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Tuesday 13 April 2010










Administrative Centre 30 Frances Street Randwick 2031

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Community Services Committee

13 April 2010













Community Services Committee


Notice is hereby given that a Community Services Committee of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick, on Tuesday, 13 April 2010 at 6:00pm.



Committee Members:           The Mayor, J Procopiadis, Andrews, Belleli, Bowen, Hughes (Deputy Chairperson), Matson, Matthews, Nash, Notley-Smith, Seng, Smith, Stevenson, Tracey, White & Woodsmith (Chairperson)


Quorum:                           Eight (8) members


NOTE:    At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 28 September 2004, the Council resolved that the Community Services Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.


Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences 


Confirmation of the Minutes  

Community Services Committee - 9 March 2010


Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests


Address of Committee by Members of the Public


Urgent Business

Community Services Reports

C7/10       Council support for the Royal Womens Hospital Foundation.

C8/10       Council's Advisory Committee Minutes.

C9/10       University of New South Wales - Randwick City Council partnership support of International Students

C10/10      Art and Craft Market


Library Reports



Notice of Rescission Motions



Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Community Services Committee

13 April 2010




Community Services Report No. C7/10



Subject:                  Council support for the Royal Womens Hospital Foundation.

Folder No:                   F2006/00216

Author:                   Shane Lowe, Coordinator Community Programs and Partnerships     




Council officers met with a representative of the Royal Women’s Hospital Foundation in Randwick seeking reciprocal support to assist in highlighting the range of clinical and specialist service to women in Randwick City and New South Wales. In addition to jointly providing a range of community based projects and programs, the Hospital would like to seek support for its annual Mothers’ Day Royal Picnic at the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park.


This annual event which is on Sunday 9 May 2010 attracts over 12,000 people from the local area, of which a very high percentage is made up of young women and families. Council is invited to have a stall at the picnic and an invitation has been extended to the Mayor to speak, if available.


The Royal Women’s Hospital would like to display a banner to advertise the Mothers’ Day Royal Picnic at one of Council’s locations (Malabar Rd/Arden Street or Alison Rd near racecourse) from 2 May through to 9 May 2010. In addition, they have requested that links to the hospital’s website and a link to the Mothers’ Day website be included on Council’s website and that the event be promoted via the Mayor’s Column.




There will be no additional financial impact from assisting with promotion of the event on Council’s website or the provision of joint projects across the year; however, costings for the banners are as follows:


Application fee                                                                                $145.00

Installation and removal of one banner                                                $615.00

Hire of one banner poles @ $545.00 per week                                      $545.00 

Total:                                                                                         $1,305.00


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 2:       A vibrant and diverse community.

Direction 2b:             Enrich our range of community services that meet our community’s needs.


Financial impact statement


Should Council accept the report recommendation, the financial implication to Council is $1,305, which will be charged to the 2009-10 Community Programs and Partnerships families, women and children budget.





Council’s support of The Royal Hospital for Women will further strengthen the existing long term partnership between Council, Sydney Children’s Hospital and the Prince Of Wales Hospital, all of which are part of the South East Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service. The hospital provides a vital service to our local women and the community and Council should contribute towards such a worthy cause.




That Council supports the Royal Hospital for Women by promoting their annual activities in 2010 by:


a)     displaying their banner advertising the Mothers’ Day Royal Picnic at one location in the City from 2 to 9 May 2010;


b)     promoting the event on Council’s website; and


c)     providing joint programs and projects that meet the needs of women in         Randwick across the year.







Community Services Committee

13 April 2010




Community Services Report No. C8/10



Subject:                  Council's Advisory Committee Minutes.

Folder No:                   F2006/00216

Author:                   Shane Lowe, Coordinator Community Programs and Partnerships     




At the 10 March 2009 Community Services Committee it was resolved that the minutes of the Advisory Committees be presented to the Community Services Committee.




As scheduled, the Advisory Committees (listed below) have met and the minutes of each meeting, which reflect discussions and outcomes, are attached.


The minutes are also available on Council’s website.


This report includes minutes from:


·           Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee -  February 2010

·           Randwick City Council Access Advisory Committee – February 2010

·           Randwick City Council Cultural Advisory Committee – March 2010

·           Randwick City Council Multicultural Advisory Committee – February 2010


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome:  An Informed and Engaged Community.

Direction:  Effective communication methods and technology are used to share                        information and provide services.


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




It is recommended that Council acknowledges and accepts the minutes of Council’s Advisory Committees.




That Council acknowledges and accepts the minutes of the following Advisory Committee meetings:


·           Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee – 25 February 2010.

·           Randwick City Council Access Advisory Committee – 11 February 2010.

·           Randwick City Council Cultural Advisory Committee – 11 March 2010.

·           Randwick City Council Multicultural Advisory Committee – 17 February 2010.






Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee.  Meeting held on 25 February 2010.



Randwick City Council Access Advisory Committee.  Meeting held on 11 February 2010.



Randwick City Council Cultural Advisory Committee.  Meeting held on 11 March 2010.



Randwick City Council Multicultural Advisory Committee.  Meeting held on 17 February 2010.





Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee.  Meeting held on 25 February 2010.

Attachment 1





Randwick City Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee

Meeting held on 25 February  at Yarra Bay House

La Perouse



                   Councillor Margaret Woodsmith – Chairperson

               Karen Cooley – Manager – Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation

               Gail Cooke – Secretary - Guriwal Aboriginal Corporation

               Roslyn Field – A/ CEO- La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council

               Liz Sinnott – Principal – La Perouse Public School

Yvonne Simms – La Perouse / Botany Bay Aboriginal Corporation

Melinda Leves – Minute taker


Guests:     Laddie Timbery

John Cann

               Kerrie Walshaw – Randwick City Council


Apologies:          Barbara Keeley-Simms - Guriwal Respite & Transport


Due to guest presentations items were moved


3.5 Queen Emma Timbery Public Art Proposal by Laddie Timbery

·         Prior to discussion John Cann noted that he read the 150 years book by Pauline Curby and was disappointed that it did not mention the Cann family and the Snake Pit.

·         Prior to discussion Laddie wanted it noted that Queen Emma Timbery’s grave is not marked and he is concerned that it might be lost.  The Committee agreed with these concerns.

·         Laddie presented to the group some books on the area and a DVD of Memories of Jimmy Cook.

·         Laddie spoke about yarns that had been passed down in his family about Queen Emma and how/where she lived.  Laddie also spoke about his families’ extensive history of creating drawings and carvings in the area.

·         Laddie presented to the group a project from Cootamundra where an Aboriginal story was depicted in glass in a public place.  The Cootamundra project was very successful.  Laddie would like to create the same kind of project for La Perouse depicting the story of Queen Emma.

·         Laddie proposed that Dianne Berkely would complete the leadlight and Laddie would undertake the drawings.  Laddie would have discussions with Uncle Vic Simms about participation in the project.

·         Melinda noted RCC process for approval, report to Council on project, seek funding from State and Federal Government (there is no existing RCC funding for this project and it would have to be funded by external sources), identify site. 

·         The group agreed but wanted to ensure a process of approval by the Community.

Agreed Process

o   RCC report to Council.  If Council agrees with project -

o   Seek funding

If successful in funding – the process below needs to be followed

o   Laddie contracted

o   RCC to investigate site options

o   Laddie to develop concept artwork

o   Laddie to present artwork to Lands Council Board Members and RCC Aboriginal Advisory Committee members for feedback

o   Laddie to incorporate feedback into design

o   Final design submitted for approval

o   Artwork developed and installed in window


3.2 Buildings for our Community – building program and rates levy proposal – presentation by Kerrie Walshaw

·         Council is proposing a building program and building Levy to fund the works.

·         The report is currently on exhibition with the community.  Consultations will close end of March and a report providing a summary of the feedback from the community will to Council in April where a decision will be made as to whether Council will submit an application for the levy to the DLG and if so the extent of the building program.

·         The program will cost approximately $35 million over 7 years.  The funding will be used to renovate and upgrade existing buildings, build 3 new facilities at Kensington, Coogee and Maroubra and a youth facility in La Perouse/Chifley (site yet to be determined).  In addition a recreational facility will be built at the Chifley Sports Fields incorporating a skate park.

·         In the first year of the program the surf clubs will be renovated because of concrete cancer. The building program shows the planned activities over the seven years.

·         Items relating to the area include

o        Year 3 Chifley sports facilities

o        Year 4 Little Bay toilets

o        Year 5 The Loop toilets, new building replacing Matraville Youth and Cultural Hall, Bi-Centennial Park toilets, Yarra Oval toilets and upgrade lighting

o        Year 6/7 La Perouse/Chifley youth facility built

·         Roslyn noted it was disappointing that the building projects in the La Perouse area were so late in the program because children and young people desperately need some facilities in the area.  Kerrie noted the program may move around and encouraged people to note in their responses the preferred building time frame.

·         If Council resolve to endorse report must apply to State Government to get approval to enact the levy.

·         Yvonne spoke about hardship on Aboriginal people especially pensioners as this will mean an increase in rents.  Kerrie asked that people note these issues in their feedback to the consultations.

·         Council had conducted small focus groups with community members across the City with almost all agreeing that youth facilities were needed.  Kerrie acknowledged that only 1 member was Aboriginal. Roslyn suggested a targeted focus group for Aboriginal people. 

·         Kerrie agreed that a consultation could be held with Aboriginal people but would need to be held in March. 

·         The Building Development Levy media release and information was tabled at the meeting.


Action:    Roslyn to confirm date for consultation.  Melinda to confirm Kerrie’s availability and assist with promotion.


1:      Minutes:


          The minutes of the meeting held on 12 November were confirmed.

        Confirmed by Karen Cooley   seconded:  Gail Cooke


2:      Business arising from previous minutes:


2.1      Bins along Bush Tucker Track

·         Discussion regarding refuse left near the bench on the new remediated area and rubbish left along the track.  Discussed information received from Council including that a bin in an isolated area can attract vandals, rubbish can smell and attract problems including rodents and that it would be too difficult for collection therefore Council would not be installing bins along the track.  Guriwal officers felt this was an inadequate response.  After further discussion they requested that Council install a bin near the bench on the remediated site as people were sitting there, having picnics and leaving their rubbish, and bins be installed near both entrances to the track.

·         Karen and Gail noted that John Morse had requested a meeting with the G.M on 5th Feb and had not been contacted.  On 22 Feb John sent an email to Bettina Digby informing her they had requested a meeting with the GM in relation to the track. 


Action:    Investigate installation of bins on Frenchmans Bay reserve near the bench seat and at both entrances to the Bush Tucker Track.


2.2      RCC ATSI project officer position

·         Margaret read through the advertisement and the following list where the position had been advertised.

·         In addition Wayne had notified the group in the November meeting that the position was going to be advertised and had informed the La Perouse Aboriginal Interagency in November.

·         Yvonne noted that she had not seen the advertisement and some community members had also told her they hadn’t seen it because they didn’t have email or buy the papers.  There was a discussion about how to engage with these people because these were the usual forms of communication.  Yvonne asked that Committee have feedback on position and position description.   The group noted that the Committee does have some input as a Committee member is asked to be on the panel but that it is inappropriate for the Committee to have input into the role of the job as it is a Council position. 

·         Roslyn noted that she was the nominated person on the panel because she was a member of the Committee, had Government experience and extensive work history. 

·         It was noted however that Roslyn had withdrawn from the Panel because a relative had applied for the position and that Karen Cooley would be on the panel.

·         Discussion on Council employing more Aboriginal people.  Noted that Council do look at Aboriginal people when they apply.  The Committee added that Council could include ‘Aboriginal people are encouraged to apply’ to advertised positions.



2.1 Investigate rubbish bins near bench on remediated site and further discussion regarding bins near track entrances.

2.2  Request Council and HR add ‘Aboriginal people are encouraged to apply’ for all positions


3:      New Business:


3.2    Bollards along track

·         Guriwal requested Council re-install bollards on the remediated site side of the track as cars are getting in and some of the artworks are being damaged.  The bollards where removed when the remediation work was occurring.

·         Karen and Gail noted they were concerned about the build up of fire material along the track which could pose a fire hazard.  The Guriwal officers noted that Council needed to undertake fire reductions along the track.

·         Karen noted that some of the steel along the track pathway is coming away or buckling and posing a safety threat.



·         Council to install bollards on Frenchmans Bay side of the track.

·         Council to investigate safety issues including fire hazard and the steel siding on the path.

·         Council to investigate possibility of nominating contact person for works to be undertaken along the path.


3.3  Residents only parking in the Mission

·         Roslyn noted there was a discussion about this issue with the G.M. in December.  Ray noted that it was possible to have ‘Resident only parking’ signs.  The community has requested this happen as soon as possible because of the number of visitors to the area especially on the weekends.  Once the signs are installed the Ranger would need to patrol this area to ensure compliance.

·         Roslyn raised the communities need for speed humps on Goolagong and Murrong Place.  The community would like speed humps on both ends of these roads.



·         Council implement Resident Only Parking asap in the area known as the La Perouse Mission.

·         Council to investigate possibility of installing speed humps on Goolagong and Murrong Place.


3.4  Local Government Cultural Awards – Bush Tucker Track

Council has entered the track into the above awards.  Community members can vote for the project in the People's Choice Awards. (right click and open hyperlink or copy address and paste into your website browser).  Click on the People’s Choice awards in the top right hand corner.


General Business:


·         Jessie Stewart Broomfield fountain, La Perouse

Discussion regarding the placement of the fountain.  Background - The fountain was dismantled by a conservator in June 2009 to avoid damage because of the Energy Australia cabling project currently being undertaken on the La Perouse peninsula fountain.  The fountain was originally erected by Council in 1941, within the area of the former tram loop.  Council has been investigating the options and would like to place the fountain near to its original site, southern corner of Cann Park, adjacent to the start of the track down to Congwong Beach.

The issue had been taken to the Lands Council Culture and Heritage Sub Committee who had noted that the fountain was a watering spot for dogs.  The group could did not agree for its placement near the walkway to Congwong Beach.


The Advisory Committee agreed that Bicentennial Park would be a good spot for the fountain and that a plaque could be added ‘All Mirris (dogs) welcome’.


·         Naming of Points/Reserves – Recognising the 5 original families


·         The Lands Council wanted to acknowledge and thank Council for the contribution of plants for the beautification of Yarra Bay House.


·         Karen noted that there is no flag pole outside the new Prince Henry Community Centre.  There was a discussion of Flag Pole Protocol and that this should be followed as to how many poles/flags there are.  It was noted that there are smaller poles with both the Aboriginal flag and Australian Flag inside the centre.


·         Gail requested the installation of a flag pole at Yarra Oval.  The Football club proposes at time of death in community to fly the flag at half mast rather than minute of silence.  The flag will only be flown at these times and cultural events on the grounds.


·         Yvonne noted erosion concern near Frenchmans Bay remediated site and that more clean ups are required because the tractor doesn’t go past the break wall.  Gail noted that erosion has been a problem for a long time and that’s why the housing was moved up the hill.


·         Is there a La Perouse suburb sign?  It was noted the signs exist for every other suburb but no-one know if there was a La Perouse sign.


·         Liz – La Perouse Public School – thanks to Randwick Council for assistance with the Harmony Garden work.  The garden looks great and the kids are very proud.  Kitchenette in the multipurpose hall is being built as part of the Federal Government’s Building Education Revolution program.  School anticipates holding ceremony when complete.  Liz noted that Kool Kids program was on Stateline on Friday and that the program has now received funding for another year.  South Cares (players) are providing in class support to students.  If students complete their work they might have time to play outside with the players.  The program is running in a number of schools including Matraville Sports High.


·         La Perouse Lands Council – Roslyn wanted to officially thank Council for the 150years book presented to the Council.  Roslyn did note that it was disappointing that the Cann family are not included, having been a part of the community with the Snake Pit for over 100 years.



·         La Perouse Lands Council to discuss and finalise family names for the naming of points in the area.

·         Council to investigate possibility of installing flag poles at Prince Henry Community Centre.

·         Council to investigate possibility of installing flag poles at Yarra Oval.

·         Council to investigate whether there is a La Perouse suburb sign.


Close Meeting:


          Before the meeting closed there was a discussion regarding date for next meeting.  It was agreed that the new worker would make contact with the agencies and agree on a date.


          Meeting closed at 12:00 pm.



Randwick City Council Access Advisory Committee.  Meeting held on 11 February 2010.

Attachment 2





Randwick City Council Access Advisory Committee

Meeting held on 11 February 2010, 11am at the

Randwick Room.



Cr. Margaret Woodsmith              Randwick City Council

Frida Kitas                                Randwick City Council

Chris Donnellan                          Randwick City Council

Terry Fletcher                           Community Representative

Vince Bates                              Headeast

Mai Rose                                  Community Representative

Andrew Blair                             Community Representative

Jessica Blair                              Community Representative



Melinda Ross                             Sunnyfield

Tess Protey                              Junction House

Dianne Thian                             Community Representative

Phillip Sundstrum                Community Representative

Anne Patterson                         Community Representative


1.      Minutes


The Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 8 October were confirmed.


2.      Business Arising from Previous Minutes


2.1    International Day of People with a Disability (IDPWD)

Frida reported that the Disability Sport and Physical Activity Information Expo held on Saturday November 14 at the Randwick Community Centre was well attended.   Council distributed over 800 Disability Information packs at Coogee Family Fun Day on Saturday 5 December at Goldstein Reserve. In addition, a Masquerade Ball was held at the Prince Henry Community Centre, Little Bay on the 21 November for people with a disability over the age of 18 and their family and carers.  The Ball was attended by over 180 people.  This local community event was organised in partnership with Junction House and Holdsworth Community Centre & Services.


Action:  For Information.


2.2    World AIDS Day Campaign

Frida reported that Council raised over $700 on the behalf of South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Health Services (SESIAHS) for World AIDS Day (December 1).  All proceeds raised were donated to the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation to support HIV positive people living in NSW who do not have access to Medicare Cards.  In addition, Council screened the documentary The Great Granny Revolution at the Ritz Cinema on November 15, to raise funds and awareness about HIV AIDS.  The event was supported by the International Women’s Right Project and funds raised from the evening were donated to the Great Granny Project. 


Action  For Information.


2.3      RCC Website

The Committee was informed that Hotels Combined Accessible hotels link has been listed under the LINCS Community Directory on Council’s website.


Action:  For Noting.


2.4    Access Issues from previous meeting

The Committee was informed that work has been undertaken to repair the uneven footpath sections at New Orleans Crescent, Maroubra.  The two missing kerb ramps at Sims Grove, South Maroubra have been scheduled to be replaced. A kerb ramp will be installed at 2 Coast Hospital Road to improve access to the Prince Henry Community Centre at Little Bay for all members of the community.


Frida reported that the disability parking spots at the Level 2 entry point at Westfield Eastgardens were relocated, due to the number of complaints from patrons whose vehicles were damaged by trolleys left in the dedicated trolley bay.  Committee members discussed the relocation of the accessible parking spots at length.  Frida will follow this matter up with Joan Hume and Alex Mateski, Facilities Manager, Westfield.


Alex Mateski has also responded to the Committee’s request for additional signage to be installed indicating patrons can access the Centre via the lift at the Office Tower Block, situated on Level 2.  Westfield will be undertaking a full review of all of their car park signage in 2010 and will include this request as part of the review.  Westfield will also be reviewing all physical entry points into the Shopping Centre. 


Terry also asked when work will be undertaken on Frenchmans Road and Kemmis Street, Randwick, as identified in the North Ward Streetscape access audit.


Action:  Frida to liaise with Joan Hume, Alex Mateski and City Services in regards to the relocation of the disability parking spots at Westfield Eastgardens and request for footpath upgrades at Frenchmans Road & Kemmis Street, North Randwick.


3.      New Business:


3.1    Randwick City Council Cultural Grants Program

Frida reported that Council is inviting residents and locally based community groups and not for profit organisations to apply for funding under Council’s Cultural Community Grants Program.  Applications for the first founding round will close on Monday 1 March.  Closing date for the second round will be on Monday 23 August.  Information kits and application forms are available on Council’s website.


Action:  For noting.


3.2      Randwick City Council Draft Social Inclusion Plan

The Committee was informed that Council’s draft Social Plan “An Inclusive Randwick City” will be on public exhibition until Friday 26 February.  An Inclusive Randwick City is a draft 10 year social inclusion plan which aims to develop opportunities for residents to be actively involved in community life.  It focuses on people who experience social disadvantage and will also benefit members of the broader community.  To provide comment on any of the proposed actions and strategies of the plan, please contact David Briant, Council’s Senior Social Planner on 9399 0994 or email  Copies of the plan were electronically circulated to Committee members.


Action: For noting.


3.3      Disability Surfing Day

Frida reported that she has been liaising with Gary Blaschke, President of the Disabled Surfers Association in regards to holding a Surfing Day at South Maroubra Beach in the lead up to International Day of People with a Disability.  The Surfing Day will be open to people with a range of disabilities.  Gary will be invited to a Committee meeting to speak about the event in more detail.


Action: Frida to invite Gary to attend the Access Committee meeting as a guest speaker.


3.4      International Women’s Day

Council are inviting participants to contribute to Council’s 6th International Women’s Day Art Competition and Exhibition.  The competition is open to all females over 12 years of age, living, studying or working in Randwick City.  Art work may be of any medium.  All entries must be delivered to the Randwick Community Centre, 27 Munda Street, Randwick on Monday 1 March between 10am and 6pm.  An awards ceremony will be held on Saturday 6 March from 10am to 1 noon at Randwick Community Centre.  The exhibition will be open to the public for viewing from Tuesday 9 March, 2-5pm, Wednesday 10 March, 4-6pm and Thursday 11 March from 12.30 – 4pm at Randwick Community Centre. Entry forms and guidelines were tabled at the meeting


Action:  For Noting


3.5      Seniors Week 2010

Frida reported that Council will be running a series of workshops and activities to celebrate Seniors Week (March 21 - 28).  A Therapeutic Gardening Workshop will be held at Council’s Community Nursery on Saturday 20 March from 11am to 2pm.  An Evening Tour of the Prince Henry Hospital Nursing and Medical Museum will be held on Wednesday 24 March from 6pm to 8pm at the Nursing and Medical Museum, 2 Brodie Avenue, Little Bay.  A Playwriting and Performance Workshop will be held on 10 April from 10am to 4pm at Bowen Library & Community Centre. Registrations are essential.  Council will also be supporting Eastern Sydney Multicultural Access Project to run a series of healthy living workshops for older people and carers from Non-English backgrounds.


Action:  Frida to circulate flyers to Committee members.


3.6      ADHC Client & Carer Forums

In 2010, Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) Metro South Region is hosting nine Client & Carer Forums (Information Exchanges) for clients, families and their carers.  These Forums also provide an opportunity for ADHC to keep you up to date on regional developments. Registrations can be lodged by contacting Clayton Freeman at or 9334 3732.  Frida previously circulated information about the Forums.


Action:  For noting.


4.         Information Share

·         Vince reported that Headeast are planning to hold an event at South Maroubra Skate Park during Acquired Brian Injury Week in August, with the aim of promoting safety for youth.  They are also planning to hold a series of photography workshops for clients culminating in an exhibition.


5       Correspondence

·         Newsletter of IDEAS November/December 2009

·         Newsletter of IDEAS January/February 2010

·         Randwick/Waverley Community Transport Newsletter

·         Autism Spectrum Disorders Newsletter Vol 19

·         TAD Journal, January 2010

·         Woollahra Access Advisory Committee December Minutes


6       Date of Next Meeting:

To be held on Thursday 11 March from 10am to 11.30am, Randwick Room.



Randwick City Council Cultural Advisory Committee.  Meeting held on 11 March 2010.

Attachment 3





Randwick City Council Cultural Advisory Committee

Meeting held on 11 March 2010, 6.30pm at

Randwick Library




Cr. Margaret Woodsmith              Randwick City Council

Scott O’Hara                             Community member (Manager,                                                                   Sutherland Entertainment Cent)

Eileen Slarke                             Artist, educator

Catherine De Lorenzo                  Art Historian, Lecturer UNSW

Barry Watterson                        Spot Film Festival

Avril Jeans                                Randwick City Council

Teresa Mok                              Randwick City Council

Barbara Todes                           Randwick City Council



Cr Bruce Notley-Smith                 Randwick City Council

Mark Gaal                                 Artistic Associate Open Program, NIDA

Roxanne Fea                             Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation

David Briant                              Randwick City Council

Lindy Morrison                           Community Musician

Cr Procopiadis                           Randwick City Council

Annette Madden                        B Sharpe Theatre Director

Jaqua Heddle                            Manager Prince Henry Centre



Rick Shapter                             Heritage Consultant


1.      Minutes


Previous minutes confirmed


2.      Business Arising from Previous Minutes


2.1 Barry Watterson attended the meeting.


2.2 Roxanne Fea was not in attendance and unable to provide information about the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation’s agreement with Sculptures by the Sea to borrow art for the hospital



  Action: Roxanne will be invited to provide information about Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation’s agreement with Sculptures by the Sea to borrow art for the hospital at the next meeting.



3.      New Business:


3.1    Pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests

Barry Watterson declared a non-pecuniary interest in the Coogee Art Festival and an interest in the Australian Film Festival which he runs in the Randwick LGA


  Action: Noted



3.2      Introduction of Jaqua Heddle Manager of the Prince Henry Centre

Jaqua Heddle was unable to attend this meeting and sent her apologies. She will try to be available for the next meeting



  Action: Extend an invitation to Jaqua to attend the next meeting.



3.3      Council Resolutions – Arts and Crafts Fair and fashion show at Prince Henry Centre

Actions arising from the resolutions:

·         A working group of Councillors has been nominated and will meet later in the month.


Discussion about the Film Festival included:

·         Awareness of the difficulty and cost involved in curating a film festival

·         Logistics: How to screen? Outside? Inside? Would people come? Explore the logistics, cost benefits and operability

·         Scott O’Hara has experience with film festivals and ran a niche film festival monthly at Homebush Bay, screening European Cinema classics which were not generally available. Outdoor setup can be expensive and the cost varies. Distribution companies won’t give new releases. Sutherland runs monthly film nights and screens films other than those shown at local cinemas. Intermission with cut lunch and refreshment is included in the price. Popular with the seniors, up to 600 attending at $9 or $7 with seniors card

·         Make film festival relevant to location e.g. indigenous film festival

·         Sydney City Council runs senior’s week film festival of classics

·         Barry Watterson screened Happy Feet at Clovelly which was very popular

·         Suggest ‘dip toe in water’ with a short festival of two films. Budget for drapery and resolve technical issues. Bus schools in

·         Look for the unique. Film festivals are usually themed e.g. International indigenous festival. Budget to appoint a curator or look for partnerships that have those abilities/connections. National Indigenous TV (NITV)? Pacific Arts Association? Is there a Pacific film festival? La Perouse has a cultural committee at Matraville High School. It may b possible to engage them.

Art and Craft Market

·         Prince Henry Centre lends itself to participation based activities

·         Women’s Day Art Show is in it’s fifth year and includes workshops

·         Art Market could include sketch clubs, life drawing and master classes

·         Randwick Cultural Grants 2010 included 3 applications from community art groups for exhibitions and other activities

·         Consider running focus groups to ascertain what events and activities the community wants in community centres



  Action: For noting



3.4      Updates of projects in progress

Draft Public Art Policy

Teresa Mok is working on the draft Public Art Policy. Finalisation is delayed due to potential outcomes of the Building Levy consultation.


The Alison Park public art project

The Alison Park public art project is still in negotiation concerning the cost of fabrication and installation. It is understood that the budget has exceeded the estimated figure. Scott O’Hara has suggested consulting with Tom Sita of Terragram regarding their budget as Terragram is a reputable business and will be able to respond to any questions. Scott O’Hara was one of the three judges on the selection panel. Margaret assured the panel that the project would go ahead as soon as a budget could be allocated.  

Balnaves expression of interest

Randwick Council’s expression of interest was short listed and a site visit by Balnaves and Sculpture by the Sea is scheduled for the second week of April. The working group which produced the EOI will continue to plan for the site visit. Scott O’Hara and Eileen Slarke have offered to lend their expertise on the site visit. A range of factors to consider in continuing the application include:

·         Longevity of the works in construction and design

·         Consider the mission of Balnaves with reference to the grant

·         Endeavour to ensure Australian art is represented



  Action: Teresa Mok will finalise the Public Art Policy for reporting to Council.


Avril Jeans will continue to facilitate the Balnaves EOI project.



3.5      Randwick Literary Award

The Randwick Literary Award is progressing and all judges have been nominated. The judges are: Margaret Bradstock – poet and academic, Irina Dunn – author and publisher and Murray Waldron – author and previous literary editor of the Australia. Draft guidelines and entry form have been completed. Confirmation letters will be sent shortly and the award will be launched in early April.



  Action: For noting



3.6      General Business

Randwick History book released

Randwick City Council’s history book, Randwick, by Pauline Curby was shortlisted in the 58th annual Australian Publishing Association’s Book Design Awards 2010. The book was published by council in 2009 to celebrate our 150th anniversary. It has also been entered into the LGSA cultural awards.



  Action: For noting



3.7      Coogee Arts Festival and International Film Festival – Barry Watterson

Coogee Arts Festival and the International Film Festival are staged by Barry Watterson. In previous years Coogee Arts Festival ran for 1 month every February and staged 13 events. The festival, this year,  has ceased due to lack of development funding although the film festival was salvaged and is now staged at the Ritz.  Council also holds The Spot Food Festival to compliment this event.  The walk of fame inductees for 2010 were Steve Bisley and Claudia Karvan. Rachel Ward also attended. The film screened was Mad Max and some audience travelled from Melbourne to attend. Barry says he has personally funded the Australian Film Festival. Although the two events are separate from each other, holding them at the same time produces good outcomes and brings community to the event.  Teresa Mok explained to the committees the Spot Food Festival and the Australian Film Festival were two events held on the same day. Funding may be available from Tourism NSW.



  Action: Contact Tourism NSW for funding.


3.8      Research on artists and multidisciplinary projects – Catherine De Lorenzo

Catherine has suggested that Council may want to consider the following two offers:

·         It may be possible to conduct research on local artists for the Dictionary of Artists online and for possible peer review. A letter could be sent to local artists with a view to inviting them to be researched.

·         Collaborative studies are conducted by the school of the Built Environment and COFA and other faculties to examine the viabilities of urban sites. They may include architectural landscape, public art or urban design.



  Action: Avril will follow up




·         Balnave Foundations letter


5.      Date of Next Meeting: To be confirmed







Randwick City Council Multidulctural Advisory Committee.  Meeting held on 17 February 2010.

Attachment 4





Randwick City Council Multicultural Advisory Committee

Meeting held on 17 February 2010 at 5.15pm




Cr Bradley Hughes (Chair)            Randwick City Council

Colin Rosenfeld                          Randwick City Council

Janet Timberg                           Community Representative

Vicki Boiles                                       Community Representative

Patricia South                           Community Representative

Rosa Loria                                        Community Representative

Katherine Zhu                          Randwick City Council

George Varughese                      Community Representative

David Briant                              Community Representative



Cr Anthony Andrews                   Randwick City Council

Ellen Gore                                 Community Representative

Peter Schick                             Community Representative

Nadia Arrage                             Community Representative



1.      Minutes


The Minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2009 were confirmed.


2.      Business Arising from Previous Minutes


2.1 Citizenship ceremony

The next Citizenship Ceremony will be held on 4 March. Janet Timber indicated her interest in attending the ceremony as committee representative. Dates for ceremonies during 2010 are; 8/4, 6/5, 17/6,15/7,19/8,30/9,14/10,18/11,2/12.



  Action: Colin Rosenfeld to arrange invitations for interested committee members



2.2 East Timor


Cr Hughes agreed to follow up the progress of this project with Yvonne Langley–Walsh who was to have reported back after her next trip on the priority needs of East Timor. The committee was also informed that Nadia Arrage was taking this project to the Randwick Rotary Club for consideration of financial support.


  Action: Cr Hughes will contact Yvonne Langley–Walsh to discuss the status of her project and report to the next meeting. Nadia Arrage to be invited to provide a report to the next meeting on the Rotary Club’s views.



2.3      Sister City relationships

Cr Hughes agreed to put a motion to the March Council meeting, that council establish a framework and guidelines for sister city relationship projects.   It was noted that the Mayor had attended the Sister City Conference held in 2009 on behalf of Council. The committee also suggested that council re-establish a sub- committee to look at sister city relationships Patricia South mentioned her involvement in a successful project run by Mosman Council.


 The committee had previously recommended that Council promote existing overseas sister city relationships, to increase local community awareness of these relationships. And local schools be approached about a possible cultural exchange program



  Action: A progress report to given at the next meeting.



2.4  Signage in Customer Service Centre

A suggested multi-lingual sign had been referred to the Manager Customer Service who supports the idea and was awaiting approval by the General Manager. It would be located in the reception area with similar wording to “we speak your language” in the main six community languages to assist people who may have difficulty with English and need assistance. The sign to read, “If you need help with English council can arrange for an interpreter in your language”.



  Action: An update will be  given at the next meeting.



2.5  Harmony Day 2010


A  Harmony Day event was initially planned in conjunction with the Library for Saturday 27 March at 10.30am in the Randwick Branch Library involving the launch of the Tales of Many Cities project. As Council’s Earth Day event is being held on this day at the Depot, it has been decided to defer the event to coincide with World Day for Cultural Diversity and hold the event on Saturday 22/5. It was noted that the Bowen Library will be exhibiting during April, the winning entries from the B’nai B’rith NSW Schools Harmony Day drawing competition. Other local Harmony Day events will be at the Maroubra Seniors Centre 23/3 with Council’s support and at Randwick TAFE on Monday 22/3. The TAFE event will include an employment expo.


Action: A progress report will be given at the next meeting


3.      New Business:


3.1  Chinese New Year 2010

Members of the Committee had attended this successful event held at Pacific Square Maroubra on Saturday 13 February from 11am to 2pm. Feedback to council’s Events Officer was invited.



  Action: For noting



3.2  An inclusive Randwick City

David Briant Senior Social Planner outlined the draft plan which was currently on exhibition for public comment. Copies of the document had been distributed to the committee. It is a 10 year plan to enhance opportunities for people living within Randwick City to be able to participate and be actively involved in community life. The plan consists of six targe tissues and priority actions. The issues are; increasing accessibility of community transport, improving the community’s knowledge of services, expand services and program to meet identified gaps, giving young people the best start in life, addressing affordable rental housing and homelessness, addressing the needs of our indigenous community.  The committee made a number of comments. George Varughese suggested that Council liaise with the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW to ensure that minority groups are not overlooked. Rosa Loria stressed the need for a stronger advocacy role to support CALD groups and funding to assist them access services and enhance inclusion. The committee also questioned the amount of money allocated to events when priority should be given to helping address social issues.  Two examples were sited of social issues; the emerging Bangladeshi community, in particular maternity and childcare. And aged care services for the ageing Greek community. The committee was also invited to read the plan and forward their views to David through Colin Rosenfeld.



Action: For further discussion at the next meeting


4.   Correspondence: 

Letter from Chinese Lions Club of NSW grant program, inviting applications from university students undertaking community projects.

Moreland City Council in Victoria. Introduction to the CALD community story boards.


5. Date of Next Meeting:

Bowen Library Auditorium, Wednesday 28 April 2010 at 5.15pm







Community Services Committee

13 April 2010




Community Services Report No. C9/10



Subject:                  University of New South Wales - Randwick City Council partnership support of International Students

Folder No:                   F2006/00218

Author:                   Shane Lowe, Coordinator Community Programs and Partnerships     




In the last Councillors’ workshop, Councillors discussed the issue of working with tertiary institutions to provide international students with a range of experiences and community activities within Randwick City. Council officers met with representatives from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) International Student Unit, Marketing and Student Development Services to discuss enhancing Council’s relationship with the University, in particular its international student base to create a better synergy between Randwick City and the young people who are studying and living in Randwick City.




UNSW currently offers education to international students from 130 countries who live in and around the university. Students have requested ways for them to become part of their community, participate in cultural and civic activities and increase knowledge of services, events and activities accessible to students.


At the meeting a wide range of actions were discussed, a number are able to be worked on immediately, some actions need to be researched and planned over the next 12 months. Actions that could easily be implemented include:


-             Provision of  information on Council current events and activities into a weekly e-link email system that is sent to all enrolled international students;

-             Review of Councils current Memorandum of Understanding with UNSW to included wider initiatives

-             Seek advice from Council’s Multicultural Advisory Committee about extending an invitation to the International Student Unit to recommend one or two students to be part of the committee

-             Students participation in voluntary activities such as bush care and sustainability groups

-             Provide information to UNSW on Councils on line yahoo youth forum

-             Joint meeting of representatives from local precinct committees to discuss options of international students becoming more involved with their immediate community.


There were a number of other actions that were discussed which require further research and planning. These include:


-             A twice year welcome to Randwick City/UNSW by The Mayor of Randwick to the newly enrolled International students

-             Extending to Council and local businesses the women’s mentoring program for international students

-             Development of a large Multicultural/Aboriginal/International community festival.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome: A vibrant and diverse community.

Direction: Enrich our range of community services that meet

our community’s needs


Financial impact statement


There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




Council is committed to supporting its residents, businesses, educational facilities and services.  The enhancement of the current partnership between Council and UNSW will ensure that young people residing in Randwick City and studying at UNSW will not only achieve a high quality education but enjoy a range of experiences and participate in a cultural, healthy and inclusive community in Randwick City. Following further discussions with UNSW, a more detailed report outlining proposed joint activities will be provided to Council.




That the report be received and noted.







Community Services Committee

13 April 2010




Community Services Report No. C10/10



Subject:                  Art and Craft Market

Folder No:                   F2009/00424

Author:                   Avril Jeans, Project Officer     




At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 22 September 2009 it was resolved (Smith/Woodsmith) to:


a)     Give consideration in future budgets to holding an annual art, craft and fashion show at the Prince Henry Centre; and


b)     Establish a working party to explore the costs, benefits and operability of such a show. The working party, consisting of Councillors Smith, Woodsmith and Stevenson and appropriate Council officers, shall report back to Council by 23 March 2010.


A meeting was held with Councillors Smith and Woodsmith to discuss the above resolution. The following two options were discussed.




Option 1

Council staff would oversee all stages of planning, management and implementation of the art and craft market. Council staff would ensure that all stall holders are genuine art and craft practitioners through a vetting process and they would e charged a minimal fee on the day. It is anticipated to attract 20 stall holders and council would cover the approximate cost of $6,750 associated with this event using existing equipment and space. This amount does not cover staff costs.

Identify activities:


·      Sale of art and craft items

·      Sale of food and beverages

·      Art and craft workshops (free to participate)


Identified operational costs:


·      Venue hire

·      Staff

·      Cleaning

·      Marketing and promotion of the event


Identify processes:


·      Engage with art and craft clubs and association

·      Advertise expressions of interest for stall holders

·      Vet applications

·      Implement operational strategy


Option 2

Council would identify local art and craft clubs or associations and assess the potential to outsource the event. Council would provide support and advice to the appointed club or association ensuring that Council’s objectives are met.


External facilitator requirement include:


·      Identifying, vetting and booking stall holders

·      Marketing and promoting the event

·      Managing the event from inception to conclusion

·      Covering associated costs outside Council’s commitment

·      Providing public liability insurance

·      Booking workshop facilitators

·      Ensuring recognition of Council’s support and involvement


Council’s role would be to:


·      Provide financial assistance to the value of $4,750 to cover the cost of venue hire and operational staff

·      Support marketing and Promotional activities

·      Act in an advisory capacity


At the meeting it was agreed that further investigations, in particular with regards to Option 2, be undertaken and reported to Council at a future date.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship to the city plan is as follows:


Outcome 2:       A vibrant and diverse community.

Direction 2b:      Enrich our range of community services that meet our community’s needs.

Key action:        Celebrate the range of cultures and people within Randwick City.

Outcome 5:       Excellence in recreation and lifestyle opportunities.

Direction 5b:      A range of cultural, sporting and leisure activities.

Key action:       Increase public art, performance spaces and opportunities for creative expression across our City.

Outcome 3:       An informed and engaged community.

Direction 3b:      Council actively promotes the community services offered by other agencies.

Key action:       Create information hubs at our libraries and throughout our City which enrich the exchange and inter flow of information.


Financial impact statement


A further report detailing the cost of an event will be prepared for Councils consideration.  




The Art and Craft Market will provide a great opportunity to support local art and craft practitioners and provide a market for them to sell their work. The market will also provide a social opportunity for local people to view the art and craft, to participate in free workshops and purchase refreshments. Council officers will continue to work with art and craft clubs and organisations towards a date for the first market in the following financial year. A further report which will detail the cost and whether council officers have been able to outsource the event will be provided to Council. Council officers will work to organize the first market in spring/summer 2010.




That the report be received and noted.