MINUTES OF Works Committee Meeting of the

Council of the City of Randwick HELD

ON Tuesday, 11 May 2010 AT 6:16pm




The Mayor, Councillor J Procopiadis (West Ward)


Central Ward                                        -  Councillors A Andrews, T Seng &

                                                             G Stevenson


East Ward                                            -  Councillors T Bowen & M Matson


North Ward                                           -  Councillors K Smith, P Tracey &

                                                             M Woodsmith


South Ward                                          - Councillors R Belleli, C Matthews (Chairperson) & A White (Deputy



West Ward                                           -  Councillors B Hughes (arrived 6.30pm)  


Officers present:


General Manager                                             Mr R Brownlee

Director City Services                                      Mr J  Frangoples

Director City Planning                                       Ms S Truuvert

Director Governance & Financial Services             Mr G Banting

Senior Administrative Coordinator                       Ms J Hartshorn

Media Officer                                                  Ms A Power


Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences 


Apologies were received from Crs Nash and Notley.


RESOLVED: (Belleli/Matson) that the apologies received from Crs Nash and Notely-Smith be accepted and leave of absence from the meeting be granted.


Confirmation of the Minutes


Confirmation of the Minutes of the Works Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 13 April 2010


RESOLUTION: (Belleli/Andrews) that the Minutes of the Works Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 13 April 2010 (copies of which were circulated to all Councillors) be and are hereby confirmed as a correct record of the proceedings of that meeting.


Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests



Address of Council by Members of the Public  



Urgent Business



The meeting was adjourned at 6.26pm and was resumed at 6.29pm.


Cr Hughes arrived at the meeting at this point (6.30pm).


Works Reports


W10/10    Works Report - Waste Management Strategy (F2004/07280)


RESOLUTION: (Belleli/Andrews) that Council:


a)     adopts Waste Management Strategy 2010 with defined actions to achieve 2014         municipal waste target.


b)     recognising the need for proper legislation to control the impending waste crisis         facing Sydney metropolitan Councils, urgently approach councils across Sydney         to request support for a campaign calling for the introduction of container         deposit legislation.


c)     the period to achieve the item ‘investigate and identify a sustainable method of         e-waste collection and recycling’ be set at 6 months, not 3 years (as currently         noted in the strategy).






RESOLUTION: (Andrews/Woodsmith) that:


a)     Council supports the installation of 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Areas within         the City of Randwick.


b)     the 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity areas be extended to include the hospitals         precinct in High Street, Randwick.


b)     the Local Traffic Committee be requested to review the incidents of pedestrian         and motor vehicle accidents in High Street and determine if the safety measures         at the pedestrian crossings are adequate.





W12/10    Works Report - Renaming of Frenchmans Bay Reserve - Consultation (F2004/06876)


RESOLUTION: (Andrews/White) that the report be received and noted.




Notice of Rescission Motions




The meeting closed at 6.38pm.

The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Works Committee Meeting of the Council of the City of Randwick held on Tuesday, 8 June 2010.