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Tuesday 12 February 2008










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Community Services Committee

12 February 2008





5 February 2008



Community Services Committee



Notice is hereby given that a Community Services Committee of the Council of the City of Randwick will be held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, 90 Avoca Street, Randwick, on Tuesday, 12 February 2008 at 6:30pm.



Committee Members:          The Mayor, B Notley-Smith, Belleli, Hughes, Matson, Nash, Procopiadis (Deputy Chairperson), Woodsmith (Chairperson).


Quorum:                           Four (4) members.


NOTE:    At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 28 September 2004, the Council resolved that the Community Services Committee be constituted as a committee with full delegation to determine matters on the agenda.


Apologies/Granting of Leave of Absences 


Confirmation of the Minutes  


Community Services Committee - 1 November 2007


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Address of Committee by Members of the Public


Urgent Business


Community Services Reports

C1/08       International Women's Day Art Competition and Award Presentation

C2/08       Seniors Week 2008

C3/08       Budget for the Eastern Region Local Government Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (EARLGATSI) Forum

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Ray Brownlee

General Manager

Community Services Committee

12 February 2008




Community Services Report No. C1/08



Subject:                  International Women's Day Art Competition and Award Presentation

Folder No:                   F2006/00216

Author:                   Shane Lowe     




The very successful International Women’s Day Art Competition, Exhibition and Award presentation will once again be organised by Council to celebrate and highlight the achievements of women and their contribution to our community in Randwick City.




International Women’s Day is on Saturday 8 March and will be celebrated at the Randwick Community Centre from Monday 3 March through to Saturday 8 March.  The centre will be open to the public where the artworks will be exhibited and various workshops and performances presented free of charge.  The Award Ceremony and a celebratory morning tea will be held on Saturday 8 March at 10am and conclude at 2pm.


Categories and Prizes


1.  12 years – 19 years Award     1st Prize  $200      2nd Prize  $100      3rd Prize   $50

2.  20 years and over Award       1st Prize  $300      2nd Prize  $200      3rd Prize $100

3.  Councillor’s Commendation Award - $60 Floral Voucher donated by Mary K Florist.


This event will be advertised through the Mayor’s Column and mail outs to local schools, the community, art and women’s organisations.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome2:        A vibrant and diverse community.

Direction 2b:      Enrich our range of community services that meet our community’s                        needs.


Financial impact statement


An amount of $2,100.00 has been allocated for International Women’s Day activities in the 2007/08 Community Programs & Partnerships budget.  In addition, Randwick City Council has been successful in receiving a $1,000.00 grant from the NSW Government Office for Women International Women’s Day Grants. 




This event to celebrate International Women’s Day will highlight the invaluable contribution by women in our community.






That Council endorse the International Women’s Day Art competition and Award Ceremony.








Community Services Committee

12 February 2008




Community Services Report No. C2/08



Subject:                  Seniors Week 2008

Folder No:                   F2004/07689

Author:                   Frida Kitas     




NSW Seniors Week is an initiative supported by the State Government and coordinated and funded by the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC).  This initiative is held annually, on a national basis to celebrate, highlight and affirm the positive contributions older people make to their local community.  2008 also marks 50 years of Senior Week celebrations.  Seniors Week 2008 will be held from April 6 – 13 and the theme for this year is “LIVE LIFE.”


Each year Randwick City Council acknowledges Seniors in the City of Randwick by organising events and activities during Seniors Week.  Due to the overwhelming success of the “Older Persons Expo,” held in Seniors Week 2007, it is proposed that Council once again in partnership with local service providers hold the “Older Persons Expo II.” The event will be held at Randwick Community Centre on Wednesday 9 April from 10am – 2pm.  The purpose of the Expo is to showcase various services available to Seniors in Randwick City and provide information to Seniors to access these services.


By providing representation from a wide range of service providers and displaying information on services and support available in Randwick City, residents will benefit from this event that will aim to promote social interaction, active lifestyle and community participation.  The Older Persons Expo II is a significant community event and opportunity for Council to increase awareness about services, programs and activities available to Seniors in Randwick City.


Randwick has a culturally diverse Seniors population.  The Expo focuses on Seniors of all cultural backgrounds who live in Randwick, this demonstrates Council’s ongoing commitment to servicing and supporting all members of the community.


The proposed Older Persons Expo II has been organised in consultation with Council’s Older Persons Reference Group.


The purpose of this report is to provide Council with information on the various service providers that will be represented at the Older Persons Expo and seek Council’s endorsement to hold the Expo.




The Expo provides a comprehensive set of information for Seniors accessing services and aims to enable them to increase health and well being and knowledge of community care options.  The Expo also highlights many support and interest groups for Seniors and encourages Seniors to develop additional interests and skills by becoming involved in community-based programs and activities.  As part of the Expo, Council will also be promoting services that it provides to Seniors.


Randwick City Council

·      Library Services will promote services available such as the Community Bus, Seniors Gold Card and Library Home Service.

·      Bushland and Nursery will promote pocket park activities and bushland groups.

·      RCC Sustainability will disseminate information on reducing energy consumption.

·      RCC Home Maintenance and Modifications will promote services available.

·      Council’s Waste Education Officer will provide information on recycling.


Home & Community Care Services

·      General Home and Community Care information will be disseminated on local and affordable support services for frail, older people, older people with disabilities and their carers to assist them to continue living independently in their own homes.

·      The Junction Neighbourhood Centre (JNC), South East Neighbourhood Centre (SENC) and Home Care NSW will promote the many services types available such as transport, respite, meals and home assistance.


Community Health

·      Aged Care and Rehabilitation Team (POW) will provide information on health and transition to nursing homes.

·      South Eastern Sydney Division of General Practice (SESDGP), Home Medicines Review (HMR) and National Prescribing Services (NPS) will have information tables.

·      The Dementia Advisory Service will provide information on Dementia, incorporating information on Alzheimers.

·      Council of the Ageing (COTA) NSW will disseminate information on Medication Management and promote their healthy ageing education program.


Advice & Referral Services

·      The Aged Care Rights Services (TARS) will provide referral and advocacy on the behalf of older people.

·      Centrelink (Maroubra) to provide information on retirement, pensioner education supplement, disability, sickness and carers.

·      Eastern Sydney Multicultural Access Project (ESMAP) will disseminate information on how older people from CALD backgrounds can access home and community care through bilingual workers.

·      Sydney Multicultural Centre will promote a variety of community services for older people from CALD backgrounds in key languages.

·      Commonwealth Carers Respite Centre will disseminate information on all respite options available in the Randwick City.

·      Kingsford Legal Centre.


Education, Training & Support Services

·      National Seniors Association Randwick/Botany Branch, Volunteers and Training Services Maroubra (VAST), Computer Pals (Kingsford) will disseminate information on courses and programs on offer for Seniors.


Emergency Services

·      Emergency Services including Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade Services will provide information on Community Safety.


Exercise & Leisure

·      Coast Centre for Seniors, and UNSW Lifestyle Gym will showcase a range of leisure activities and lifestyle programs to ensure older people remain fit and healthy.


New Element

·      Screenings of award winning short films by Joy Hruby, Drama tutor, Coast Centre for Seniors.


Relationship to City Pan


The relationship to the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 2:               A Vibrant and Diverse Community.

Direction 2b:            Enrich our range of community services that meet our community needs / strong partnerships between Council, community groups and government agencies.

Outcome 3:               An Informed and Engaged Community.

Direction 3b:             Council actively promotes the community services offered by other                 agencies.

Key Actions             Support the provision of services and facilities to meet the needs of our target groups.


Financial impact statement


In the event Council accepts the report recommendations, the total financial impact of the Older Persons Expo II will be $5,300.  This includes printing, advertising, hiring, refreshments and catering.  An amount of $3,800 has been approved in the 2007/08 budget and has been allocated to the Community Programs and Partnerships budget.


In addition, Council has been successful in receiving $1,000 funding from the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC).  Clovelly Community Bank has provided sponsorship of $500 towards the Expo.




The proposed Expo will provide continued visibility of Council’s commitment to supporting and serving members of the community and especially highlight the needs of older people in Randwick City.





That Council note and endorse the proposed Older Persons Expo II planned as part of Seniors Week 2008 in Randwick City.








Community Services Committee

12 February 2008




Community Services Report No. C3/08



Subject:                  Budget for the Eastern Region Local Government Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (EARLGATSI) Forum

Folder No:                   F2006/00216

Author:                   Shane Lowe     




Randwick City Council initiated the establishment of the ERLGATSI forum in 2001. Council continues its commitment to support of the forum to ensure aboriginal people in the eastern suburbs benefit from the outcomes of the forum.


In 2000, Randwick Council initiated the establishment of the Forum.    The forum meets bi monthly and includes representatives from Randwick, Woollahra, Waverley, Botany, Leichhardt and Sydney City.  Council hosted the forum, including the employment of the forum coordinator from 2000 to the end of 2006.  In January 2007, Waverley Council agreed to host the position until the end of 2009.




All of the above participating Councils received a request from Waverley Council to consolidate the forum’s funds contributed annually to support the forum and its activities.


It is proposed to merge the annual fee to cover costs of the forum Coordinators salary and on costs, project costs including the Pauline McLeod Awards and other projects as agreed by the forum.


Relationship to City Plan


The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome:  2 -    A Vibrant and Diverse Community.

Direction:  2e – Strong partnerships between Council, community groups, and                        government agencies.


Financial impact statement


Council annually provides $3,076 towards the employment of the Forum Coordinator and approximately $1000 as its equal contribution to host activities during Reconciliation Week and the Pauline McLeod Awards.


Should Council agree to this proposal, the costs to Council would be $4,400 annually which equates to a small increase of $324.00 which can be covered in the current approved Community Programs & Partnerships budget and revised in future budgets.




Randwick Council will continue to provide support, advocate and provide input to the Forum ensuring participation and representation of aboriginal people living and visiting Randwick City.





That Council agree to provide a total of $4,400 annually to support the Eastern Region Local Government Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Forum.






Letter from Waverley Council.






Letter from Waverley Council.

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