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22 FEBRUARY 1859












2nd October, 2007







Committee Members:           The Mayor, Cr B. Notley-Smith, Crs Andrews, Belleli (Deputy Chairperson), Hughes (Chairperson), Matson, Notley-Smith, Seng, Tracey & White.


Quorum:                           Five (5) members.





1           Apologies/Granting of leave of absences


2           Confirmation of the Minutes




3           Declaration of Pecuniary & Non-Pecuniary Interests


4           Addressing to Committee by Members of the Public


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7           Confidential Items (Closed Session)


8           Notices of Rescission Motions







Director, City Services' Report 70/2007








3 September, 2007










Randwick City Library Service has updated its existing policies and created a number of new policies in line with the current needs of the service.





Randwick City Library Service has a number of new policies and others that needed revising or deleting in the light of the current needs of the service. These are as follows:


7.01.02    Membership. (revised 2007)

7.01.03    Opening Hours. (revised 2007)

7.01.04    Loans. (Delete - Superseded by 7.10.17)

7.01.05    Fees and Charges. (Revised 2007)

7.01.06    Literacy and the Library. (Obsolete policy – Delete)

7.01.07    Reservations/Inter Library Loans. (Delete - Superseded by 7.01.18)

7.01.08    Randwick Branch Library - Hire of Meeting Room. (Delete - Superseded by 7.01.19)

7.01.09    Bowen Library - Hire of Vonnie Young Auditorium. (Delete - Superseded by 7.01.19)

7.01.10    Facsimile Transmissions - Access To. (Obsolete policy – Delete)

7.01.11    Microcomputers - Public Use. (Delete – Superseded by 7.01.20)

7.01.12    Photocopiers - Public Use. (Obsolete policy – Delete)

7.01.13    Typewriter - Public Use. (Obsolete policy – Delete)

7.01.14    Photographs - Reproduction. (Obsolete policy – Delete)

7.01.15    Library Internet Access. (Delete – Superseded by 7.01.20)

7.01.16    Group Use of Library and Community Bus. (Delete – Superseded by 7.01.21)

7.01.17    Lending

7.01.18    Document delivery

7.01.19    Hire of facilities

7.01.20    Internet and personal computer access

7.01.21    Community bus

7.01.22    Serving children and young persons in Randwick City Library

7.01.23    Library book clubs

7.01.24    Library work experience placements

7.01.25    Library volunteers





The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 5:      Excellence in recreation and lifestyle opportunities.

Direction:        Library programmes, resources and facilities provide innovative and inspirational opportunities for education and leisure.

Key Actions:    Our libraries will continue to be central to community involvement and interaction.




There is no direct financial impact for this matter.




Randwick City Library Service has deleted its outdated policies, updated it current policies and created new policies in line with the needs of the service.




That the following Library policies be adopted:


1.    Library Services Membership Policy

 2.    Library Services Lending Policy

 3.    Library Opening Hours Policy

 4.    Library Fees and Charges Policy

 5.    Library Internet and Personal Computer Access Policy

 6.    Library Community Bus Policy

 7.     Servicing Children and Young Persons in Randwick City Library Policy

 8.    Library Volunteers Policy

 9.    Library Work Experience Placement Policy

10.    Library Book Clubs Policy

11.    Document Delivery Policy

12.    Hire of Facilities Policy.




 1.  Library Services Membership Policy

 2.  Library Services Lending Policy

 3.  Library Opening Hours Policy

 4.  Library Fees and Charges Policy

 5.  Library Internet and Personal Computer Access Policy

 6.  Library Community Bus Policy

 7.  Servicing Children and Young Persons in Randwick City Library Policy

 8.  Library Volunteers Policy

 9.  Library Work Experience Placement Policy

10. Library Book Clubs Policy

11. Document Delivery Policy

12. Hire of Facilities Policy 






















File No.         F2005/00282 xr




To identify persons and groups who qualify for membership of the library service and the rules and regulations by which members must abide.





1.         OUTLINE


The purpose of this policy is to outline the terms and conditions of membership of the Randwick City Library & Information Service. This includes the policies on membership to the Randwick City Toy and Game Library, and terms and conditions for withdrawing membership privileges.


Unless otherwise specified, conditions of membership and use of the Randwick City Toy and Game Library are as described for general library membership.


2.           MEMBERSHIP


2.1       General membership eligibility


Membership of the library is free and available to any individual who satisfies the identification requirements outlined in 2.3.


Membership of the library is governed by the Library Act, 1939 and any regulations made under that act.


2.2       Toy and Game Library membership eligibility


Membership of the Toy and Game Library is available to those described in 2.1 on payment of the annual fee detailed in the Library’s schedule of fees and charges. This fee will be waived for Randwick City residents only on presentation of a Centrelink, Health Card or other Pension Card. Membership is current for 12 months from the date of joining.


2.3       Registration requirements – two forms of identification required


Persons wishing to register as a member of the library must complete and sign an Application for Membership form. To register as a member current proof of name and home address is required. Applicants are required to provide two forms of identification, one of which must show the name and current address of the applicant. Acceptable forms of identification must be current and may include:


·                  Council rates notice,

·                  Official rent receipt/lease agreement from Real Estate Agent,

·                  Telephone, gas, electricity or utility account,

·                  Financial institution statement,

·                  Membership of professional association or union,

·                  Concession card [Government issue],

·                  Motor Vehicle Registration,

·                  Electoral Roll Notification form.



2.3.1    Drivers License as proof of identification


A current driver’s licence can be presented as a second form of identification but must be accompanied by another acceptable form of identification that includes name and address.


2.4     Applications under 18 years of age


Applicants under the age of 18 years require a guarantor (such as a parent or guardian) who fulfils the above requirements, to complete the registration form on their behalf and sign the form.


2.4.1    Identification requirements for children & applicants under 18 years of age


Parents/guardian who are already members of Randwick City Library & Information Service may register their children by presenting their own library card and one other form of identification [including a credit card, Medicare card or similar].


The parent/guardian’s membership record must be current and clear of any fines or overdue items. Parents/guardians with exceptions on their membership records cannot present their library card as proof of identification and must satisfy the identification requirements outlined in section 2.2 when registering children as members.


2.5     Toy and Game Library Registration Requirement


Persons wishing to register as a member of the Toy and Game Library must complete and sign an Application for Membership form. Current general library members are required to produce their current general membership card, as proof of identity.


Persons who wish to join the Toy and Game Library but are not general library members are required to comply with general library registration requirements as detailed in 2.3.


2.6     Interstate and Overseas visitors


Interstate and Overseas visitors must fulfil the registration requirements outlined above or be sponsored by a guarantor who is a permanent City resident.


2.7       Membership Categories


0-11 years:     Junior membership

12-17 years:    Young adult membership

18 -59 years:   Adult membership

60 + years:     Senior membership


2.8       Correct membership information


Any changes to membership information, including name, address and telephone numbers must be notified to the library. Library members can do this in person at one of the three library service points, in writing, or by e-mailing:   Proof of changes in name, address etc must be supplied.


2.9       Membership Renewal


Library members will be asked to renew their general membership every two years, at which time customer details are updated. Those members who do not use their library card or update details within six months of the renewal date will be deleted from the library membership database.


Toy and Game Library membership requires annual renewal from the date of joining the library. Toy and Game Library members are required to pay the annual membership fee in order to renew borrowing rights or present documentation in evidence of eligibility for exemption, as per 2.2.


2.10     Suspension or withdrawal of membership


In the event of a library member refusing to pay any of the fees and charges authorised under the Local Government Act 1993, (Section 608) and regulations made thereunder, or any other relevant legislation, his or her membership may be withdrawn.


Library members not abiding by any library policy or section of NSW Library Regulation 2005 may have their membership withdrawn.


2.11     Randwick City Library Card


2.11.1   General membership Card


Each registered member is provided with a library card that can be utilised at any library service point, and for remote access to databases and personal details through the online catalogue. The card remains the property of Randwick City Council.


This card is provided for the specific applicant. The library member is responsible for any costs incurred from incorrect use of his or her library card.


2.11.2   Toy and Game Library membership card


Each registered member of the Toy and Game Library is provided with a Toy and Game Library card. This card is transferable to other family members; however, the registered Toy and Game Library member is responsible for any costs incurred from incorrect use of the card.


2.11.3   Seniors Membership card


Applicants 60 years and over are eligible to obtain a Seniors Library Membership card, which carries with it the same conditions as the general membership card along with a number of special conditions as determined by the library service. These conditions may include such benefits as reduced or zero overdue fines, discounts on selected other fees and charges as outlined in the schedule of fees and charges.



2.12     Lost or stolen library cards


Library customers are required to notify library staff of lost or stolen library cards. This should be done as soon as possible to prevent unauthorised use of the card. A replacement charge is levied for lost cards















































Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date













File No.         F2005/00282 xr




The purpose of this document is to identify library resources that are available for loan and to outline conditions relating to the lending, return and non-return of these resources.






The maximum number of items that a general library member can have on loan at any one time is fifteen [15]. Types and loan periods are detailed in 2.   Loan limits for Toy and Game library members are outlined in 2.1.




The following table outlines the types of library materials that can be borrowed, maximum numbers that can be borrowed, loan periods and number of renewals permitted.








28 days




14 days


Compact discs



14 days




28 days


Video recordings


7 days


DVD recordings


7 days


HSC lending collection


14 days


Inter-library loans


At the discretion of the owning library

At the discretion of the owning library


Not for loan

Overnight loan may be approved in special circumstances




Not for loan



Locals studies

Not for loan






2.1       Toy Library Loans (for financial members of the Toy & Game Library only)







Toys and Games


14 days



2.2       Variations to loan periods for high demand material


Loan periods can be reduced for high demand items at the discretion of authorised library staff. Such items will be clearly identified to library customers.


2.3       Loan periods for Council staff and Councillors


The loan periods for all Council staff and elected representatives are the same as those set out in the above table.




An item can be renewed twice provided this is done on or before the due date. An item that is on hold for another library customer cannot be renewed and must be returned by the due date.


Items may be renewed in person, by telephone, by email or via the Council website




Library customers may request the loan of items not held in the Randwick City Library Service. A cost is incurred for this service. Loan restrictions, loan periods and renewals of this material are at the discretion of the lending/owning library. Misuse of the interlibrary loan service may result in the withdrawal of library membership.




Materials in reference and local studies are not for loan. They have been provided for use within the library.


Special provision for an overnight loan of material from the reference collection may be made at the discretion of the Shift Supervisor, Coordinators or the Manager, Library & Community Services.




Library members may place a hold on items that are on loan. A cost is incurred for this service and is payable upon collection of the item. Customers are notified either by telephone or mail and the item will be held for collection at the relevant library service point for a period of seven [7] days only.




All items borrowed from the library must be returned in good condition by the due date. Items, excluding toys, may be returned to any Randwick City Library location. Toys and games must be returned to the location from which they were borrowed.


After hours return chutes are located at all three library locations for the return of book and magazine items outside of library opening hours. Non-book materials are not to be returned via these chutes.


Items that are returned after the due date will incur a late fee.




The library service accepts no responsibility for damage claimed to have occurred to equipment as a result of playing material borrowed from the library.


9.           OVERDUE ITEMS


An item becomes overdue when it is not returned to the library, or renewed by the due date. The due date is printed on a receipt at the time of borrowing.  A late fee as outlined in the schedule of fees and charges accrues daily from the time that the item becomes overdue until the time it is returned.


It is the responsibility of library members to ensure items are returned or renewed by the due date. The library service will only issue an overdue reminder notice when the item is 14 days overdue.


A final account for non-returned items will be issued 42 days after the due date.

The library may place overdue accounts in the hands of a debt recovery service.


Library members will not be permitted to borrow further from the library while they have items overdue more than 7 days or where the value of fines and charges exceeds $5.00


10.        REFUNDS


Refunds will not be issued for amounts paid to replace lost items that are later found by the borrower.




Items that are lost or damaged to a point where they can no longer be loaned must be paid for by the borrower. The account total for the item will comprise the cost of the item itself plus a replacement fee to cover processing costs (see schedule of fees and charges). No refunds are made for items later located.


At the discretion of authorised staff it may be permissible to replace a lost or damaged item under the following conditions:


11.1     The replacement item is new

11.2     The replacement item is identical to the lost item, and in the case of books the same or later edition

11.3     The item is not on loan from another library service

11.4     The replacement fee for an item replaced by another will be half the standard fee

11.5     Should the original item be found by the customer the replacement items remain the property of Randwick City Library

11.6     Lost or damaged donated items may be replaced by two similar items in good condition, for example donated paperbacks and magazines that are damaged may be replaced by two similar paperbacks or magazines of similar currency and quality.


Any item borrowed from the Randwick City Library by another library service and subsequently lost or damaged by that library or a customer of that library must be paid for by that library. Replacement items will not be accepted. There will be no refund if the item is subsequently found after it has been paid for.


Customers of Randwick City Library that lose or damage any item borrowed for them from another library service are liable for the replacement cost of the item as advised by the lending organisation. Randwick City Library will not require its customer to pay the replacement cost if the loss or damage was caused by the library service.


Items that have been damaged and paid for remain the property of the Randwick City Library Service.  At the discretion of authorised staff a damaged item may be retained by the customer once it has been paid for.


12.        DONATIONS


Items donated to the library service become the property of the library service and may be disposed of in any way at the discretion of authorised library staff.




Customers who believe that they have returned items that are still recorded as “checked-out” to them, may lodge a Claims Returned. Customers who consider that an item has been erroneously checked-out to their record may lodge a Claims Never Borrowed. This will halt the accrual of fines and issue of overdue notifications.


A library customer may lodge one [1] Claims Returned, comprising a maximum of ten items. As long as this Claims Returned remains current and active, i.e. the items are not located by either the library or the customer and thus removed from the customer’s record; the customer cannot lodge another Claims Returned.


























Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date











File No.         F2005/00282 xr





This policy identifies regular opening hours for all Randwick City Library service points.







1.1       Bowen Library, Maroubra

           Monday – Friday                         10.00am – 9.00pm

           Saturday                                    9.30am – 4.00pm

           Sunday                                     12 noon  - 4.00pm   


1.2       Malabar Community Library

           Monday                                    3.00pm – 7.00 pm

Tuesday - Thursday                    9.30am – 1.00pm

                                                2.00pm – 5.00pm     

           Friday                                                Closed

           Saturday                                  9.30am12 noon.


1.3       Randwick Branch Library

           Monday-Wednesday & Friday        9.30am – 6.00pm

           Thursday                                  9.30am – 7.00pm

           Saturday                                  9.30am12 noon.   





2.1       All library service points will be closed on gazetted public holidays covered by Council’s Industrial Agreement


2.2       Library service points will operate between Christmas and New Year as outlined in the Industrial Agreement and existing council policy.


2.3       All variations to regular hours will be advertised for a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of the variation.




Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date











File No.         F2005/00282 xr




The purpose of the document is to identify and specify what library services and facilities shall be subject to a fee or charge and to indicate when and how such fees shall be determined.




1.           CHARGES


Charges shall apply to the following library services and facilities:


1.1       All items borrowed from the library and not returned within the specified loan period

1.2       Lost or damaged library material as outlined in Randwick City Council schedule of fees and charges

1.3       Lost membership cards

1.4       Items reserved

1.5       Printing and/or copying using library equipment, including the sale of portable storage devices

1.6       Sending and receiving of facsimile transmissions

1.7       Hire of council facilities, including meeting rooms, community bus

1.8       Document delivery charges levied by other organisations

1.9       Attendance at selected events and activities

1.10     Personal computer use for non-information purposes as outlined in the Internet and Personal Computer policy

1.11     Sale of library publications and merchandise, including library bags

1.12     The reproduction of photographs

1.13     Membership of library book clubs

1.14     The provision of bus transport to attend the library as outlined in the Community Bus Policy

1.15     Membership of the Toy and game Library as outlined in the Membership policy


2.           DETERMINATION


Fees and charges shall be determined by Council on an annual basis and be in accordance with appropriate legislation and Council pricing policy. The schedule of fees and charges shall be displayed at all library service points.



Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date











File No.         F2005/00282 xr




To assist library staff in the management and provision of services relating to public use of computers and access to the Internet in accordance with the Library Act 1939, Library Regulation 2005 and the Library Council of NSW “Access to information in New South Wales Public Libraries” Guideline.






1.1.     Access


The Randwick City Library and Information Service is committed to the provision of resources that meet the varied information needs of its users. All use of information technology resources must be lawful at all times.


The Library Service will provide Internet access as follows:


1.1.1   Free access for all users for legitimate information and research purposes.

1.1.2   Free remote access for library members to selected online database resources

1.1.3   Free access for children aged 5 - 12 on identified computers in Children’s Discovery Centres for homework, Internet research, word processing and educational games.

1.1.4   Free access for youth on identified computers in the designated Youth Space area

1.1.5   Fee-based access for non-information purposes, such as email, chat, entertainment downloads, uploads eg updating blogs or websites, games, practice/demonstration tests including the RTA demonstration driver test, commercial transactions including share trading, online purchasing, online banking etc. Fees are outlined in council’s schedule of fees and charges. 


Access to, and appropriate use of the free internet service is at the discretion of library staff.  During periods of high demand users can be restricted to a maximum of 30 minutes use of the service.


1.2.     Censorship


This policy affirms the role of the public library in not censoring the use of resources, regardless of format.  Censorship issues are the domain of federal and state governments.


Filtering technologies cannot guarantee that all objectionable material can be blocked, and therefore may give a false sense of security to parents and legal guardians.  In addition, filtering technologies can inappropriately block access to materials and as such are censoring use of the Internet.


1.3.     Inappropriate Use


Clients using the Internet at any Randwick City Library Internet PC are requested to be sensitive to others when displaying potentially controversial or offensive material on computer screens in public areas. Headphones must be used when accessing sites with sound features.


The Library Service reserves the right to check any client's use of its internet service including data transmissions both sent and received when the Library deems that client to be in breach of these conditions of use.


In addition, Internet users who use the Internet at the library in contravention of this policy can be excluded from the library under Section 17 of Library Regulation 2005.  What constitutes “Inappropriate use” is at the discretion of the shift supervisor, and includes any of the following:


1.3.1   The display/downloading of pornographic/offensive material

1.3.2   Use of free information PCs for any purpose considered to be a non-information use

1.3.3   Modification of library hardware, settings, or software

1.3.4   Illegal, criminal or anti-social Internet use

1.3.5   Damage/theft of library resources

1.3.6   Use of the free Internet service for longer than 30 minutes during periods identified by library staff as being “high demand”


Library members found to have contravened licensing restrictions for remote use of online information resources will have their library membership privileges withdrawn.


Further action as required will be taken for all illegal/inappropriate use of the Internet.


1.4.     Parental Supervision


Supervision of Internet use by library users under the age of 18 years is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.


1.5.     Legal Responsibilities


The user accepts full responsibility and sole liability for actions while using the Internet.  The responsibility for online content rests primarily with the content provider and the Internet user.


Internet users are responsible for complying with all applicable international, federal and state laws, including Censorship, Copyright, and software licensing laws.


1.6.     Information Services


The Library has no control over information gathered on the Internet, and cannot be held responsible for accuracy, authoritativeness, timeliness etc of such information.


The provision of expert and professional assistance to users seeking information on the Internet distinguishes the library from other services providing Internet access.





Personal computers are made available at all library locations for access by library users. The following conditions apply to use of the computers:


2.1     Use of the computers may be booked up to 48 hours in advance

2.2     Failure attend a booking within15 minutes of commencement of allocated time will result in the booking being cancelled

2.3     A fee, as identified in the library fees and charges, is payable prior to use of the service

2.4     Inappropriate use of the Internet, as outlined in 2.3 applies to these computers

2.5     No user-provided software is to be installed on the computers

2.6     Laptops and other devices may be used within the library, but may not be connected to the library network.

2.7     Use of computing resources must be in accordance with relevant federal and state legislation. These laws and policies cover such areas as illegal access to computer systems, networks, and files, copyright, and harassment issues.

2.8     The Library reserves the right to limit or revoke library privileges including computer privileges and access to its computer resources.

2.9     All work is to be saved to the customer’s removable disk only.

2.10    The Library Service is not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of conditions beyond our control such as computer viruses, electrical malfunctions, power surges, etc.

2.11    For security reasons access to certain file functions and drives is restricted.

2.12    All printing is to be completed prior to the scheduled end of the booking period.

2.13    All computers will be shut down 10 minutes prior to the library’s advertised closing time.

2.14    Library staff are not available to provide expert assistance or tuition in the use of software applications.

























Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date













File No.         F2005/00282 xr




To define access, use and hire conditions relating to Randwick City Council’s community bus.




1.           OUTLINE


Randwick City Council makes available a community bus to provide an accessible and affordable transport service to assist those residents and groups with the Randwick Local Government Area (LGA) who are unable to use public transport or who do not have the financial resources to use commercially available vehicles.




2.1     The community bus is available to community groups based in the Randwick LGA. A community group is defined as one providing a support service to the community in general or to a defined target group within the community.


2.2     Priority will be given to non-profit groups that have limited resources; to Council related services; and to groups unable to utilise other means of transport.



2.3     The community bus is not available to private groups or individuals for private social activities.


2.4     The bus is not available for hire on Saturdays or Sundays.


2.5     The bus is hired with a Council-employed driver.


2.6     The bus is available to library customers on a regular basis for visits to a Randwick City Council library


2.7     During school holiday periods, priority will be given to community based activities for children and young people.


2.8     If available, the bus may be hired to groups outside the Randwick LGA.


2.9     The bus is not available for hire to government or non-government schools, commercial organisations, nursing homes or sporting clubs unless there is a specific demonstrated need, for example, as transport for disabled students. Adequate carers are to be provided by the hirer in this instance to ensure appropriate care of passengers.


3.          FEES


Fees for use are outlined in Council’s schedule of fees and charges. Fees are to be paid prior to the day of hire, or to the driver on the day prior to commencement of the journey.


Library customers will be required to purchase a pass valid for one year, available from the driver at a rate as outlined in the schedule of fees and charges.


All road tolls are to be paid by the hirer.


The hirer will be required to pay any costs incurred by Council resulting from irresponsible use or malicious damage by the hirer.


A cleaning fee (as outlined in the schedule of fees and charges) may be charged if it is determined by the driver that the bus has not been returned in an acceptable condition.
































Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date














File No.         F2005/00282 xr




The purpose of this document is to identify procedures with regard to the issues of duty of care, discipline, supervision, parent/guardian responsibilities and safety of children visiting service points of Randwick City Library.





1.           INTRODUCTION


Children and young persons are core clients of public libraries. Around 20% of Randwick City Library’s registered members are under 18 years of age (1).


The Library offers a wide variety of services to children and young persons at all service points, including:


1.1       Fiction and non-fiction collections in a range of formats

1.2       Storytimes, Lapsits and related activities for young children and babies

1.3       Access to the Internet

1.4       Information services such as reference assistance and homework help

1.5       Public space for study and entertainment

1.6       Events and performances to suit the interest of different age groups


As these services evolve, it is important to convey to our customers, particularly parents and guardians/carers of children and young persons, clear and consistent messages about the role and scope of our services and how Randwick City Library can help to enrich children and young people’s lives through the provision of quality resources and organised activities and programmes.


This policy is based on the NSW Public Library Children’s Policy Guidelines, developed by the NSW State Library to encourage uniformity and consistency in policy formulation across NSW public libraries. This policy also incorporates guidelines on creating child-safe child-friendly environment from NSW Commission for Children and Young people (2).




NSW public libraries operate under the Library Act 1939 and the Library Regulation 2005 (3). Section 14 of the Library Regulation 2005 defines the proper use of a library, and by extension, the scope of a library’s services:


A person must not, without the consent of the governing body for the library, use any library for any other purpose than reading, consulting or borrowing the library material of the library or using any other library service or information service.




3.1     Internet Access Policy

3.2     Collection Development Policy





For the purpose of this document, the definition of ‘Young people, Children and Young Adults’ as articulated in ALIA Statement on public library services to young people in Australia (4) will be used:


The term young people comprises both children and young adults. The term children…is understood to refer to children aged from birth to twelve years inclusive. The term young adult…is understood to refer to young people aged from thirteen to eighteen years inclusive.


This is slightly different to the Library’s membership for Junior member (aged 0-12) and Young Adult members (aged 13-17).


It should also be noted under the Children’s and Young Person’s Act (Care and Protection) 1998 a child is under 16 years and a young person is 16 to 18 years and in relevant situations these definitions will apply.




Public libraries acknowledge the democratic rights of individuals to freely pursue their own information interests. This view is articulated in the UNESCO Public Library Manifesto(5) which states “constructive participation and the development of democracy depend on satisfactory education as well as on free and unlimited access to knowledge, thought, culture and information”.


This Statement also states “A librarian should uphold the right of all Australians to have access to library services and materials and should not discriminate against users on the grounds of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, economic condition, individual lifestyle or political or social views.”

The ALIA Statement on Public Services to Young People in Australia further states, “that all young people should have access to free public library services which provide materials and resources to meet their informational and recreational needs”.


Randwick City Library services to young persons are underpinned by these philosophies.




Library staff welcomes all young persons to all Branches of Randwick City Library, and are happy to assist them in the use of resources and services. Our mission is to provide a readily available and accessible Library Service to meet the recreation and information needs of the residents of Randwick City Council. To achieve this aim, staff strives to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and enjoyable for all customers. We are committed to serving the needs of young people through targeted resources and programs.


Young persons are potentially the future adult users of public libraries. We acknowledge the importance of providing young users a positive library experience.




Young persons in the Library have the right to:


7.1       Intellectual freedom

7.2       Equal access to the full range of services and materials with exception to items classified MA or R

7.3       Adequate funding for collections and services related to population, use and local community needs

7.4       A full range of materials, services and programs specifically designed and developed to meet their needs

7.5       A library environment that complements their physical and developmental stages

7.6       Staff trained and knowledgeable in provision of youth and children’s services

7.7       A welcoming, safe environment and supportive service from birth through the transition to adult user

7.8       Library policies written to include the needs of young persons




8.1    Censorship


Library staff guide and assist young persons in finding and accessing resources appropriate to particular interests and inquiries. The Library has no censorship role in its choice of the library resources that form the collection.


8.2    Unrestricted material


The Library Council of NSW “Access to Information in New South Wales Public Libraries Guideline(6) states that public libraries have


“…a role as an unbiased source of recorded knowledge and ideas. It must accept responsibility for providing free access to materials and information presenting, as far as possible, all points of view on current and historical issues, including controversial issues.”


Randwick City Library exercises no limitation on access to print and non-print resources classified Unrestricted under the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 [Commonwealth]. These resources are available to all library users, including young people.


8.3    Accessing resources classified MA or R


The Library observes the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Act 1995 [NSW] which requires appropriate circulation procedures be enforced to restrict minors borrowing library resources (printed publications, DVDs, Videos or computer games) classified MA or R.


8.4    Accessing Music CDs


Though music CDs are not covered by the above Act, music CDs with explicit language or other content is classified level 1, 2 or 3 under Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Code of Practice(7). Level 3 items are not recommended for minors under the age of 18. Randwick City Library has circulation procedures in place to restrict young persons borrowing these materials.


8.5       Parental responsibilities relating to young persons access to printed and Audio visual resources


It is not the responsibility of Randwick City Library or its staff to exercise a supervisory or restrictive role in determining which library resources young persons may use or access. Even with unrestricted items, parents/guardians are encouraged to set boundaries for their child (eg in terms of subject matter) based on the family’s values or beliefs. The responsibility for monitoring or supervising the child’s use of the collection remains with the parent/guardian/carer.




Randwick City Library promotes and supports public access to information. Library staff assists clients in the use of electronic resources including the Internet, recommend websites on particular subjects, and select appropriate websites for inclusion in the library’s electronic collections.


As stated in the Internet Access Policy (8), Randwick City Library protects the public’s right to know, and does not monitor or apply censorship to information offered through the Internet. Filtering technology cannot guarantee that all objectionable material can be blocked.


9.1       Parental responsibilities relating to young persons accessing information from the Internet or using the Library’s public access PCs


Young persons under the age of 18 need authorization and consent from their parent/guardian or carer before they can use the Internet PCs in the Library. When parents/guardians are signing their child’s library application to library membership they may indicate if they do not wish their child to access the Internet in the Library.


Randwick City Library provides free access for children aged 5 – 14 on computers in the Children’s Discovery Centre for homework, Internet research, word-processing applications and educational games. Children under 12 years of age should only use these computers under the supervision of their parent/guardian.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child’s use of the Internet, in line with the Library’s Internet Policy.




Randwick City Library offers a range of services that support the information, literacy, education and recreation needs of young persons. The Library does not provide childcare. Libraries are not a substitute for childcare agencies, and any parent/guardian who uses libraries as such is putting their child at risk. Libraries do not have the facilities or appropriate licences to attend to young persons who are sick, injured or hungry.


Council ensures that the Library is safe for young persons from an occupational health and safety point of view, and library staff take reasonable care to ensure that the Library is safe and welcoming for all library users. Responsibility for a young person's use of the Library, however, lies with parents/carers at all times.


Unsupervised young persons can be at risk in any public place, including public libraries. Except for specified activities, Library staff do not supervise young persons in the Library. Libraries are busy public places, open to all, and staff cannot judge which members of the public present a possible danger to young persons.


Young children left alone in a library can become distressed, bored or disruptive. Library users, including young people, who disturb other library users, may be removed from the library under the Library Act 1939.


Any young person left unattended in a public library may be classed as a child or young person at risk of harm under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, s23, and subsequently may be reported as such to the Department of Community Services under s24 or s27 of the Act.


Parents who leave a child unattended in a public library are exposing their child to potential harm, and may themselves be committing an offence under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, s228.


NSW legislation does not specify a minimum age at which children may be left unattended in public places. The Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 is concerned with individual circumstances rather than age.


10.1     Parental responsibilities relating to supervision of young persons use of the Library Service or attending activities organized by library staff


10.1.1   Children who are aged 0-5 years of age must be in the company of a parent or carer at all times. Parents/carers must be within eyesight of the child at all times. This includes the use of resources in the toy library and participation of storytimes and baby lapsit programs.

10.1.2   Children who are aged 6 – 12 years of age must be in the company of a parent or designated carer who is aged not less than 15 years old (9) and must be considered to be mature enough to be responsible for that younger child. Maturity of the carer will be judged by the staff supervisor at the time. Parents / Carers are expected to provide guidance to the selection and use of library resources for the child under their care, provide supervision and attend to the child’s need when they attend activities organized by library staff.

10.1.3   Young persons who are aged 13 years and above are able to visit and use the library without parental supervision, but they still need to abide all library policies and exhibit acceptable behaviour as required by all library users.




Randwick City Library is committed to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for all young persons accessing library facilities. Staff will always provide a duty of care, but cannot supervise children whilst carrying out work responsibilities.


If library staff consider children are at risk because they have been left in the library for a long period of time or they have been observed being left unattended at the library on a regular basis, these procedures will be followed:


11.1     General Procedures


The parents/guardians will be contacted in person or by telephone. The parents/guardians will be advised that under current legislation it is illegal to leave children inappropriately without supervision.


11.1.1   In the event of children continually being left after verbal discussions, a letter will be sent to the parents/guardians outlining the Library’s policy (refer to Appendix 1)

11.1.2   If the parents/guardians ignore this policy or are not able to be contacted, the situations will be reported to DOCS.

11.1.3   In situations where the children need to be collected from the Library and the parents/guardians cannot be contacted the police may be contacted


11.2    Specific procedures


11.2.1   Unsupervised children in the library in school operating hours


School aged students (aged 6 – 15) who visit the library for longer than two hours during school operating hours, and are not in company of a mature person, will be questioned by staff to ascertain why they are not in school and if a satisfactory answer is not given, both the parent and school principal will be notified.


11.2.2   Unsupervised children in the library in school holiday   Children (under 13 years of age), who visit the library for longer than a three hour period in school holidays and who are not in company of a mature person, will be questioned by staff and their parents notified of the risk that their child may face being left unsupervised for that length of time.   If the parents/guardians ignore this policy or are not able to be contacted, the situations will be reported to DOCS.


11.2.3   Young persons not collected at library closing time


If a child has not been collected by his/her parent/guardian by the Library’s closing time, they are at risk. To protect library staff from any litigation, staff members should not be alone with a child in the Library when it is not open to the public and staff member should not attempt to drive a child to any destination.


12.         Library staff will attempt to contact the parent/guardian of the child. Additionally, The Manager, Library and Community Services will be contacted at this point. If unable to make such contact with the parent/guardian of the child, the staff will make a request for the Police to collect the child. A minimum of two staff will wait with the child until police have arrived. The incident is to be documented by the relevant staff member in a file note to the Director, City Services.


13.         For repeated events, staff will report the matter to DoCS (10) (DoCS Helpline on 13 36 27, number for priority access to the Child Protection assessment team)


13.1      Young persons attending structured activities at the Library


13.1.1    Library staff regularly present structured activities for children and young persons. Children attending specific programs organized by the Randwick City Library Service, will be adequately supervised for the duration of the activity, with the exception of activities for pre-schoolers. (Also refer to 10.1)


13.1.2    Parents/guardians need to be aware that such supervision only applies to the time scheduled for the activity. As soon as the activity is completed, the normal Unattended Young Person Procedures apply.


13.1.3    During Pre-School activities, carers/guardians are required to stay with their young children and exercise supervision and attend to their needs. Children of this age are also not socialized enough for group listening, may wander away, become distressed or disrupt others. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to attend to their children in these activities.




The Occupational, Health and Safety Guidelines are applicable in these situations. Library staff will always ensure that sick/injured young persons are treated with care and respect and will offer assistance to sick/injured young persons.


In the event of serious illness/injury, staff will administer first aid, call the ambulance and advise the Library Manager as well as the parent/guardian. If a young person is injured in the Library, an Accident Report must be completed by the officer in charge.




Library staff are committed to ensure all customers visiting and using the Library facilities enjoy a safe and rewarding experience. All customers are expected to be responsible for acceptable behaviour of themselves and any young person they bring into the library.


In the case of the use of offensive language and other disruptive behaviour that affect other customers or suspected misuse of library equipment, staff will give verbal warning. If the behaviour continues, the offender(s) , whether adult or young person, will be asked to leave the Library.

In the case of vandalism, consumption of alcohol, illicit drugs and other misconduct, offenders will be asked to leave the Library immediately. Staff will attempt to establish the identity of the offenders and the Library Manager and the Police are to be informed of the incident.

It may be necessary to take further action depending on the nature and severity of the incident. (eg extensive damage to Council property or resources and in the case of injury as a result of disruptive behaviour). The police will be called immediately.

An Incident Report must be completed by shift supervisor or officer in charge.




16.1       Risk assessment audit of the library premises is conducted periodically to identify, to report and action on areas of hazard to ensure equipment, furniture and resources utilized by young persons are child-safe. (refer to appendix 2).


16.2       Library policies are developed, reviewed and implemented to ensure young persons rights to access library services are respected and protected.


16.3       The Library adheres to the provisions as stipulated in Library Act 1939 and Library Regulation 2005 to ensure the Library provides a child-safe environment.


16.4       Adequate funding is allocated to provide resources, programs and activities to meet the information and recreational needs of young persons using the Library service.


16.5       A team of professionally trained and knowledgeable staff sensitive to issues relevant to young persons needs will develop and deliver programs to enrich children and young persons library experience.


16.6       All library-structured activities for young persons are adequately supervised within library premises as detailed in this policy.


16.7       Children and Young Persons are entitled to a designated space in the Library where they can use the collection, study and access the Internet.


16.8       Children and Young Persons are entitled to staff assistance in “Homework Help”, in accessing information from the Internet, online databases and other resources.


16.9       The Library provides free Internet PCs for Children and Young Persons to use (consent and supervision from parent/guardian is required) and these PCs are placed in highly visible areas in the Library premises.


16.10     Though security cameras are installed in the Library, supervision of children and their behaviour is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.



(1)    Figures as in December 2006 (from AMLIB report on patron age)

(2)    NSW Commission for Children and Young People

(3)    Library Regulation 2005

(4)    ALIA Statement on public library services to young people in Australia

(5)    UNESCO public Library Manifesto

(6)    Access to Information in New South Wales Public Libraries Guideline

(7)    ARIA labelling codes

(8)    Randwick City Library Internet Access Policy

(9)    This is to be in line with NSW legislation on the minimum age permitted to take up work responsibilities












Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date




Sample letter to parent/guardian who left the child unattended in the Library



Dear ___________________


It has been noticed that your child ____________________ has been left unattended at Bowen / Randwick/ Malabar Library on a regular basis for a lengthy period of time. Your child is most welcome to use the Library’s facilities and to participate in programs the library offers. We welcome children of all ages into the library but there are some issues, which we would like to bring to your attention.


1.     Library staff cannot accept responsibility for the safety of your child. Though the Library is generally a ‘safe’ place, unattended children can be at risk. They may leave the Library at anytime, hurt themselves or be approached by strangers.

2.     Providing your child with a mobile phone or details of how to contact you does not ensure their safety or constitute reasonable supervision.


3.     The role of library staff is to guide and assist young people in finding and accessing any resources appropriate to particular interests and enquiries. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to monitor and supervise your child’s use of Library resources, including websites and online databases. When your child is left unattended in the library, he/she may access materials inappropriate to his/her age.


4.     The Library is not a licensed child minding facility and should not be used as such.

5.     Any child left unattended in a public library for a long period of time may be classed as a child or young person at risk of harm under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, s23, and subsequently may be reported as such to the Department of Community Services.


6.     Young children left alone in the Library without their parents in sight can become distressed, bored or disruptive. Library users, including young people, who disturb other library users, may be removed from the library under the Library Act 1939, Library Regulation 2005, s10.


For the safety and well-being of your child, I would like to ask for your co-operation not to leave him/her unattended in the Library. Should you wish to obtain a copy of the Library’s Policy on Serving Children and Young Persons, or discuss the matter, please telephone Randwick City Library on 9314 4888 or mail


Yours sincerely





Barbara Todes

Manager, Library and Community Services



Risk Assessment Checklist for the Provision of a Child-Safe and

 Child-Friendly Library Environment


(adapted from NSW Commission for Children & Young People









Toy and Game Collection


 Toys and Games items may contain small pieces

 Children may be playing Toy & Game items unsupervised in the Library

 Purchase only toys and games that comply with Child Safety ISO/IEC Guide 50:2002 and HB 136:2004 Safety aspects – Guidelines for child safety

 Adequate warning label placed on toys & games package to alert parents/carers

 Signage in the Toy & Game Library to request parents to be with their child at all times


Junior & Young Adult Collection

Including  DVDs, Computer games

 Resources may have content contradict to individual’s family value & beliefs

 Minors being exposed to content  inappropriate to their age

 Library resources are selected by staff experienced in children’s literature and school curriculum in accordance with the library collection development plan

 Resources recommended for the use by young people aged 15+ are properly labelled

 Circulation procedure in place that such items cannot be  borrowed by a junior member


Use of Library Premises

 Furniture & shelving space

 The use of study space


 Furniture in use in the junior area comply with Child Safety ISO/IEC Guide 50:2002 and HB 136:2004 Safety aspects – Guidelines for child safety

 Space between shelves allows for wheelchair access and baby pram to pass

 The use of study space is monitored by staff on duty and security camera


Access to the Internet and electronic resources

 Access web content inappropriate to their age

 Disputes among users during peak hours (between 3 -5 pm weekdays)

 Child (aged 12 and under) left alone/unattended while accessing the Internet in the library

 Library policy in place and adhered to that members aged under 12 years old can only use the library public PCs when their parents/carers are with them and young adults (aged 13-17) need parents consent for their access to the Internet in the library

 All library public PCs are installed in high traffic areas

 Booking system in place and monitored by staff to avoid disputes from members


Access to educational/ entertainment computer games in the Library

 Access games inappropriate to their age

 Disputes among users during peak hours (between 3 -5 pm weekdays)

 Child (aged 12 and under) left alone/unattended while accessing the Internet in the library

 Library resources are selected by staff experienced in children’s literature and school curriculum in accordance with the library collection development plan

 Library policy in place and adhered to that members aged under 12 years old can only use the library public PCs when their parents/carers are with them and young adults (aged 13-17) need parents consent for their access to the Internet and use of gaming PCs in the library

 All library public PCs are installed in high traffic areas

 Booking system in place and monitored by staff to avoid disputes from members



Lapsit programs for babies & toddlers

 Overcrowded session

 Program calendar available

 Booking system in place


Kids Club Storytime programs for preschoolers

 Overcrowded session

 Child left alone during the session while carer/parent stays in other part of the Library

 Program calendar available

 Policy in place that parents must stay with their kids during the storytime sessions


Holiday activities

 Overcrowded session

 Handling of  craft equipment / instrument

 Child not collected when the session finishes

 Program calendar available

 Provision of child-safe craft materials

 Booking system in place

 Parents encouraged to stay with their kids for the craft work

 Activities are designed and advertised for different age groups according to children’s interest and skill level required 

 Policy in place and staff be aware of  handling unattended children at the end of the activity session


Pizzas & Pages program for young adults

 Overcrowded session

 Meeting rules established involving the participants


School class visits

 Inadequate supervision during the visit

 Prior booking required

 Teacher stays with the class during the visit













File No.         F2005/00282 xr





The purpose of this document is to detail policies, practices and guidelines for the volunteer program offered by Randwick City Library and Information Service.







Randwick City Library and Information Service operates through three library locations providing community members access to information, culture, recreation and heritage resources. The use of volunteers allows the community to become involved in enhancing the Library Services and supplement the efforts of paid staff in special projects.


2.         DEFINITION


2.1     Library volunteers are defined as people who undertake activities:


2.1.1   of benefit to the community

2.1.2   of their own will

2.1.3   without monetary reward


2.2     The following are NOT considered to be volunteers:


2.2.1   Students seeking formal work experience from high school and those who seek industry placement as part of the course requirement in tertiary institute

2.2.2   Those who are under the ‘return to work’ or ‘light duties placement’ from other part of Council or organisation


2.3     Volunteering by people who are unemployed:


2.3.1   Volunteering is not an acceptable long-term alternative for a person seeking paid employment, however it can be valuable as it provides opportunities to learn new skills, maintain existing skills, increase self-esteem and obtain current referees and also familiarise with current workplace.

2.3.2   No one person should volunteer for more than an average of 10 hours per week.





3.         POLICY


2.1     The decision to engage the service of volunteers will be based on:


2.1.1   Careful assessment of the tasks that can be performed by volunteers

2.1.2   Prior evaluation of the skills and/or knowledge that volunteers can provide to the Library

2.1.3   Relative costs and benefits of using volunteers

2.1.4   Assessment of the impact on paid employment opportunities within Randwick City Library and Information Service

2.1.5   The Library shall make use of the services of volunteer workers chosen to supplement and not to replace the work done by trained and paid Library staff[1]

2.1.6   An assessment of the capacity of the service point to manage and co-ordinate the tasks to be done by volunteer workers


2.2     RCLIS will ensure volunteer-based services are:


2.2.1   adequately supervised and managed

2.2.2   of consistent quality, and

2.2.3   adequately resourced


2.3     Tasks to be performed will be clearly defined and matched to the volunteers’ expectations, interests, time commitment and skills:


2.3.1   This involves a detailed description of the task and a competent assessment of the volunteer worker

2.3.2   Tasks/duties must be meaningful, not contrived or designed to ‘make work’, and should not exploit volunteers. Volunteer workers will not be assigned to perform tasks that staff are reluctant to do


2.4     Where volunteer workers are used, RCLIS shall provide and publicise a clear statement detailing:


2.4.1   Why volunteers are being involved

2.4.2   Their roles and responsibilities

2.4.3   Code of practice


2.5     Sources for the recruitment of volunteers will include:


2.5.1   Community or local papers

2.5.2   Posters or brochures displayed in the library

2.5.3   Students or senior citizens groups

2.5.4   Community service organisations


2.6     Selection and recruitment


Prospective volunteers will complete an application form (refer to appendix 1) which is designed to meet the needs of RCLIS and/or a specific project. Applicants are asked if they have a police record and whether they would agree to a police background check, although this may not actually happen. Applicants will be asked to supply one personal reference. Volunteer workers will be recruited and selected for tasks in a fair, open and equitable manner.


Students seeking to fill school community service requirements are asked to provide a letter from the school or teacher detailing the assignment.


2.7     Training and supervision


Volunteer workers will be working closely with Library staff. Training and skills needed to perform the task will be provided. Each volunteer will be assigned one primary staff member to guide them in their work. All volunteers will be adequately supervised.


2.8     Recognition


Recognition is an important component of a Volunteer program and is often the only reward for the volunteer worker. RCLIS will recognise the contributions of volunteer through proper acknowledgement in formal and informal events and the issue of certificate of service.




4.1     Be advised of RCLIS policies and procedures, service guidelines, standards and expectations

4.2     Be given a suitable assignment and clear statement of the tasks to be performed

4.3     Be given sufficient training to enable them to carry out their tasks

4.4     Be adequately supervised

4.5     Be able to speak to and be heard by a senior staff member if they have concerns and /or complaints

4.6     Be informed about workplace protocol

4.7     Be respected and treated as co-workers

4.8     Be provided with equipment necessary to do the job

4.9     Be able to work in a suitable, welcoming and pleasant environment

4.10    Proper insurance cover when performing tasks in the workplace

4.11    Adequate OH&S protection




5.1     Code of practice for volunteers


5.1.1   To provide appropriate references as required

5.1.2   To be reliable in their commitment to the tasks assigned

5.1.3   Volunteers are recognised by the public as representatives of the Library and as such are expected to act in accordance with library policies, to perform the volunteer activities to the best of their abilities

5.1.4   To maintain confidentiality in respect of all information gained in the course of their work

5.1.5   To observe the requirements of NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act and report OHS hazards or concerns to supervisor

5.1.6   To record attendance for insurance and other purposes

5.1.7   To accept and follow directions from their supervisor

5.1.8   To provide feedback to their supervisor on the progress of projects/tasks they are involved

5.1.9   To undertake training as required

5.1.10 To report problem as it arises

5.2     Code of practice for RCLIS engaging volunteers service


To promote excellence in service and maximise the quality of volunteer’s experience, RCLIS will:


5.2.1      Make an appropriate commitment to meet the legitimate expectations of volunteers and to encourage ongoing feedback from volunteer workers.


5.2.2      interview volunteer applicants to match the most suitable applicant to the tasks available.


5.2.3      Provide to volunteer workers induction program, training, support and supervision, task description and workplace conditions similar to that given to paid staff.


5.2.4      Have appropriate forms of recognition for the work done by volunteers, which will include mentioning in:   Newsletters, internal and external   Social functions   Certificates of service

5.2.5      Undertake periodic reviews to ensure that volunteer tasks continue to be relevant and appropriate for volunteers to perform.


5.2.6      To change or terminate a volunteer’s placement when necessary with ample prior notice.























Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date




APPENDIX 1     Volunteer Application Form

Randwick City Library and Information Service

Volunteer Application Form







Randwick City Library and Information Service appreciate the contributions of volunteers who assist in performing a variety of tasks. To make your voluntary work a satisfying and rewarding experience, we want to match your skills and interests to the tasks available. Please complete the following form with this in mind.


You must be at least 16 years of age to join the volunteer program. Volunteers under 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian complete the consent section of this form.


TITLE :______  SURNAME:________________ GIVEN NAME :________________


ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________


PHONE :_________________________ MOBILE :__________________________


In case of emergency, notify __________________________________________


PHONE: __________________________RELATIONSHIP :___________________


Why do you want to volunteer?






Past work experience (include voluntary work)




Skills and Interests











Occupation (current)

If applicable


Do you have a medical condition that may affect your voluntary work, or special provision is needed in the workplace?

If yes, please give details

□ No   □ Yes

How much time do you have available for volunteer work?



_______hours per week / fortnight

Which day or time you prefer to work?




□ Monday      □ AM  □ PM   Other :_________

□ Tuesday     □ AM  □ PM

□ Wednesday □ AM  □ PM

□ Thursday    □ AM  □ PM

□ Friday        □ AM  □ PM

At which Library would you prefer to work?

□ Bowen          □ Randwick    □ Malabar

Would you prefer working with:

(please indicate all that apply)

□  Children          □ Seniors

□  Young Adults       □ Adults

□  Cultural & Linguistically Diverse community                  □  Non-public


Here are some of the areas requiring the service of volunteer workers. Please indicate your choice. However, we will assess your skills and the requirement of the tasks before we can engage your service.


Library Welcome Ambassador

Library displays assistant

English conversation group leader/tutor

    (special conditions apply)

Assist with the selection of Library resources

   (special conditions apply)

Assist with library book sale

Assist with processing library materials

Assist with mending & repair of library AV resources

Assist with Local History projects

Provide support to events/activities of “The Next Chapter”

    (The Next Chapters are a series of programs for the older members of the   

Assist and provide support to CyberWise workshops

    (These workshops are for seniors to learn Internet skills)

Assist and support home library service

Assist and support children activities







Please provide a personal or professional reference. Check one

□ Personal                     □ Professional (eg. Teacher or supervisor)


NAME :__________________________________ PHONE :__________________


Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic violation?

□ Yes                             □ No


If yes, please expain_________________________________________________


Note: A conviction will not necessarily preclude your volunteering. This information will be used only for volunteer-related purposes.


I authorise Randwick City Library to make inquiries as to my experience and character, and to certify that all statements made on this application are true.



Signature __________________________________ Date___________________





PARENT / GUARDIAN CONSENT (for volunteers under age 18)



I give permission for _________________________ to join the library volunteers program, if his/her application is successful, at Randwick City Library for a maximum of ________ hours per week.


I understand that proper training and supervision will be provided. If you need to contact me, my phone number is _________________________.



Signature ____________________________________ Date_________________




Office Use Only

Interview date:                                     Task assigned:









Library Volunteers Policy is issued and explained to applicant

Task description is issued and explained to applicant


Interviewed by ___________________   


Signature ____________________________________ Date_________________






Working schedule:


Commencement date:











File No.         F2005/00282 xr





To provide clear guidelines for placement applicants on the library policy for work experience placements in the Randwick City Library & Information Service.








Randwick City Library & Information Service accepts applications from students seeking work experience in the following categories:


1.1     Secondary Students

1.1.1   Students must reside or study in Randwick City.


1.2     TAFE or University Students

1.2.1   Students must be studying to attain a qualification in library and information science or a qualification in a related field.

1.2.2   Preference will be given to students who reside in Randwick City.


1.3     Students with special needs

1.3.1   Students must reside or study in Randwick City.

1.3.2   Students must be properly assessed for suitability to work in a library environment.


1.4     Students with overseas qualifications seeking accreditation though university or TAFE:

1.4.1   Applicants must have an overseas qualification in library and information science or a qualification in a related field.

1.4.2   Applicants must be Australian Residents.




The library will accept one secondary and one tertiary student per semester or school term.


The library will accept one student per year with special needs and only if the student has been properly assessed and Council’s Human Resources Department agrees to the placement.


The library will accept one applicant per year seeking accreditation for overseas qualifications.




3.1     No payment will be made to any work experience/placement student for duties undertaken during the placement


3.2     The Library service will provide a relevant and meaningful work experience program for the student.


3.3     The Library service will ensure that the student undertakes a relevant induction process.


3.4     The Library service will allocate a responsible officer to supervise the student and ensure all Council policies are followed.


3.5     The student will provide all relevant personal, organizational and insurance details to the library service relating to the placement prior to commencement of the placement.


3.6     A request for a placement must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the designated starting date.



























Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date












File No.         F2005/00282 xr



The purpose of the document is to outline the policy for managing the book clubs facilitated through Randwick City Library and the resources purchased for the book club members.






Any member of the Randwick City Library service is eligible to join one or more of the library book clubs. An annual fee, outlined in the schedule of fees and charges, is charged for membership of each club, and is due on the 1st of July each year. Members must be financial within 30 days of this date. A pro rata fee is to be paid by members joining a club mid year. Meetings will be held monthly and facilitated by a library staff member. The library service will determine the maximum number of members of any book club.




Book club members will suggest titles to be read by the club; however, the final decision regarding titles to be purchased is to be made by the Collection Development Librarian taking into account cost, availability, and interest level. The library service will purchase a sufficient number of each title to satisfy the needs of the clubs. Book club members may purchase from the library any title provided for book club discussion.


3.         Excess book club stock


The excess copies of titles that are not purchased by book club members will be added to the library’s Book Club Collection. This collection is for loan under the following conditions:


3.1     Copies can be borrowed for a fee as outlined in the schedule of fees and charges


3.2     Standard loan conditions and overdue charges apply.


3.3     Multiple copies will be loaned to other library services upon request through the interlibrary loan facility



Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date











File No.         F2005/00282 xr





To provide clear guidance for staff responding to requests for items by external agencies, and for requests from current library members for items not held by the Randwick City Library Service.








Library staff respond to requests from other libraries, other organisations, and other libraries’ users to obtain on loan items from the Randwick City Library and Information Service. The Library Service will abide by the Australian Interlibrary Resource Sharing Code wherever practical.




2.1     Availability of Materials


All items from the Library Service are available for Inter-Library loan, with the following exceptions:


2.1.1   Items from the Reference, Local History, and Genealogy collections


2.1.2   Items from the Toy and Game collection


2.1.3   New popular fiction and non-fiction (at the discretion of the Document Delivery Officer)


2.1.4   DVDs, CDs (excluding spoken word), ebooks and computer games


2.2     Fees and Charges


Libraries that impose a charge on this library service for items borrowed will be charged the standard loan fee when borrowing from this library service.


2.3     Loan Periods and Renewals


Items are available to Sydney metropolitan libraries for 35 days, and to all other libraries for 42 days.  Items may be renewed once, provided they are not on hold for any other library user.


2.4     Lost Items


The borrowing library will be billed the replacement cost of any items lost, damaged, or otherwise not returned.


2.5     Fast Track requests


Fast track requests will incur the standard fast track request fee in addition to other charges that may apply.  Fast track requests will be actioned within 24 hours of the receipt of the request.  Non-standard postage/courier requests are the responsibility of the borrowing library.




The Document Delivery Officer, in consultation with the Collection Development Librarian will make decisions in regard to the purchase, non-purchase, or inter-library loan of requested items not held by the Randwick City Library Service.  Cost, relevance to this collection, and perceived interest in the title will guide purchase decisions. Items published in the previous 18 months generally will not be requested on inter library loan unless they are unable to be purchased.


3.1     Fees and Charges


Requests from Randwick City Library users for items not held will incur the fee stated in the council’s statement of fees and charges. Charges incurred from institutions for lending items to members of the Randwick City Library Service will be the responsibility of the library member.


3.2     Loan Periods and Renewals


Items borrowed from other institutions on behalf of members of this library will be returned by the due date indicated by the lending institution.  Requests for renewal of such items must be made to this library prior to the due date.


3.3     Lost and Claims Returned items


Members of this library who lose, damage, or fail to return an item borrowed on their behalf from another institution will be liable for the replacement cost of the item as determined by the lending organisation.


3.4     Fast Track Requests


Library users requesting fast track services will incur the fee imposed by the lending organisation, and any additional fees that may be incurred.  Library users will be notified of any charges that might apply before any further action is taken on the request.






Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date












File No.         F2005/00282 xr




To outline conditions for the hire of library public spaces and HACC rooms at the Bowen Library.





This policy applies to the following library and library managed facilities:


A.     Vonnie Young auditorium at Bowen Library

B.     Meeting room at Randwick Branch Library

C.     1st floor foyer at Bowen Library

D.     HACC meeting rooms, 3rd floor Bowen Library





The facilities are available for hire from Monday to Saturday, commencing at 9.15 am and available until 15 minutes prior to the closing time of the library at which the venue is located. The venue must be vacated when the booking period concludes.


2.         BOOKINGS


Priority for booking of venues (with the exception of the HACC rooms) is given to Library staff for library events and activities. All bookings are to be made in advance with full payment made prior to the hire date. Cancellations made less than one week prior to hire date may incur a cancellation fee as outlined in the schedule of fees and charges. Hire fees are outlined in the schedule of fees and charges.




The facilities are not available for hire for the purpose of parties or any event liable to cause excessive noise or disruption to nearby facilities or residences. Neither smoking nor the consumption of alcohol is permitted at any venue.


Facilities are to be left in a clean and tidy state; the Council reserves the right to apply a cleaning fee to the hirer if the venue requires additional cleaning. Breakages of any equipment must be paid for by the hirer. Council reserves the right to refuse hire of the venue, at the discretion of the Manager, Library and Community Services.


Where available kitchen facilities are available for the hirer to access; however, tea, coffee or other catering is not provided.


Configuring tables, chairs etc in the venue is the responsibility of the hirer, and upon completion of the event tables, chairs etc are to be replaced in their original position.


It is the responsibility of the hirer to safeguard any material, equipment or display items that are used or left at the venue, for example, displays of items in the library foyer for an extended period.








































Minute No:          ???/year              Meeting Date:                                    date




Director, City Services' Report 71/2007








24 September, 2007









As a result of ongoing damage to both private and public property caused by the roots of the Council-owned Ficus ‘Hillii’ growing outside 16 Helena Street, Randwick, Council’s Tree Gang trenched along the front of the properties between 16-22 Helena Street to assess the extent of tree root damage/intrusion caused by this tree. 




The roots of this tree have been causing a range of damage for well over a decade, which is slowly increasing as the tree gets older. The owners of properties as far away as 24 Helena Street have complained about tree root damage to their properties and the fact that roots extend tens of metres from where the tree is actually situated.


Council has root pruned the tree in the past but this has only ever been seen as a temporary measure – severed roots regrow within a very short period of time and the problems persist.


Recent excavation of the tree roots highlighted that they were not only extending into several adjacent properties but that they were congealed underneath the front brick fence of 16 Helena Street and were cracking the fence quite significantly, as well as cracking the entranceway into the property.




The relationship with the City Plan is as follows:


Outcome 10:         A Healthy Environment.

Direction 10b:         Environmental risks and impacts are strategically managed.

Key Action:           Develop and implement policies, programmes and strategies to manage environmental risks and impacts.




The cost to remove and stump grind this tree and to replace it with two-three advanced replacement species would be in the vicinity of $3000 and this would come from Council’s annual tree management budget.



The roots of this tree are causing ongoing and worsening damage to the adjacent footpath area and this now constitutes a serious liability issue for Council – even though the footpath can be repaired, this is only ever going to be a temporary management option.


Branches have to be regularly pruned out of the domestic service wires/overhead powerlines and the canopies create significant shadowing of the adjacent footpath at night.


The roots of both trees have intruded into adjacent properties and are causing (or have the potential to cause) serious structural damage to a number of those properties. Of major concern is that this tree will eventually cost Council a considerable amount of money for property repairs – as well as constituting an ongoing trip/liability hazard.


Several of this tree species have had to be removed and replaced within Helena Street over the past decade as a result of the same range of problems associated with this particular tree species.


Residents in adjacent properties have indicated that they have no objections to the tree being removed and its removal/replacement would certainly fall within the parameters originally set out in Council’s resolution relating to aggressive-rooted street trees.




That the Council-owned Ficus microcarpa var. ‘Hillii’ (Hill’s Weeping fig) growing on the nature strip outside 16 Helena Street, Randwick, be removed and replaced with an appropriate number of more appropriate tree species – as per Council’s Street Tree Masterplan.




Series of photographs detailing significance of Ficus 'Hillii' in streetscape and extent of tree root damage.


























































































































[1] Statement on voluntary work in library and information services, ALIA