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Tuesday 14 June 2011










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Community Services Committee                                                                               14 June 2011














Community Services Committee


Notice is hereby given that a Community Services Committee of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick, on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 at 6:00pm.



Committee Members:           The Mayor (M Matson), Andrews, Belleli, Bowen, Hughes, Matthews, Nash, Notley-Smith, Procopiadis, Seng, Smith, Stevenson, Tracey (Deputy Chairperson), White and Woodsmith (Chairperson)


Quorum:                           Eight (8) members


NOTE:    At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 28 September 2004, the Council resolved that the Community Services Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.


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Community Services Committee - 10 May 2011

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C9/11       Sports Committee Minutes

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Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Community Services Committee                                                                               14 June 2011



Community Services Report No. C9/11



Subject:                  Sports Committee Minutes

Folder No:                   F2005/00446

Author:                   Peter Stone, Manager Infrastructure Services     




The Sports Committee Minutes for the meeting held on 18 May 2011 are presented to the Community Services Committee.




As scheduled, the Sports Committee has met and the minutes of the meeting, which reflect discussions and outcomes, are attached.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 5:       Excellence in Recreation and Lifestyle Opportunities.

Direction 5a:      Maximise opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy both active and passive open space uses.


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




It is recommended that Council acknowledges and accepts the minutes of the Sports Committee meeting of 18 May 2011.





That the minutes of the Sports Committee Meeting held on 18 May 2011 be received and noted.






Sports Committee Minutes - May 2011





Sports Committee Minutes - May 2011

Attachment 1




Randwick City Council

Sports Committee

Meeting held on Wednesday 18 May 2011



Cr Alan White                          Councillor, Randwick City Council

David Shalhoub                       Randwick Junior Rugby

Marsden Auerbach                  Sydney Bowmen Archery Club

Theo Theol                             Eastern Suburbs Cycling

Colin Iremonger                      Eastern Suburbs Cycling

Stewart Ross                          Soccer Clubs Representatives

George Phillips                        Soccer Clubs Representatives

Daryl Trezise                          Eastern Suburbs Junior Baseball

Bill Anderson                           Randwick Petersham Cricket Club

Peter Devlin                            Randwick Petersham Cricket Club

Tony Lewis                             Randwick District Rugby Union

Robert Elliott                           Coogee Croquet Club

Jim Squadrito                         Queens Park Touch Association      

Dean Lance                            AFL

Peter Stone                            (Chairman) Randwick City Council

Jason Gaskin                          Randwick City Council

Trish McDonald-Harrison         Randwick City Council



Cr John Procopiadis                Councillor, Randwick City Council

Cr Kiel Smith                           Councillor, Randwick City Council

Michelle Dunn                          South Eastern Junior Cricket Assoc

Pat Martin                               Randwick Netball Association

Anne & Jeff Hardy                   South East Senior Oztag Assoc

John & Joanne Buckton           Randwick Botany Cycling Club

Vince Bell                                South East Oztag Junior Division


1.      Minutes


Minutes of the 16 February 2011 meeting were confirmed.


2.      Business Arising


2.1    Bardon Park


Councillor Alan White advised that the Bardon Park matter has been resolved. The Dolphins are training on the field; however some residents are still not pleased about it.


3.      General Business


3.1    PresentationAn Overview of Randwick City Council’s Sportfields/ Parks


Peter Stone presented the Sports Committee members with an Overview of the City’s Sportfields/Park. This was the same briefing recently given to Councillors. Some extracts from the presentation are below:


Generally, the summer season competition commences the 2nd week in September and runs until 2nd week in March. The winter competition season generally commences 1st week in April and ends in the last weekend in August. Sporting fields fall into the categories of: Regional Parks, District Parks and Neighbour Parks.


Schools in the City use parks free of charge.


To ensure safe and sustainable playing surfaces, a limit on the hours of use for organised sports activities is determined by Council officers through sports field inspections and monitoring of weather forecasts. Periods of wet weather can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the playing surfaces and hence, player safety.


Council Officers consider the following factors when determining field allocation:


·    Operational capacity, i.e. rest periods, conditions of the playing surface and the subsoil.

·     The intended use of the field.

·     Any proposed capital works during the season.

·     Previous use and whether terms and conditions of use have been met.

·     Conditions of development approvals.


For the 2010-11 financial year, Council allocated $1.27 million in its operating budget for sports field maintenance. The projected revenue is $187,606; hence the net cost is $1.08 Million.


Fields are classified as Class A, Class B and Class C and charged at an hourly rate, accordingly.  Rates compare favourably with other Council sporting facilities in the Sydney region.


The draft Sports field and associated Recreational Facilities Management Handbook was provided to Committee Members


Text Box: Action: Sports Committee members can to review the Handbook and advise Trish if there are any matters they would like clarified or included. Email:   Ph 9399 0697.

3.2    Wet Weather Sports Field Advice


Jason Gaskin said Council are going to be updating the status of field open/ closure information (when necessary) during the weekend. The decision can be made on Saturday or Sunday morning by 7.30. Sports Committee members said that it is important that the person responsible for telling the team whether or not the game is “on” or “off” receive the information before the general public. Otherwise, there can be confusion among team members.


Text Box: Action: Jason will arrange, if there is a need to change the “open” or “closed” status for sports fields on Saturday or Sunday, for it will be done by 7.30am. 
Sports representatives need to ensure they are set up to receive field status changes by text as soon as the status is changed on the web.

3.3    Winter Sports Season


Peter Stone advised that there will be no refunds given for wet weather.  This was confirmed in response to a query from Jim Squadrito of Queens Park Touch Association wanting a refund for wet weather.


The winter maintenance program is due to finish next week. A number of the grounds have received treatment to keep grass cover going to last as well as possible through the winter season.  The next round or field renovation will be at the end of August.


3.4    Line Marking Process


The initial line marking of fields is Council’s responsibility and this is done at the time the field is hired.  Thereafter, it is up to the Clubs to arrange their own line marking. Council will supply paint for the Club (or their contractor) to do the line marking.  Clubs who require a line marking machine arrange it through Jason Gaskin.  Sports representatives wish to share information about line marking contractors they use and asked Jason coordinate it.


4.      Text Box: Action: Jason Gaskin is to communicate which line marking contractors are being used by Sports committee members. Any Other Business


4.1    Upgrade of Chifley Fields


Daryl Trezise asked about the Chifley upgrade. Peter Stone said the dozers have begun work and the Chifley upgrade will cost $7m.  Baseball will be one of the Sports played.  Later, an Expression of Interest will go out so other sports may apply.  Peter said the cost of maintaining these fields will be a major additional cost to Council and maintenance options are still being assessed.


5.      Future Meeting Dates


5pm on Wednesday        17 August 2011

                            16 November 2011

                            15 February 2012


Text Box: Action: Sports Committee members to note in diaries.


The meeting ended at 6.20 pm