MINUTES OF Works Committee Meeting of the Council of the City of Randwick HELD ON Tuesday, 8 April 2008 AT 6:10 p.m




The Mayor, Councillor B Notley-Smith (East Ward)


South Ward                                          -  Councillor R Belleli (Deputy Chairperson)


East Ward                                            -  Councillor M Matson


West Ward                                           -  Councillor B Hughes (Chairperson)


Central Ward                                        -  Councillors A Andrews & T Seng


North Ward                                           -  Councillor P Tracey


Officers present:


General Manager                                             Mr R Brownlee

Director City Services                                      Mr J Frangoples

Director City Planning                                       Ms S Truuvert

Director Governance & Financial Services             Mr G Banting

Manager Administrative Services                        Mr D Kelly

Media Officer                                                  Ms A Power


In attendance:


Councillors Kenny and Woodsmith.


Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences 


An apology was received from Cr White.


RESOLVED: (Andrews/Mayor, Cr B Notley-Smith) - that the apology received from Cr White be accepted and leave of absence from the meeting be granted.


Confirmation of the Minutes


Confirmation of the Minutes of the Works Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 11 March 2008


RESOLUTION: (Belleli/Matson): that the Minutes of the Works Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 11 March 2008 (copies of which were circulated to all Councillors) be and are hereby confirmed as a correct record of the proceedings of that meeting.


Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests




Address of Council by Members of the Public


Urgent Business


UB7/08     Cr Anthony Andrews - Installation of Pedestrian Traffic Signals by RTA at Intersection of Anzac Parade and Haig Street, Maroubra. (F2004/07238)


RESOLUTION: (Andrews/ Seng) that Council write to the Minister for Roads supporting his proposal to install traffic signals at the intersection of Anzac Parade and Haig Street, Maroubra.




Works Reports


W6/08       Works Report - Proposed Pedestrian Fencing Plan for Anzac Parade, Between Barker Street and High Street, Kensington (F2006/00235)


RESOLUTION: (Mayor, Cr B Notley-Smith/Andrews) that:-


(a)    the information provided by the RTA to the UNSW be received and noted;


(b)    Council consult with the RTA and UNSW on the use of appropriate public art         designs for this project; and


(c)    Council make a submission to the RTA noting our concerns with public safety         and with the extent of the proposed fencing and suggesting an appropriate         reduction in the level of fencing proposed.


MOTION: (Mayor, Cr B Notley-Smith/Andrews) CARRIED - SEE RESOLUTION.


The meeting was adjourned at 6.28 pm and was resumed at 6.29 pm.



W7/08       Works Report - Asset Management Strategy (F2007/00043)


RESOLUTION: (Andrews/Matson) that Council adopt the Randwick City Council Asset Management Strategy.





W8/08       Works Report - Road Safety Steering Committee (F2004/07225)


RESOLUTION: (Andrews/Belleli) that:-


(a)    the minutes of the Road Safety Steering Committee be received and noted; and


(b)    the Road Safety Steering Committee investigate the road safety problems in the         La Perouse area, particularly those involving the loop road.





Notices of Rescission Motions




The meeting closed at 6.35 pm.





The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Works Committee Meeting of the Council of the City of Randwick held on Tuesday, 13 May 2008.