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Tuesday 8 July 2008










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Environment Committee

8 July 2008




1st July, 2008

Environment Committee Meeting


Notice is hereby given that an Environment Committee Meeting of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick, on Tuesday, 8 July 2008 at 6:30pm.


Committee Members: The Mayor, B Notley-Smith, Belleli, Hughes, Kenny, Matson (Chairperson), Nash (Deputy Chairperson), Tracey, White, Woodsmith.


Quorum: Five (5) members.


NOTE: At the extraordinary meeting held on 22 May 2007, the Council resolved that the Environment Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.


Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences


Confirmation of the Minutes


Environment Committee Meeting - 10 June 2008


Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests


Address of Committee by Members of the Public


Urgent Business


Greening Randwick Report


Environment Report

E15/08 3 Council Ecological Footprint Project - Program Update


Notice of Rescission Motions



Closed Session






Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Environment Committee

8 July 2008




Environment Report No. E15/08



Subject: 3 Council Ecological Footprint Project - Program Update

Folder No: F2006/00180

Author: Richard Wilson, Ecological Footprint Project Officer




To provide an update on the 3-Council Ecological Footprint Project between Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils.




The basis for the collaboration between the 3 Councils above is a three year Urban Sustainability Grant from The Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) totalling $1.875 million dollars.


This 3-Council Ecological Footprint Project adopts an integrated approach that focuses on capacity building between the three Councils and the local community to implement a range of tangible actions capable of producing measurable reductions in the Ecological Footprint across the Eastern Suburbs.


Each Council will undertake at least one major and one minor project together with a number of joint projects that will be coordinated across the 3 local government areas.


Project Update:



Council Area

Current Status


Major Project

Water Sensitive Urban Design: Rose Bay Promenade



Retrofit 11 parking bays for collection and treatment of stormwater runoff from New South Head Road

200,000L storage capacity

Re-use of treated stormwater for irrigation

Increase water quality at Rose Bay

Commercial Organic Food Waste Collection Trial

Randwick & Waverley

Pre-trial waste audit scheduled for mid July

This trial will test the viability and environmental benefits of recovering food organics from local cafes and restaurants for reprocessing and reuse on a permanent basis.

Minor Project

Home Energy Makeover


Due to commence in July/August

A minimum of 400 residential Home Energy Audits completed

Option to extend up to 1,200 audits and include local businesses.

Joint Projects

Barrett House: Sustainable Demonstration House


Development Application for retrofit to be lodged to Council by Michael Mobbs mid July.

Public facility displaying working examples of practical sustainability measures incorporating: energy and water efficiency, sustainable transport options, productive gardens, the use of sustainable building materials, waste avoidance, minimisation and recovery.

Sustainability Street
(Vox Bandicoot)


Under investigation

An innovative environmental and community development program.

Sustainability Street educates and engages community members in sustainable living practices and initiatives.

(Vox Bandicoot)


Under development



An online tool providing the opportunity for community engagement and action to begin reducing the individual size of the Ecological Footprint.

Recently endorsed by David Suzuki.


All the above projects comply with the funding conditions and have been approved by the Department of Environment and Climate Change through the 3 Council Ecological Footprint Business Plan.


A Memorandum of Understanding which establishes the formal working relationship between Randwick City Council, Woollahra Municipal Council and Waverley Council, was signed in December 2007 by the General Managers.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome: A Healthy Environment.

Direction: 10(a) Council is leader in fostering environmentally sustainable practices.

10(d) Sustainable alternative waste technologies and environmentally sound collection systems are identified and implemented.

10(f) A total water cycle management approach including water conservation, reuse and water quality improvements is adopted.

10(g) Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.


Financial impact statement


Randwick Council is administering the funding for this project which includes administration and support of the project officer appointed to work with the 3 Councils for the duration of the project.


The total funding for the three year period of this project totals $1.88M, divided equally between the 3 participating Councils with contributions of $75,000 per year per Council. Randwicks contribution comprises in-kind support and financial support provided through the environmental levy funding.



The Project Officer will continue to provide regular reports on the progress and projects carried out as part of the 3 Council Ecological Footprint project.




That the report be received and noted.