonne was to provide an update of her meetings but was unable to attend this     meeting.


Action: Gary to seek a progress report from Yvonne on Queen Emma’s grave.


2.3    Queen Emma Timbery Public Art Proposal:


Artwork for the Queen Emma project was in progress and would be launched during NAIDOC Week.


Action:  Gary Ella to keep the Committee up to date with the progress of this project.



          2.4    Naming Points and La Perouse Suburb Sign :     


Roslyn reported that the La Perouse LALC would discuss the issue of Naming Points and the La Perouse suburb sign at their next meeting on 12 May. The Committee sought further information on the work currently being undertaken at the Loop at La Perouse. Council’s information flyer had already been distributed to the community.


Action:  La Perouse LALC to advise Council on agreed names and design / wordage of the suburb sign and points. Gary would obtain and distribute more of the information flyers.


2.5      Installation of Flag Poles at Yarra Recreational Reserve and the Prince Henry Centre:


The Committee passed the following resolution: ‘The Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee strongly recommends to Randwick City Council that 3 flagpoles be installed at Yarra Recreational Reserve, Prince Henry Centre and Bicentennial Park.’ Proposed by Barbara Keeley and Seconded by Gail Cooke 3 poles would allow the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander flags to be flown together and appropriate times.


Action:   Gary Ella will continue to investigate possibility of installing flag poles at Prince Henry Community Centre, Yarra Recreational Reserve and Bicentennial Park.


2.6      Heritage Issues:


Gary to speak with Council’s Heritage Officer in regards to archiving old photos of La Perouse held by the La Perouse Public Primary School.


The mural on Belmore Road has been cleaned and is ready for ‘refreshment’ work.     


Action: Gary would speak with Council Heritage Officer about the old photographs of La Perouse on how they could be preserved. Gary Ella will keep members informed with progress on both projects.


2.7      Memorial to Stolen Generations from La Perouse:


Barbara suggested that members of the sub-committee visit the Bomaderry memorial site in the next couple of weeks to inspect the memorial site established by the Shoalhaven Council at the Bomaderry Children’s Home.   


Action:  Sub-committee including Yvonne Simms, Barbara Keeley, Cr Margaret Woodsmith and Gary Ella to be set up to investigate funding sources and support for this project. Gary to organise a suitable date to members to visit Bomaderry.


            2.8 Frenchmans Bay Beach Sand Dunes:


Additional Patrols of Frenchmans Bay was requested along with consideration of Life Saver activities. Although at the previous RCCAAC meeting Gary presented a report that explained the reasoning and methods used to cover the sand dune, committee members still expressed their continuing concerns with regeneration of vegetation on the sand dunes (too overgrown – harbours nudists and other suspect activity).


Action:  Gary Ella to look into possible Life Saver / Beach Patrol options and provide Barbara with a copy of the original Council report on the dunes.





2.9      Frenchmans Bay Reserve:


            Committee requested that additional seating and a water bubbler be installed along the    walking path along the park.


Action: Request to be forwarded to Council.


2.10    Upgrade of Guriwal Bush Tucker Track:


Karen advised that she had written to the General Manager requesting a meeting to discuss Guriwal Bush Tucker Track insurance and maintenance issues. Guriwal’s business plan for the Track has been submitted to Council.


Action: Gary Ella to check with General Manager’s office about the requested meeting.



2.11    Yarra Recreational Reserve:


Karen gave an update on the works being undertaken to renovate the facilities at Yarra Recreational Reserve ie. toilets have been renovated; notice boards installed; additional bollards installed; and plumbing upgraded. Extension of the shaded area is still being considered. There was minor concern that soap and paper dispensers were removed during the work and not replaced.


Action: Gary Ella to chase up shaded area and dispensers with Open Space Services.



3.      New Business


3.1      Randwick City banners:


Randwick City Council would like Aboriginal designed banners to be flown around the City on appropriate occasions and was seeking suggestions on suitable locations and if local artists were available to design banners. The committee suggested a number of locations: along the Loop; the junction of Anzac Parade and Bunnerong Road (know as the ‘Bundi’); near the Chinese Gardens on Bunnerong Road; Cann Park; and Bicentennial Park. It was also suggested that an art competition be held to design the banners with a couple of different categories for different banners. All agreed that Aboriginal designed banners should also be flown in all areas of Randwick City.


3.2      SAVE Update:


Robert Russell had been employed by Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation to coordinate the Community Garden project at Yarra Bay House and Stage 1 of the project – Clearing of the site, was complete. Stage 2 involves building of the garden beds and engaging the community.


The Bicycle recycling project was approved in principle by the SAVE Working Group but a site still needed to be approved. Roslyn indicated that the La Perouse LALC would support Yarra Bay House as an option. Committee requested that Cr Woodsmith and Gary seek Council assistance to transport spare outdoor furniture and outdoor sails from Randwick TAFE to Yarra Bay House.


3.3      Events


          A separate meeting was being organised to discuss community events for Reconciliation     and NAIDOC Weeks.     



3.4      Deadly Tots Program – Katrina Ross


Katrina Ross from Karitane gave a brief on the work she was doing on the Deadly Tots – ‘No Gammin’ project. The project is funded by Community Services NSW until August 2011 to research and develop resource material for Aboriginal families with very young children and Child Care centres.


To date Katrina has had difficulties accessing community based organisations in the La Perouse area and was seeking assistance. The project generally operated from the Bowen Library but staff spent most of their time speaking with community organisations. National Aboriginal Children’s Week is in August 2011 and Deadly Tots were hoping to launch their report at a function at Menai.  



Close Meeting: 12.00pm



Next Meeting:    June 2011

Access Advisory Committee - May 2011

Attachment 2





Randwick City Council Access Advisory Committee

Meeting held on Thursday 12 May, 11am at the

Randwick Room.



Cr.Margaret Woodsmith          Randwick City Council

Frida Kitas                              Randwick City Council

Chris Donnellan                       Randwick City Council Com

Vince Bates                            Headeast

Tess Protey                            Junction House

Andrew Blair                            Community Representative

Jessica Blair                            Community Representative



Melinda Ross                          Sunnyfield

Dianne Thian                            Community Representative

Terry Fletcher                         Community Representative    

Phillip Sundstrom                    Community Representative

Anne Patterson                               Community Representative


1.    Minutes


The Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 14 April were confirmed.


2.    Business Arising from Previous Minutes


2.1  The Memory Van – Alzheimer’s Australia

Frida tabled flyers for the Alzheimer’s Information Expo that will be held on Wednesday 8 June from 10am – 2pm, Level 3 Bowen Library and Community Centre.  The Information Expo is a free community event that has been organised in conjunction with Alzheimer’s Australia and the Eastern Sydney and City of Sydney Dementia Advisory Service.  A number of resources will be provided on the day to assist residents and visitors to access existing services and support in Eastern Sydney and surrounding areas.


Action:  For noting.


2.2  Access issues from previous meeting

The Committee was informed that repairs have been completed on the on the kerb ramps on Portland and Chicago Avenue Maroubra, Chicago Avenue and Beauchamp Road and Portland and Chicago Avenue on the North West corner. The request from the Committee to have access to Heffron Park, near the intersection of Jersey Road and Robey Street or near Des Renford Aquatic Centre will be addressed as part of the Heffron Park Master plan.  A shared pathway will be installed linking Fitzgerald Avenue and Jersey Road.  The footpath on Malabar Road opposite Tyrwhitt Street Maroubra has been regraded and returfed to improve access for wheelchair users. In addition, a stainless steel handrail has been installed on the retaining wall outside of the main entrance of the Prince Henry Centre to improve access for all members of the community.  Chris reported that the gradient on the pathway on the bridge between the housing development and the Randwick Community Centre is compliant and the area surrounding the Community Centre provides very good access. Jessica also reported that Council have pruned the bushes at Minneapolis Crescent, Maroubra as previously requested.  The Committee thanked city Services for their assistance with these matters.


Action:  For noting.


2.3 Randwick Twilight Concert series

Frida tabled flyers for Una Bella Voce, featuring Arabella Macpherson and Angela Lewis – a dynamic, classical vocal duet.  The third concert in the series will be held on Friday 20 May 2011 from 6pm – 8pm at the Prince Henry Centre, Little Bay.  Refreshments will be available for purchase.  Tickets are $11.60 including booking fee.  1300 306 776 or       


Action: For noting.


3. New Business

3.1    Randwick Community Partnerships Funding

The Committee was informed that Council is now inviting local non-profit community based organisations to apply for the next round of funding under Council’s Community Partnerships Funding Program.  The program aims to provide programs, projects and services which address the social needs of Randwick residents.  Applications close on Tuesday 24 May 2011.  An information kit and application form is available from Council’s website at or by phoning 9399 0677.


Action:  For noting.


3.2  Eastern Sydney Disability Sport Expo

The Committee was informed that Randwick Council in partnership with Sport & Recreation Communities NSW and Woollahra Council will be hosting the Eastern Sydney Disability Sport & Physical Activity Information Expo at Randwick Community Centre from 11am to 3pm on Saturday 5 November 2011.  The Expo is an opportunity to showcase sporting opportunities for people with a disability, their carers and family members and promote the benefits of increased community participation and healthy lifestyles.  The Expo also aims to increase awareness and access to information about existing services and support and recreational/sporting opportunities in Eastern Sydney and surrounding areas.


Action:  For noting.




3.3  Mental Health Forum

Frida provided Committee members with an update on the Community Mental Heath Forum that will be held in partnership with the Schizophrenia Fellowship NSW on Wednesday 3 August from 6.30pm – 8.30pm at Randwick Town Hall.  Guest speakers have been confirmed from Carers NSW, The Fellowship and Aftercare.  Council will also be promoting the Community Mental Health Forum as an event that will be held during Local Government Week.  Tess requested the details of the Forum be sent to Junction House to be promoted in their quarterly newsletter.


Action:  Frida to send details to Tess at Junction House.


4. Information Share

·     Tess reported that Junction House are preparing for a trip to Singapore in August for 12 clients and 3 staff members as well as preparing for their IDPWD ball.

·     Junction House are also looking at merging with another larger service provider within the next 12 months.

·     Vince reported that Headeast are also looking at merging with their sister organisation in Bankstown, an attendant care service to ensure continuity, strength and growth for their service.

·     Vince also reported that Centennial Parklands Foundation are running fishing workshops specifically for people with physical and intellectual disabilities to safely fish for carp in Centennial Park ponds.  The Sportfishing Association also have a dedicated accessible boat to take participants off-shore.  All equipment is supplied, for all enquiries about the program contact Tony Steiner on 9399 6699.


5     Correspondence

·     Accord, Autumn 2011

·     IDEAS NSW E-News Issue 18, 2011

·     PWD E-Bulletin Issue 67, 2011

·     The Newsletter of IDEAS May/June Edition.


6     Date of Next Meeting:  Thursday 9 June 2011



Multicultural Advisory Committee - May 2011

Attachment 3



Minutes of Meeting


Randwick City Council Multicultural Advisory Committee

Meeting held on 18 May 2011 at 5.15pm



Colin Rosenfeld                          Randwick City Council

Katherine Zhu                           Randwick City Council

Peter Schick                             Community Representative

George Varughese                      Community Representative

Rosa Loria                                         Community Representative

Patricia South                           Community Representative



Cr Bradley Hughes                      Randwick City Council

Cr Paul Tracey                           Randwick City Council                

Hendra Mulyanto                       Community Representative

Janet Timberg                           Community Representative

Vicki Boiles                                       Community Representative

Ellen Gore                                 Community Representative


1.      Minutes


The Minutes of the meeting held on 16 February were confirmed. Moved by Peter Schick and seconded by Katherine Zhu. 


2.      Business Arising from Previous Minutes


2.1     Citizenship ceremony

The Committee was reminded of the dates of ceremonies for the remainder of 2011. Citizenship Ceremonies will be held on; 9/6, 14/7, 11/8, 8/9, 6/10, 3/11, 1/12 and are held on in the Randwick Town Hall on Thursdays at 7pm. Committee members interested in attending the ceremony should contact Colin Rosenfeld who will organise an official invitation.


  Action: For noting



2.2    Overseas Sister Cities

The Committee had been previously informed that Hangzhou in China and Castellorizo in Greece were interested in the Overseas Sister Cities Schools’ Cultural Exchange Program.  There is only one small high school on the island of Castellorizo. A group of Randwick Girls High School had visited Albi in France and were welcomed by the Council but had no contact with any schools. There had been no response to two formal letters from the Mayor to Albi in France.


The point was made that priority should be given to addressing local issues and needs. Also, most schools in Randwick City were very multicultural with students who had recently arrived in Australia from overseas which could account for lack of interest in the program.  Colin Rosenfeld had contacted local schools that had expressed an interest in participating in the program to request feedback on the status of the program. In particular, details on what projects that they may be pursuing with schools in Hangzhou and Castellorizo. Randwick Boys High School were still interested in Castellorizo in Greece and Marcellin College were particularly interested in Hangzhou in China but had not received feedback from our contact in China. Colin Rosenfeld will make further contact with local Randwick schools and overseas contacts. Katherine Zhu agreed to look at contacts for International Schools in Hangzhou to overcome some of the language barriers.



Feedback be sought from the participating local schools and a further progress report be given to the next meeting.



 2.3   Cultural Celebration-Harmony Day Festival

The 2011 event had to be cancelled due to the inclement weather. Council officers were considering the viability of holding a combined Harmony Day cultural celebration with the 2012 Spot Food and Film Festival. The festival is very high profile, attracts a large audience and there are significant infrastructure cost savings. Also, the festival already has a multicultural component with food stalls and entertainment. The Committee saw merit in this proposal but expressed concern that the Harmony Day message could be lost or subsumed by the festival. Harmony Day occurs two weeks later than the festival. It was also suggested that a smaller multicultural event could be held for Harmony Day in the Randwick Town Hall. Alternatively, a focused and targeted project could be investigated rather than a cultural celebration to promote the Harmony Day message.


Action: For discussion at the next meeting


2.4  Community Representative Vacancy

A vacancy exists to fill the international student representative position. Colin Rosenfeld had contacted some of the applicants who had originally submitted an application to ascertain their interest. Some are still interested. It is anticipated that an offer will be made for a new representative to join the Committee and attend the next meeting


Action: The vacancy to be filled by an International Student and that they be invited to attend the next meeting 


2.5 Refugee Week

Sydney Multicultural Community Services and Council will hold a Refugee Week  event on Friday 24 June, from  6.30pm to 8.30pm in the 3rd floor  Bowen Library. Guest speakers and refugees will relate their experience and stories. Entertainment and light refreshments will be provided. The Committee supported this event.


Also, a national conference is being convened by UNSW Refugee Research Centre to be held on 15-17 June at UNSW. The conference will provide the opportunity to reflect on strengths and achievements of the Refugee Convention and protection system and also to consider what further action is needed to secure rights of refugees.


Action: For noting


3.  New Business


3.1 NSW Community Relations Commission ‘s regional consultation

The consultation organised by the Commission and convened by the Chairman of the Commission was held on 10 March at Bowen Library. It was suggested that next year the Commission approach Council to nominate suitable attendees in addition to those that the Commission invited of their own volition, to ensure fuller representation. Some of the issues raised at the consultation included:


·      The CRC consults widely on regular basis with focus on community harmony and partnerships.

·      Liaises with community language schools

·      Issue were raised about bad behaviour at La Perouse by car hoons.

·      Need for more access to affordable halls for cultural activities.

·      Indonesian community tend to help each other to solve problems especially gap between young and old.

·      Pacific Islander leaders want community to mix with other groups to learn from them especially how they are successful and integrated. Problem of labelling was noted. Need for cross cultural awareness and sharing. Leaders need to meet and share ideas.

·      CRC funds Street Festival, $10,000 pa for 3 years if Council agrees to hold the event for 5 years and fund for 2 years.

·      Rosa Loria raised the need for more working in schools and a multicultural policy to drive it.  Need to lobby for systemic research and  policy to have effect .

·      Latest CRC Act 2001 amended with policy reporting changes.

·      The CRC also has a project officer to work on issues facing international students.


It was noted that Rosa Loria, George Varughese and Colin Rosenfeld had attended the consultation by invitation.


Action: For noting


3.2 Migrant Story Project 2011

Randwick Library Service will be developing the migrant story project from July to December 2011 in conjunction with Randwick TAFE’s Media Unit. Students will undertake to interview local residents who were migrants and record their stories on a DVD. The project will provide a valuable resource that highlights the positive contribution of migrants to Australia and to Randwick City in particular. Committee members were encouraged to provide Colin Rosenfeld with contact details of residents who could be considered for this project. Committee members could also be suitable candidates. Colin Rosenfeld and Katherine Zhu will also be participating in the project.


Action: A progress report will be given at the next meeting



4.   Correspondence

·      Council’s new fact safety sheets on Apartment Security and Home Security.

·      Sydney Multicultural Community Services new Outreach Service for new settlers, Randwick Branch Library in the Royal Randwick Shopping Centre

·      Council’s new library service  multicultural services brochure



Date of Next Meeting:

Bowen Library Training Room, Level 2, Wednesday 20 July 2011 at 5.15pm

Older Persons Advisory Committee - May 2011

Attachment 4




Randwick City Council

Older Persons Reference Group

Meeting held on Wednesday 4 May 2011




Cr Margaret Woodsmith          Randwick City Council

Frida Kitas                              Randwick City Council

Shirley Smith                           Computer Pals

Linda Mearing                          Coast Centre for Seniors

Billee King                       Community Representative

George Gergely                      Community Representative

Susan McCann                        Division of General Practice

Ron Wood                                      National Seniors – Randwick Botany Branch

Anna Lipoma                          Sydney Multicultural Services



Keith Francis                           Community Representative

Sharon Blunt                           Randwick/Waverley Community Transport

Megan Bowyer                        Junction Neighbourhood Centre

Mike Cornell                            National Seniors – Randwick Botany Branch



1. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 6 April 2011 were confirmed.


2. Business Arising from Minutes


2.1    Therapeutic Gardening Workshop

Frida tabled the flyer for the Therapeutic Gardening Workshop at the meeting.  The workshop will be held on Saturday 18 June 2011 from 11am to 4pm at Council’s Community Nursery and is tailored to meet the needs of people with mobility impairments.  Due overwhelming demand, Council has organised another workshop for Saturday 16 July 2011.  Bookings are essential as places are limited.  Frida will table the flyers for the July workshop at the following meeting.


Action: Frida to table flyer for the July workshop at the following meeting.


2.2    Ignite Program

The Committee was informed that Ross Heathcote will be presenting the Heyday of the Jazz Scene in Sydney as part of the Ignite program of talks.  The talk will explore the work of acclaimed jazz musician and skilful photographer Ron Falzon, through the 1940s, 50 and 60s as he photographed the musical life surrounding him.  Presenter Ross Heathcote will journey back in time through Ron’s photographs and the music of the period. The talk will be held at Maroubra Seniors Centre from 10am, followed by morning tea.  Frida tabled flyers for the Ignite Program for the reminder of the year.


Action:  For noting.


2.3    Twilight Concert Series

Frida tabled flyers for Una Bella Voce at the meeting.  Arabella Macpherson and Angela Lewis, a dynamic, classical vocal duet will be supported by Jack Symonds, composer, conductor and accompanist.  Una Bella Voce will perform a wide range of repertoire including opera duets including Lakme’s Flower Deut.  The concert will be held on Friday 20 May from 6.30pm at The Prince Henry Centre. Bookings can be made at 1300 306 776 or at


Action:  For information


2.4  Access Issues

Billee thanked Council for their assistance with the removal of several bins on Brodie Ave outside the entrance of the Nursing and Medical Museum. 


Action:  For information.


3. General Business


3.1  Randwick Community Partnerships Funding

The Committee was informed that Council is now inviting local non-profit community based organisations to apply for the next round of funding under Council’s Community Partnerships Funding Program.  This program aims to provide programs, projects and services which address the social needs of Randwick residents.  Applications close on Tuesday 24 May 2011.  An information kit and application form is available from Council’s website at or by phoning 9399 0677.


Action:  For information.


3.2    Seniors Housing Online

Frida reported that Seniors Housing Online have requested that Council consider including a link to their website on Council’s Community Information Directory.  Seniors Housing Online is an independent national website and an effective resource to assist Senior’s and people with a disability to find retirement units and other specialist over 55 and aged care accommodation, including high needs care facilities, respite care and specialist dementia care in their local area. Seniors On-line are not affiliated with any aged care or retirement property providers and also offer rental accommodation.  Committee members agreed that having the link on Council’s website will meet a need in the community by providing greater accommodation options for Seniors and people with disabilities wishing to live in local area.


Action:  Frida to liaise with Seniors Housing Online in regards to this request.


3.3    Law Week

Frida reported that Council will be hosting an information session on Older People and the Law on Monday 16 May from 10.30am – 11.30am at Bowen Library and Community Centre.  The Information session will cover how to make financial, lifestyle and medical decisions when you can no longer do so.  The session will also explore your rights and what can be organised for your assets and living arrangements when you get older.  Vasso Tsolakis from Tsolakis Solicitors will provide information about older people and the law on the day.  Free, but bookings are essential on 9314 4888.  Frida tabled the flyer at the meeting.


Action:  For information.


Guest speaker:  Suzanne Williamson, Economic Development Officer Randwick Council

Suzanne presented a summary of the Randwick City Economic and Demographic Profile and tabled copies of the document at the meeting.  Suzanne also briefly spoke about the Matraville Town Centre Action Plan.  Committee members requested for copies of both documents to be electronically circulated with the minutes.  Frida thanked Suzanne on behalf of the Committee for attending the meeting.


Action:  Frida to email copies of the Economic and Demographic Profile and The Matraville Town Centre Action Plan with the minutes.


Information Share

·     Linda reported that the Coast Centre have a new management Committee and a new website

·     They also have a number of new members and classes, including yoga, a men’s exercise class and a Zumba Gold fitness program, specifically organised for the active older adult and other soft impact activities.

·     A six week cooking course has commenced at the Centre in conjunction with Mirrabooka and a new building has been constructed in Ewing and Pine Avenue.

·     Susan reported the Division are waiting for confirmation of funding to continue running their Aged Care Access Initiative in a number of low care facilities.

·     Shirley reported that Computer Pals have resumed classes and there are some vacancies still available.  Flyers for classes were tabled at the meeting.

·     Anna reported that Sydney Multicultural Community Services hosted their annual Multicultural Seniors Carnivale on Wednesday 23 March at The Prince Henry Centre, Little Bay - over 180 clients attended the event.

·     Ron reported that local actor and director Bill Conn will be a guest speaker at the National Seniors Randwick-Botany Branch meeting on May 9 at the Juniors, Kingsford at 10am.  For details phone 9661 3764.



·     SENC Newsletter Issues 24, 2011

·     CPSA THE Voice Newsletter, Issue 24


The meeting ended at 11.15am


Date of Next Meeting:  Wednesday 6 July 2011.

Community Services Committee                                                                             9 August 2011



Community Services Report No. C12/11



Subject:                  Seniors Christmas Concerts 2011 - change of venue

Folder No:                   F2010/00030

Author:                   Katie Griffith, Events Officer     




The Seniors Christmas functions are a popular community event staged by Council and attract up to 1,500 older persons.  Each year two concerts are held, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Held for many years, the events are well anticipated by the community with residents enquiring, as early as August, about the date of the end of year Christmas function. For many years at least one of the sessions was held at the Royal Randwick Racecourse.  Since 2007 both sessions of the Seniors Christmas concerts have been held in the Shannon Room at the Royal Randwick Racecourse.


Due to construction works in the Shannon Room, Council will not be able to hold this function at this venue.  The purpose of this report is to advise of the proposed venue for the 2011 Seniors Christmas functions.


Due to the large capacity that is required to hold the concerts the only other possible venue in the local area which provides a weather safe option, production and catering is South Sydney Juniors.




The Seniors Christmas function requires a venue with a seating capacity of approximately 600 people per session. The South Sydney Juniors’ auditorium has the second largest function room after the Shannon Room, and sits 560 people per session.  As it is also equipped to accommodate large audiences, it is proposed that the 2011 Senior Christmas Concerts be held there.


As in previous years the first concert would be held from 9am ending at 12noon and the second from 2pm ending at 5pm. 


Given that the seating capacity of South Sydney Juniors is less than at the Royal Randwick there is a possibility that the event will be booked out and some residents may miss out on securing a place at the function.  Late callers will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted by staff when places become vacant. It is proposed that seniors who have missed out on attending the Seniors Christmas functions will be sent a free ticket to see a movie at The Ritz Cinema. 


The date of Thursday 8 December has been tentatively booked with the South Sydney Juniors Club.  The club has supported this event in the past by providing $5000.00 in sponsorship.  The Club once again has agreed to this event by offering to waive the venue hire fees and also provide the audio visual equipment to be used as part of the Seniors Christmas functions without additional costs


As usual morning tea and afternoon tea catering will be provided and there is level access for people with limited mobility and people in wheelchairs.


Out There Productions have been engaged to produce the shows. The group has been involved with this event for the last two years and is listed in Council’s preferred suppliers list.


Once again the UNSW Regiment Band has been engaged to perform at the functions and provide orchestral backing for the entertainers.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome:  5. Excellence in recreation and lifestyle opportunities.

Direction:  5b. A range of cultural, sporting and leisure activities.


Financial impact statement


The cost of the Seniors Christmas functions will be covered by the Events annual budget.




The Seniors Christmas Function is an important and well anticipated event.  The morning and afternoon sessions held at the South Sydney Juniors auditorium will cater for a total of 1,120 older persons and will provide a good alternative venue in which to hold this event.




That the report be received and noted.







Community Services Committee                                                                             9 August 2011



Library Report No. L3/11



Subject:                  Donation of discarded library books

Folder No:                   F2004/08383

Author:                   Barbara Todes, Manager Library Services     




The library was approached by Diane Macdonald who collects books for an orphanage/school in Nepal run by the Chantal Mauduit Association   The 202 children are taught in both Nepalese and English and learning English offers the children a chance to work in tourism, the second largest employer in Nepal. They struggle to supply enough English books for children in the 5-15 year age range. Funding is provided entirely by donations and sponsorships.




The books that are to be donated are discarded books left over from the regular book sales run by the library.  These books are normally pulped if other Council approved charities do not want them. The most sustainable option would be to donate these books to a worthwhile cause, rather than pulp them.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 2c:     Strong partnership between the Council, Community groups & Government Agencies.

Outcome 10:     A Healthy Environment.

Direction 10d:    Sustainable alternative waste technologies and environmentally sound collection systems are identified and implemented.


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter. Diane Macdonald collects and transports the books to Nepal herself.




The donation of books to the orphanage/school run by the Chantal Mauduit Association is an opportunity for Council to support and educate children in a third world country and to show leadership in sustainability by reducing the number of discarded books pulped.




That Council support donating discarded library books to the Chantal Mauduit Association for use by their students in Nepal.





Translation of



Email from Diane Macdonald requesting books



Translation of

Attachment 1



Attachment 1


The Association

In 1998, Chantal Mauduit, renowned climber and his Sherpa friend, Ang Tsering, disappeared on the slopes of Dhaulagiri, one of the highest Himalayan peaks. To perpetuate the passion of Napel Chantal, his family founded an association to improve the lives of Nepalese children and especially their education.

After three years devoted to developing the project, the administrative procedures and obtaining government approvals Nepalese school Chantal Mauduit was opened in Kathmandu in May 2001. Today it supports 201 children. This support includes the schooling, accommodation, food, leisure and equipment, but the association also provides for children and regular medical care.


Schools in Kathmandu


Bound by convention to the Ministry of Education in Nepal, the school is housed in rented buildings in Patan, a suburb south of Kathmandu.


However, the area of ​​the buildings does not allow us to welcome new students. The association, in great demand by families desperate and without resources, supports children from villages deprived of schooling, or even orphans or street children.

That is why our organization has decided to expand its capacity and building a new school is now a priority. More than ever, your support is essential to ensure the realization of this project.

Funding is provided entirely by donations and sponsorships collected by the association in Paris.

Supervision of students is conducted by a team composed of Nepalese employed:


·    an executive director, Saru Bhetuwal

·    an education director

·    Teachers

·    Cooks

·    cleaning ladies

·    teacher internship, supported occasionally by volunteers French temporary assignments in school.

Email from Diane Macdonald requesting books

Attachment 2



From:                    on behalf of Diane Macdonald

Sent:                               Friday, 10 June 2011 9:00 AM

To:                                   Christine Howard

Subject:                         request for discarded books



Hi Christine,


I am involved with an orphanage and school in Kathmandu where they have little access to library books, especially those in English. We would be extremely grateful if Randwick Library had any discarded books that they would like to donate to the orphanage. Over 200 children will get immense pleasure from anything you can donate. All shipping to Nepal is taken care of by DHL.


Thank you. Every book is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,