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10 November 2009















Works Committee Meeting



Notice is hereby given that a Works Committee Meeting of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick, on Tuesday, 10 November 2009 at 6:00pm.



Late Report


W41/09     Coogee Late Night Transport (Pumpkin Bus)      






Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Works Committee

10 November 2009




Works Report No. W41/09



Subject:                  Coogee Late Night Transport                  (Pumpkin Bus)

Folder No:                   F2006/00382

Author:                   Heidi Leadley, Community Road Safety Officer       




For the last four years the Eastern Beaches Liquor Accord (EBLA) has been supporting the operation of the Coogee Late Night Transport option known as the Pumpkin Bus.  This service operated on Friday and Saturday evenings, through the warmer months and provided a “loop” service from Coogee to Randwick, Kingsford, Maroubra and back.  The EBLA’s support has been by way of the major financial support for the service (provided by a small number of its members) and by way of promotion.  Generally Council has assisted by coordinating implementation of the service and also by promoting the service.


This year an initial request, raised by the EBLA, for members to again support the continued funding was stalled.  The members rejected the approach suggesting that a service that essentially serviced Coogee venues should not be funded by those establishments away from Coogee.  One or two members also expressed the opinion that the service was now not necessary as the new restrictions (legislation) placed on venues had a huge impact on anti-social behaviour and drink driving.  It was then proposed that the Coogee venues meet to discuss the continued operation of the service.





At a special executive meeting of the Eastern Beaches Liquor Accord, (convened to discuss the operation of the Pumpkin Bus in 2009 – 2010) relevant members agreed to support the operation of the Pumpkin Bus on Saturday nights only.  This would effectively halve the cost of operations.


In an attempt to shift the major burden of funding from the Coogee Bay Hotel and the Beach Palace Hotel, the members present agreed that other local venues would be asked to contribute to the service.


The amount requested from each venue would reflect the size of the venue, its distance from Coogee and the Pumpkin Bus route, hours of operation as well as the type of venue / licence that it operates under.


Those present at the meeting also requested that the letter, to be sent to various venues requesting financial support, be co-signed by Randwick City Council’s General Manager and the Police Local Area Commander.


Council does not support the reduction of the service to one night a week.  The Mayor called a meeting with the EBLA executives to reinforce Council’s position.  The EBLA executives agreed with Council’s position.  The Mayor and the General Manager have indicated that both would only be prepared to co-sign the letter if the Liquor Accord operates the Pumpkin Bus for two nights each week.


Constantly, through various forums, it has been stressed that a significant contribution to late night misbehaviour in Coogee has been the inability of the patrons, of numerous licensed premises, to leave the area late at night.  The late night transport options are limited and the Pumpkin Bus, over the years, has moved hundreds of patrons out of the area – limiting any disturbances or poor behaviour in the area.  It is disappointing that the local license holders are moving away from an established late night transport option.


Council has sought the cooperation of the EBLA by again putting to its members the option of supporting the Friday night service.  If the members that are asked to contribute are not forthcoming it is considered that Council should undertake an application to the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing to force contributions through the Liquor Act 2007.


Current operational contribution commitments have been made by: AJC = $2000, EBLA = $2000 and the Coogee Bay Hotel = $5000


Current marketing contributions have been made by RTA = $3500, STA = in kind graphic design, Council = $3000


Request for additional operational contributions will be asked of the following venues:


Beach Palace Hotel             $5000               Randwick Rugby Club          $2000

Churchills Sports Bar           $3000               Crowne Plaza Hotel             $4000

Clovelly Hotel                    $2000               Maroubra Junction Hotel      $2000

Coach & Horses Hotel         $2000               Regent Hotel                     $1000

Royal Hotel                $2000               Glass House Hotel              $2000

Coogee Bowling Club           $1000               Coogee Legion Club            $1000

Souths Juniors                   $1500               First Choice Liquor (Coles)   $3000

Maroubra Seals                  $1000               Coogee Bay Hotel               $5000



If all contributions are forthcoming, expected operational revenue would be: $42,000.  This would cover the cost of the service.


In the meantime, it is considered that Council underwrite the costs of establishing a 2 night per week service, pending final resolution of the funding stream.


Relationship to the City Plan


The relationship to the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 6:            A liveable City

Direction 6c:        The safety of our community is paramount and is acknowledged and supported through proactive policies, programmes and strategies.



Financial Impact statement


Council contributes $3,000 to this process as part of the road safety program as it is likely to reduce the incidences of drink driving and drink walking.


Council will invoice venues for the cost of operations and will underwrite the cost of the service.  However if venues are not forthcoming with funds Council will take action in accordance with the legislation in an attempt to recover the costs.







Given the positive benefits flowing from the Pumpkin Bus service it is considered that the Council should make every endeavour to convince the Eastern Beaches Liquor Accord to maintain the service on both Saturday AND Friday nights.








1.     Council support the request from the EBLA to co-sign the request for financial contribution to identified venues for Friday and Saturday night Pumpkin Bus service,


2.     Council seek the support of other agencies to take the matter to the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing using the Liquor Act 2007 legislation to recover the cost of Friday & Saturday night operations if venues are not forthcoming with funds.


3.     Council underwrite the initial operation of a 2 night per week Pumpkin Bus service for the 2009/2010 summer period.